DJI Matrice 30T Drone Worry-Free Plus Combo
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Our company is involved in preparing official permits from the Polish Ministry of Development and Technology, which allows us to export all dual-use drones, optics, and portable radiophones without VAT on the Polish side / and without VAT on the Ukrainian side.

DJI Matrice 30T Drone Worry-Free Plus Combo

Discover the ultimate aerial imaging solution with the DJI Matrice 30T Drone Worry-Free Plus Combo, equipped with state-of-the-art dual visual and thermal cameras and a comprehensive range of accessories for continuous, hassle-free operation. Perfect for inspection, search and rescue, and other challenging applications, this all-in-one drone combo guarantees top-notch efficiency, dependability, and adaptability. Don't miss a moment with this powerful drone package, ensuring that you have everything you need for capturing exceptional images and completing tasks with precision and ease.
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Unlock limitless possibilities in professional aerial imaging with the DJI Matrice 30T Drone Worry-Free Plus Combo, a state-of-the-art drone equipped with dual high-resolution visual and thermal cameras and an extensive array of accessories to optimize your workflow. Designed to tackle the most challenging professional applications, the Matrice 30T Worry-Free Plus Combo offers the ultimate combination of performance, durability, and versatility.

Key Features:

Advanced Dual Cameras: The Matrice 30T features powerful dual cameras, including a high-quality 4/3 CMOS sensor for stunning visual imagery and a radiometric thermal sensor for precise thermal data, allowing you to capture mission-critical information with ease.

Extended Flight Time: With up to 46 minutes of maximum flight time, the Matrice 30T ensures ample time to complete even the most complex tasks without the need for battery swaps or recharging.

Robust Build and Design: The Matrice 30T boasts a rugged design and weather-resistant construction, enabling reliable operation in challenging environments and ensuring long-lasting durability.

Worry-Free Plus Combo: This comprehensive combo includes additional batteries, a charging hub, a carrying case, and other essential accessories to keep you flying uninterrupted, maximizing your operational efficiency.

Intelligent Flight Modes: Utilize DJI's smart flight modes, such as ActiveTrack, Point of Interest, and Waypoints, to simplify complex tasks and enhance your aerial imaging capabilities.

Data Security and Protection: Safeguard your sensitive data with password protection, encrypted data transmission, and secure data storage, ensuring your critical information remains safe.

Seamless Integration: Integrate the Matrice 30T with DJI's ecosystem of software and accessories, such as DJI Pilot and DJI Terra, to optimize your workflow and unlock the full potential of your aerial operations.

Elevate your professional drone capabilities with the DJI Matrice 30T Drone Worry-Free Plus Combo and experience the advantages of advanced thermal and visual imaging for search and rescue, inspections, and a variety of other applications.

Order your Matrice 30T Worry-Free Plus Combo today and revolutionize your approach to aerial missions.

More information

Worry-Free Plus Combo - With a coverage limit equivalalent to the product's value, an unlimited number of free repairs can be offered within one year after the product is activated.

A New Generation of Commercial Drones - MATRICE 30T

With a coverage limit equivalent to the product's value, an unlimited number of free repair can be offered within one year after the product is activated and includes 1 standard maintenance service.

Powerful Flight Performance

A balance of power and portability delivers higher operational efficiency

  • 41-min Max Flight Time
  • 15 m/s  Wind Resistance
  • 7000 m Service Ceiling
  • 23 m/s Max Speed

Environmental Adaptability

With IP55 protection, the M30 can easily handle adverse weather and temperatures ranging from -20° C~50° C.

Safe and Reliable

Dual-vision and ToF sensors appear on all six sides of the aircraft, keeping it and your mission safe. The built-in ADS-B receiver provides timely warnings of any incoming crewed aircraft nearby.

Redundancies and Backup Systems

Built-in advanced redundancy systems help keep your critical missions going even in unexpected scenarios.

Enhanced Transmission

Four built-in antennas support OcuSync 3 Enterprise, which enables triple-channel 1080p video transmission, and seamless swapping between input feeds, even in complex environments.

Bolster your connection with DJI Cellular Module, an optional 4G dongle that supports stable video transmission in complex, or remote work environments.

Lightweight and Portable

Compact and foldable, the M30 Series is easy to pack up, carry, and deploy.

Capture Everything

The M30T integrates wide, zoom, and thermal cameras with a laser rangefinder, which together can capture the aerial data you need, when you need it.

Wide Camera

Equivalent Focal Length: 24 mm, DFOV: 84°

12 MP 1/2'' CMOS Sensor

Video Resolution: 4K/30fps

Zoom Camera

48 MP 1/2'' CMOS Sensor

5x-16x Optical Zoom

200x Max. Hybrid Zoom

Photo Resolution: 8K

Video Resolution: 4K/30fps

Thermal Imaging Camera

Equivalent Focal Length: 40 mm

Resolution: 640×512

Frame Rate: 30fps

Measurement Accuracy: ±2°C or ±2%

Laser Rangefinder

Range: 3 m - 1200 m

Accuracy: ±(0.2m+D×0.15%)

Built For Commercial Drone Pilots

The 7-inch widescreen DJI RC Plus with dual control mode is tailor-made for Enterprise users.

Four Antenna OcuSync 3 Enterprise

Cover more area with stable video transmission and removable dual-antennas.

DJI Cellular Module

Attach a DJI Cellular Module for added 4G support to supplement OcuSync 3 Enterprise.

Extended Battery Life

Internal and external battery configuration powers 6 hours of battery life and enables hot-swapping for seamless, uninterrupted flight operations.

Introducing the All-new DJI Pilot 2

A revamped Enterprise flight interface designed to improve piloting efficiency and flight safety.

Reimagined User Interface

Drone and payload controls can be easily accessed with one tap. Clear presentation of flight details and navigational information improves user experience and flight efficiency.

Ergonomic Design For Safety and Efficiency

Pilot 2 works seamlessly with the DJI RC Plus. Screenside and customizable buttons are all within reach and enable quick operations, such as adjusting camera views and dropping PinPoints.

Pre-flight Checklist

A comprehensive checklist helps you quickly confirm aircraft status and parameter settings, so you can take off with confidence.

Navigation Display

An optimized interface displays your home point, PinPoints, and nearby obstacles to improve safety and provide comprehensive situational awareness.

Alert Notifications

Stay updated with timely alerts as conditions and scenarios evolve.

Master Your Mission Environment

FlightHub 2 offers a 2.5D Base Map for quick terrain awareness, One-Tap Panorama Sync for rapid site overviews, and Cloud Mapping for fast mapping in RGB or infrared.

Mission Live Streaming

Connect multiple users to one or many drone operations simultaneously, and keep teams updated with the latest developments thanks to low latency, high-resolution livestreaming.

Live Annotations

Highlight objects or areas of interest for efficient mission management and resource distribution. Annotations are visible to ground teams, pilots, or any team member for timely project alignment and task distribution.

Streamlined Team Communication

Synchronize valuable information such as teams position, drone status, mission details and more, in real time and across multiple device types, making team collaboration easier than ever.

Route Planning and Management

Flight routes and missions planned in FlightHub 2 can be easily synchronized with Pilot 2. Operation data can be automatically uploaded to FlightHub 2 Media Files for unified management and analysis.

Smart Inspection

An upgrade to Live Mission Recording brings an optimized user interface, convenient task recording, and target point marking, saving 90% of operation steps. Gimbal angle and photo settings can be adjusted between Waypoints, improving flight and mission efficiency.

Non-stop Ops

The DJI Dock (M30 Series Dock Version) has flagship-level performance with a maximum operation range of 7 km8, IP55 weather resistance, and resilience in temperatures ranging from -35℃ to 50℃.

Fast Charging, Fast Turnaround

Fast charge and take off thanks to TEC air conditioning that cools the drone batteries, enabling charging from 10-90% in just 25 minutes.

Cloud Platform Management

With FlightHub 2, unlock full DJI Dock functionality from the cloud. Schedule missions, create and edit flight routes, and manage data collected.

Private Deployment

Cloud API opens up DJI Dock functionality to developers and system integrators, who can set up a custom, private server.

Core Package

The Matrice 30T comes with a DJI RC Plus, two TB30 Intelligent Flight Batteries, one BS30 Intelligent Battery Station, and the aircraft storage case.

BS30 Intelligent Battery Station

A smart, portable solution with multiple charging modes to meet your mission needs. Capable of charging four pairs of TB30 Intelligent Flight Batteries and one pair of RC Plus batteries, pairs are charged one at a time, with one pair taking just 30 minutes to charge from 20-90%.

TB30 Intelligent Flight Battery

Each battery supports self-heating for cold environments, hot-swapping for fast turnarounds, and 400 charge cycles for increased operational efficiency.

DJI Cellular Module

Provides 4G based transmission link between the drone and remote controller, while also enabling internet connection for the remote controller.

User Data Security

  • SD Card AES Encryption
  • Local Data Mode
  • One-Tap Clear All Device Data
  • AES-256 Video Transmission Encryption
  • Cloud API



Dimensions (unfolded, excl. propellers)  470×585×215 mm (L×W×H)

Dimensions (folded) 365×215×195 mm (L×W×H)

Diagonal Wheelbase 668 mm

Weight (incl. two batteries) 3770 ± 10 g

Max Takeoff Weight 3998 g

Operation Frequency 2.4000-2.4835 GHz; 5.725-5.850 GHz

Transmitter Power (EIRP) 2.4 GHz: <33 dBm (FCC); <20 dBm (CE/SRRC/MIC), 5.8 GHz: <33 dBm (FCC/SRRC); <14 dBm (CE)

Hovering Accuracy (windless or breezy) Vertical: ±0.1 m (Vision System enabled); ±0.5 m (N-mode with GPS); ±0.1 m (RTK), Horizontal: ±0.3 m (Vision System enabled); ±1.5 m (N-mode with GPS); ±0.1 m (RTK)

RTK Positioning Accuracy (fixed RTK enabled) 1 cm+1 ppm (horizontal), 1.5 cm+1 ppm (vertical)

Max Angular Velocity Pitch: 150°/sec.; Yaw: 100°/sec.

Max Tilt Angle 35° (N-mode and Forward Vision System enabled: 25°)

Max Ascent/Descent Speed 6 m/s, 5 m/s

Max Tilt Descent Speed 7 m/s

Max Horizontal Speed 23 m/s

Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level (without other payload) 5,000 m (with 1671 propellers), 7,000 m (with 1676 propellers)

Max Wind Resistance 15 m/s, 12 m/s during taking off and landing

Max Hover Time 36 min

Max Flight Time 41 min

Motor Model 3511

Propeller Model 1671, 1676 High Altitude (not included)

Ingress Protection Rating IP55

GNSS GPS+Galileo+BeiDou+GLONASS (GLONASS is supported only when RTK module is enabled)

Operating Temperature -20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F)


Angular Vibration Range ±0.01°

Controllable Range Pan: ±90°, Tilt: -120° to +45°

Mechanical Range Pan: ±105°, Tilt: -135° to +60°, Roll: ±45°

Zoom Camera

Sensor 1/2" CMOS, Effective pixels: 48M

Lens Focal length: 21-75 mm (equivalent: 113-405 mm), Aperture: f/2.8-f/4.2, Focus: 5 m to ∞

Exposure Compensation ±3 ev (using 1/3 ev as step length)

Electronic Shutter Speed Auto Mode: Photo: 1/8000-1/2 s, Video: 1/8000-1/30 s ; M Mode: Photo: 1/8000-8 s, Video: 1/8000 -1/30 s

ISO Range 100-25600

Max. Video Resolution 3840×2160

Max Photo Size 8000×6000

Wide Camera

Sensor 1/2" CMOS, Effective pixels: 12M

Lens DFOV: 84°, Focal length: 4.5 mm (equivalent: 24 mm), Aperture: f/2.8, Focus: 1 m to ∞

Exposure Compensation ±3 ev (using 1/3 ev as step length)

Electronic Shutter Speed Auto Mode: Video: 1/8000-1/2 s, Video: 1/8000-1/30 s ; M Mode: Photo: 1/8000-8 s, Photo: 1/8000-1/30 s

ISO Range 100-25600

Max. Video Resolution 3840×2160

Photo Size 4000×3000

Thermal Camera

Thermal Imager Uncooled VOx Microbolometer

Lens DFOV: 61°, Focal length: 9.1 mm (equivalent: 40 mm), Aperture: f/1.0, Focus: 5 m to ∞

Infrared Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±2°C or ±2% (using the larger value)

Video Resolution Infrared Image Super-resolution Mode: 1280×1024, Normal Mode: 640×512

Photo Size Infrared Image Super-resolution Mode: 1280×1024, Normal Mode: 640×512

Pixel Pitch 12 um

Temperature Measurement Method Spot Meter, Area Measurement

Temperature Measurement Range High Gain Mode: -20° to 150° C (-4° to 302° F), Low Gain Mode: 0° to 500° C (32° to 932° F)

Temperature Alert Supported

Palette White Hot/Black Hot/Tint/Iron Red/Hot, Iron/Arctic/Medical/Fulgurite/Rainbow 1/Rainbow 2

FPV Camera

Resolution 1920×1080

DFOV 161°

Frame Rate 30 fps

Laser Module

Wavelength 905 nm

Max Laser Power 3.5 mW

Single Pulse Width 6 ns

Measurement Accuracy ± (0.2 m + D×0.15%), D is the distance to a vertical surface

Measuring Range 3-1,200 m (0.5×12 m vertical surface with 20% reflectivity)

Vision Systems

Obstacle Sensing Range Forward: 0.6-38 m, Upward/Downward/Backward/Sideward: 0.5-33 m

FOV 65° (H), 50° (V)

Operating Environment Surfaces with clear patterns and adequate lighting (> 15 lux)

Infrared Sensing Systems

Obstacle Sensing Range 0.1 to 10 m

FOV 30°

Operating Environment Large, diffuse, and reflective obstacles (reflectivity >10%)

TB30 Intelligent Flight Battery

Capacity 5880 mAh

Voltage 26.1 V

Battery Type Li-ion 6S

Energ 131.6 Wh

Net Weight Approx. 685 g

Operating Temperature -20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F)

Storage Temperature 20° to 30° C (68° to 86° F)

Charging Temperature -20° to 40° C (-4° to 104° F) (When the temperature is lower than 10° C (50° F), the self-heating function will be automatically enabled. Charging in a low temperature may shorten the lifetime of the battery)

Chemical System LiNiMnCoO2

Auxiliary Lights

Effective Illumination Distance 5 m

Illumination Type 60 Hz, solid glow

Remote Controller 

Screen 7.02 inch LCD touchscreen, with a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels, and high brightness of 1200 cd/m2

Internal Battery Type: Li-ion (6500 mAh @ 7.2 V), Charge Type: Supports battery station or USB-C charger maximum rated power 65W (max voltage of 20V), Charge Time: 2 hours, Chemical System: LiNiCoAIO2

External Battery(WB37 Intelligent Battery) Capacity: 4920 mAh, Voltage: 7.6 V, Battery Type: Li-ion, Energy: 37.39 Wh, Chemical System: LiCoO2

Operating Time Internal Battery: Approx. 3 hours 18 min, Internal Battery + External Battery: Approx. 6 hours

Ingress Protection Rating IP54

GNSS GPS+Galileo+BeiDou

Operating Temperature -20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F)

O3 Enterprise

Operating Frequency 2.4000-2.4835 GHz, 5.725-5.850 GHz

Max Transmission Distance (unobstructed, free of interference) 15 km (FCC); 8 km (CE/SRRC/MIC)

Max Transmission Distance (with interference) Strong Interference (urban landscape, limited line of sight, many competing signals): 1.5-3 km (FCC/CE/SRRC/MIC), Medium Interference (suburban landscape, open line of sight, some competing signals): 3-9 km (FCC); 3-6 km (CE/SRRC/MIC), Weak Interference (open landscape abundant line of sight, few competing signals): 9-15 km (FCC); 6-8 km (CE/SRRC/MIC)

Transmitter Power (EIRP) 2.4 GHz: <33 dBm (FCC); <20 dBm (CE/SRRC/MIC), 5.8 GHz: <33 dBm (FCC); <14 dBm (CE); <23 dBm (SRRC)


Protocol Wi-Fi 6

Operating Frequency 2.4000-2.4835 GHz; 5.150-5.250 GHz; 5.725-5.850 GHz

Transmitter Power (EIRP) 2.4 GHz: <26 dBm (FCC); <20 dBm (CE/ SRRC/MIC), 5.1 GHz: <26 dBm (FCC); <23 dBm (CE/ SRRC/MIC), 5.8 GHz: <26 dBm (FCC/SRRC); <14 dBm(CE)


Protocol Bluetooth 5.1

Operating Frequency 2.4000-2.4835 GHz

Transmitter Power (EIRP) <10 dBm

BS30 Intelligent Battery Station

Dimensions 353×267×148 mm

Net Weight 3.95 kg

Compatible Battery Type TB30 Intelligent Flight Battery, WB37 Intelligent Battery

Input 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Output TB30 Battery Port: 26.1 V, 8.9 A (supported up to two outputs simultaneously), WB37 Intelligent Battery: 8.7 V, 6 A

Output Power 525 W

USB-C port Max. output power of 65 W

USB-A port Max. output power of 10 W (5 V, 2 A)

Power Consumption (when not charging battery) < 8 W

Output Power (when warming up battery) Approx. 30 W

Operating Temperature -20° to 40° C (-4° to 104° F)

Ingress Protection Rating IP55 (with the cover closed properly)

Charging Time Approx. 30 min (charging two TB30 batteries from 20% to 90%), Approx. 50 min (charging two TB30 batteries from 0% to 100%)

Protection Features Anti-Backflow Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Temperature Protection

Data sheet


Official permits of the Ministry of Development and Technology

Our company is involved in preparing official permits from the Polish Ministry of Development and Technology, which allows us to export all dual-use drones, optics, and portable radiophones without VAT on the Polish side / and without VAT on the Ukrainian side.