New products

Inster FoldSat LEo Ku OW (257261013)
The FoldSat LEo Ku OW terminal stands out as a portable and user-friendly solution for communication pauses in land environments. Engineered with Electronically Steerable Antennas (ESA), it swiftly aligns itself for seamless operation over OneWeb's Ku-Band LEO satellite constellation.
Kymeta Hawk U8 - Oneweb (U8922-30313-0)
14950 $
Tax included
Introducing the Kymeta Hawk u8 – LEO, our groundbreaking turnkey electronically scanning terminal engineered to deliver swift and dependable internet connectivity for both stationary and mobile applications, seamlessly synchronizing with satellites in motion. The Hawk u8 – LEO ensures low-latency, high-bandwidth connectivity across the globe on OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) network.
Intellian OW70L-Dac PS-OW70P-S2 Dual Antenna Solution
13200 $
Tax included
The OW70L stands as a terrestrial user terminal designed for Eutelsat OneWeb's Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation. It features dual 3-axis stabilized pedestals hosting 73 cm parabolic antennas, delivering remarkable 12.2 dB/K G/T performance. By ensuring seamless connectivity during LEO handovers, this terminal empowers customers in remote and challenging environments with cost-effective access to an enhanced user experience previously out of reach.
Intellian OW70M-Rac OS-OW70P Dual Antenna Solution
31000 $
Tax included
Introducing the OW70M, the premier maritime user terminal engineered for utilization within Eutelsat OneWeb’s revolutionary Low Earth Orbit (LEO) network. Featuring a robust 73cm reflector and boasting an exceptional G/T of 12.2 dB/K, this terminal ensures steadfast tracking capability even amidst the most challenging maritime environments, catering to the highest performance and data throughput requirements across diverse maritime sectors.
Intellian OW50M-Rac OS-OW50P Dual Antenna Solution
27000 $
Tax included
Introducing the OW50M, a cutting-edge dual parabolic maritime user terminal meticulously crafted for seamless integration into Eutelsat OneWeb's Low Earth Orbit (LEO) network. Boasting a 53cm reflector and an impressive G/T of 9.3 dB/K, the OW50M guarantees steadfast tracking performance even amidst the most challenging maritime conditions, catering to the diverse needs of clientele across various maritime sectors.