Kymeta KyWay U7 8W Terminal with Modem
45000 $
Introducing the Kymeta KyWay u7, a state-of-the-art 8W Ku-band flat panel SOTM terminal designed for seamless connectivity. Featuring a lightweight and low-profile mTenna, the KyWay u7 ensures a high-quality signal for your communication needs. This advanced terminal package includes a BUC (Block UpConverter) and a reliable iDirect modem, providing optimal performance and functionality for effortless network access. Experience uninterrupted connectivity with the KyWay u7, making it an essential addition to your communication equipment.
Kymeta KyWay U7 16W Terminal with Modem
51000 $
Introducing the Kymeta KyWay u7 16W Terminal with Modem, a state-of-the-art satellite communication system designed for reliable and efficient connectivity on the move. This innovative terminal features Kymeta's patented mTenna technology, a 16W Ku-band flat panel that delivers optimal performance in Satellite on the Move (SOTM) applications. The KyWay u7 package includes a high-quality BUC (Block Upconverter) and an iDirect modem, ensuring seamless integration with your existing communication setup. Experience unparalleled data transmission and stability even in the most demanding environments with the Kymeta KyWay u7 16W Terminal with Modem.
Kymeta U7H Terminal, 8W, STD RF Chain, Integrator, X7 Velocity
45000 $
Introducing the Kymeta™ u7 Ku-band satellite terminal, an innovative communication solution designed for on-the-move connectivity. This lightweight, low-profile terminal delivers high-throughput performance without compromising on design and efficiency. With its 8W power output and standard RF chain, this system ensures seamless integration and reliable connection on any journey. The u7's compatibility with the iDirect X7 Velocity modem guarantees enhanced data transmission and smoother network experience. Stay connected, stay informed, and stay ahead with the Kymeta™ u7 Ku-band satellite terminal.
Kymeta U7H Terminal, 16W, STD RF Chain, Integrator, X7 Velocity
51000 $
Introducing the Kymeta™ u7 Ku-band Satellite Terminal - a lightweight, low-profile, and high-throughput communication solution designed specifically for on-the-move applications. This 16W terminal features a standard RF chain and comes with an integrator and x7 velocity for seamless connectivity. Ideal for vehicles, boats, and other mobile platforms, the Kymeta™ u7 ensures that you stay connected wherever your journey takes you. Experience reliable communication without compromising on performance with the Kymeta™ u7 Satellite Terminal.
Kymeta U7H Terminal, 8W, STD RF Chain, Turnkey, X7 Velocity
46200 $
Introducing the Kymeta u7 Ku-band satellite terminal: a cutting-edge communication solution designed for on-the-move connectivity. This lightweight, low-profile terminal provides high-throughput communication systems that effortlessly cater to your fast-paced lifestyle. With 8W of power, a standard RF chain, and a turnkey x7 velocity system, the Kymeta u7h terminal is engineered for seamless integration without compromising on performance. Experience unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and convenience wherever you go with the Kymeta u7 Ku-band satellite terminal. Upgrade your on-the-move communication game today!
Kymeta U7H Terminal, 16W, STD RF Chain, Turnkey, X7 Velocity
52440 $
Introducing the Kymeta™ u7 Ku-band satellite terminal - a revolution in on-the-move communication systems! Designed with a focus on lightweight and low-profile construction, this high-throughput terminal ensures seamless connectivity wherever you go. Featuring a 16W standard RF chain and turnkey integration, it is purpose-built for quick and hassle-free deployment. With its advanced x7 Velocity technology, the u7 terminal delivers unparalleled performance and reliability for even your most demanding communication requirements. Make the smart choice and bridge the gap with Kymeta™ u7, your ultimate solution for staying connected on-the-move.
Kymeta U7X Terminal, 8W, Std RF Chain, Integrator, X7 Velocity
45000 $
Introducing the Kymeta™ u7x terminal - an advanced Ku-band satellite terminal specially designed for those seeking a lightweight, low-profile, and high-throughput communication solution on-the-go. Boasting an 8W standard RF chain, integrator, and x7 velocity, this cutting-edge terminal is perfect for maintaining seamless connectivity while in motion. Whether you're traversing rugged terrain, navigating the open ocean, or cruising at high altitudes, the Kymeta™ u7x terminal ensures you stay connected with its innovative and compact design. Enhance your communication experience and enjoy continuous high-speed connectivity with Kymeta™ u7x, the ultimate satellite terminal for all your on-the-move needs.
Kymeta U7X Terminal, 16W, Std RF Chain, Integrator, X7 Velocity
51000 $
Introducing the Kymeta™ u7x Terminal - a cutting-edge solution designed to fulfill your high-throughput communication needs on-the-move. Optimized for the Ku-band satellite frequency, this powerful 16W terminal features a lightweight and low-profile design, making it the perfect choice for seamless connectivity in various scenarios. Equipped with a standard RF chain, integrator, and X7 velocity, the u7x offers reliable and efficient data transmission, ensuring your communications remain uninterrupted wherever you go. Discover the future of mobile satellite communication systems with the Kymeta™ u7x Terminal.
Kymeta U7X Terminal, 8W, STD RF Chain, Turnkey, X7 Velocity
46200 $
Introducing the Kymeta™ u7x terminal, an advanced 8W Ku-band satellite communication system designed for on-the-move applications. This cutting-edge terminal is lightweight, low-profile, and offers high-throughput connectivity, making it the ideal choice for various industries and vehicles. With its standard RF chain, turnkey setup, and x7 Velocity compatibility, the Kymeta u7x terminal offers a seamless, reliable, and efficient satellite communication solution for those who require uninterrupted connectivity while on-the-move. Experience exceptional performance and convenience with the Kymeta™ u7x terminal for your mobile communication needs.
Kymeta U7X Terminal, 16W, Std RF Chain, Turnkey, X7 Velocity
52440 $
Introducing the Kymeta™ u7x Terminal - a cutting-edge Ku-band satellite terminal that fulfills the demand for lightweight, low-profile, and high-throughput communication systems on-the-move. This 16W, standard RF chain, turnkey solution has been designed to offer seamless, high-speed connectivity for various applications, including vehicular, maritime, and more. The integration of the state-of-the-art x7 Velocity technology ensures impeccable performance and reliable communication in the toughest conditions. Empower your operations with the Kymeta™ u7x Terminal and experience unparalleled connectivity wherever you go.
Intellian GX60: Compact Global Xpress Terminal
40800 $
Discover the power of seamless connectivity with the Intellian GX60, a compact Global Xpress Terminal designed to deliver high-speed broadband and secure data access, wherever you are in the world. This highly reliable system is specifically engineered for maritime use and is compatible with Inmarsat's Global Xpress network, ensuring uninterrupted and reliable coverage in even the most remote locations. With a 60cm antenna and a user-friendly interface, the GX60 is easy to install, operate, and maintain. Whether you're on a small vessel or a large ship, the Intellian GX60 equips you with the advanced communication capabilities needed to stay connected and enhance your onboard experience.
Intellian GX100 - Compact Global Xpress Terminal
67200 $
Discover seamless connectivity with the Intellian GX100, a compact Global Xpress terminal designed for high-speed data and voice communication. This cutting-edge solution, powered by Inmarsat's Global Xpress Ka-band network, delivers exceptional performance and reliability, ensuring you stay connected wherever your journey takes you. Ideal for maritime, offshore, and land applications, the GX100 features a robust, lightweight design, making it easy to install and maintain. Its advanced tracking capabilities and global coverage provide consistent, uninterrupted service, meeting the demands of today’s mobile users. Upgrade your communication experience with Intellian GX100 and enjoy unparalleled connectivity at your fingertips.
Terminal Intellian v60G (X-pol only) 4W Std.
31200 $
Introducing the advanced Terminal v60G (X-pol only) 4W std., an exceptional maritime communication solution designed to provide reliable, high-speed connectivity for both leisure and commercial vessels. This state-of-the-art system utilizes cross-pol technology, offering seamless satellite access and consistent data transfer rates. With a compact and robust 60cm antenna in a sleek, lightweight design, the Terminal v60G ensures smooth operation in even the most challenging conditions. Experience fast, reliable communication for business or entertainment needs while onboard with this leading-edge terminal system. Invest in the Terminal v60G and enjoy uninterrupted maritime connectivity like never before.
Terminal Intellian 60GX/Co-Pol 4W Std.
34800 $
Upgrade your communication system with the advanced Terminal v60G(X/Co-pol) 4W std. This high-performance terminal boasts innovative features, offering unparalleled connectivity and seamless integration with various networks. The v60G is designed for dependability and flexibility, ensuring uninterrupted communication in the harshest conditions. Its X-band and Co-pol technology cater to diverse applications, making it perfect for maritime, oil and gas, defense, and more. With user-friendly operation and easy installation, the Terminal v60G empowers you with exceptional communication capabilities, making it an invaluable addition to your equipment. Experience top-tier reliability and superior performance with the Terminal v60G(X/Co-pol) 4W std.
Terminal Intellian v60G (X/Co-pol) 8W ext.
38400 $
Experience seamless connectivity with the Terminal Intellian v60GX/Co-pol 8W ext., a cutting-edge satellite communication system designed for optimal performance and reliability. This exceptional system offers comprehensive support for X and Co-polarization systems, providing enhanced communication capabilities for maritime and offshore applications. With its robust 8W extended power, the v60G ensures uninterrupted signal strength and quality, even in the most demanding environments. Additionally, the Terminal Intellian v60G(X/Co-pol) 8W ext. is equipped with advanced features such as automatic satellite tracking, which ensures consistent reception and transmission of data. Choose the Terminal Intellian v60G(X/Co-pol) 8W ext. for uninterrupted communication, making it the perfect solution for your maritime and offshore needs.
Intellian v65 Terminal (X-pol only) 8W Ext.
40800 $
Discover the powerful and efficient Terminal v65(X-pol only) 8W ext. Designed for advanced and seamless satellite communications, this Intellian terminal features an X-pol configuration that enhances data transmission and reception. With its compact 65cm antenna dish, the v65 offers outstanding RF performance and ensures reliable connectivity even in challenging environments. The 8W extended BUC provides increased throughput for meeting the demands of today's bandwidth-intensive maritime applications. Combining innovative technology with Intellian's uncompromising quality and durability, the Terminal v65(X-pol only) 8W ext. is the perfect solution for those seeking reliable and high-performance maritime communication.
Intellian v80G 8W Terminal Ext.
46800 $
Experience seamless connectivity with the Terminal Intellian v80G 8W ext., a cutting-edge satellite communication solution designed to provide consistent broadband communication at all times. This advanced system achieves uninterrupted performance by effortlessly switching between two antennas, ensuring a stable and reliable connection even in challenging environments and conditions. The compact v80G antenna is perfect for maritime applications, offering superior tracking capabilities and global coverage. With its advanced technology and user-friendly interface, the Intellian v80G is the ideal choice for maintaining critical communication links for both commercial and leisure vessels. Stay connected like never before with the Terminal Intellian v80G 8W ext.
Intellian v100 8W Terminal Ext.
63600 $
Experience the exceptional performance of the Terminal Intellian v100 8W ext., designed to seamlessly operate on both Ku and Ka-bands. Engineered with precision and efficiency, this high-quality satellite terminal ensures maximum RF performance across both frequency bands, providing reliable communication and data transfer. Its advanced technology and robust design make it perfect for maritime, offshore, and enterprise applications. Upgrade your connectivity and experience the Intellian v100's unparalleled performance in satellite communications.
Intellian v130G 8W Terminal Ext.
73200 $
The Intellian v130G terminal is a highly advanced satellite tracking system, specifically engineered to maintain a precise lock on satellite signals even in rough sea conditions. This state-of-the-art 8W ext. terminal ensures uninterrupted communication and superior signal quality, making it an indispensable piece of equipment for maritime vessels. With its robust construction and cutting-edge tracking technology, the Intellian v130G offers reliability and performance that you can trust during your oceanic voyages. Invest in the Intellian v130G for seamless connectivity and optimal performance at sea.
Intellian GX100PM - 1m Military-Grade GlobalXpress Terminal
114000 $
Upgrade your communications with the Intellian GX100PM - a cutting-edge 1-meter Military-Grade Global Xpress Terminal designed for high-performance and reliability. This advanced terminal is built to withstand the harshest of environments, ensuring seamless connectivity even in the most demanding situations. Thanks to its compact size and lightweight design, the GX100PM is easy to deploy and transport, making it an ideal choice for military and government operations around the world. Its user-friendly interface allows for quick and efficient set up, providing instant access to Inmarsat's Global Xpress satellite network. Equip your team with the Intellian GX100PM for robust, secure, and high-speed communication capabilities that are essential for tactical and critical missions.
Intellian GX100PM (w/ Grey Radome) - 1m Military-Grade Global Xpress Terminal
116400 $
Experience unmatched communication capabilities with the Intellian GX100PM, a 1m military-grade Global Xpress terminal. Featuring a robust grey radome, this terminal is designed to provide superior performance, even in the harshest environments. With its advanced technology, the GX100PM ensures reliable and secure connectivity for military operations, disaster response, and demanding commercial applications. Easy to install and operate, this terminal is a top choice for those seeking a powerful, efficient, and durable communications solution. Upgrade your communication system with the Intellian GX100PM and experience the future of satellite connectivity today.
Intellian v60Ka (Telenor) - Thor 7 Ka-Band System
40800 $
Experience a seamless, high-speed connection with the v60Ka (Telenor) - Thor 7 Ka-Band System. Designed to provide top-quality service on Telenor's High Throughput Thor-7 network, this advanced system is integrated with Intellian's cutting-edge 60cm antenna pedestal. The v60Ka ensures reliable communications and exceptional performance, making it perfect for maritime applications, offshore operations, and other remote environments. Benefit from the innovative technology and dependability of this powerful satellite communication system, and stay connected no matter where your journey takes you.
Intellian V100Ka (Telenor) - Thor 7 Ka-Band System
61200 $
Experience unparalleled connectivity with the v100Ka (Telenor) - Thor 7 Ka-Band System, designed for high-performance service on Telenor's cutting-edge High Throughput Thor-7 network. Building on the renowned success of Intellian's v100 Platform, the industry's leading 1m antenna, the v100Ka offers exceptional performance and seamless satellite tracking. This advanced system ensures reliable, high-speed communication for maritime, offshore, and government applications, making it the ultimate solution for staying connected even in the most demanding environments. Trust the Telenor v100Ka system for your critical communications needs and experience the ultimate in maritime connectivity.
Intellian i3 Linear System with 37cm (14.6 inch) Reflector & Universal Dual LNB
3796.8 $
Introducing the Intellian i3 Linear System, designed for exceptional satellite tracking performance and optimal TV reception. This innovative system features a 37cm (14.6-inch) Ku-band reflector, providing high-quality television entertainment even while on the move. The i3 system is also equipped with a Universal Dual LNB, allowing for seamless switching between multiple satellite signals. Its compact design makes it perfect for smaller vessels, while its reliable performance ensures you never miss your favorite shows or sporting events. Experience the unbeatable combination of advanced technology and entertainment with the Intellian i3 Linear System.