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Freefly Astro Movi Drone
17995 $
Introducing the Freefly Astro Map Drone - a powerful and compact industrial drone platform designed to elevate your aerial mapping capabilities. This versatile drone is built with state-of-the-art technology and offers increased efficiency, precision, and adaptability. Whether you're surveying land, creating 3D models, or monitoring construction sites, the Freefly Astro has you covered. Furthermore, its lightweight design and user-friendly operation make it the ideal solution for various industrial applications. Experience the cutting-edge performance of the Freefly Astro Map Drone and take your projects to new heights.
Freefly Astro Drone Base
12495 $
Introducing the Freefly Astro Base Drone, a cutting-edge, compact industrial drone designed for versatility and reliability. This high-performance drone system offers incredible stability, accuracy, and efficiency in various applications like agriculture, surveying, inspection and more. Engineered with user experience in mind, the Astro integrates seamlessly with a wide range of industry-leading technologies, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and effectively. Elevate your business to new heights with the unmatched capabilities of the Freefly Astro Base Drone.
Freefly Mapping Payload
5995 $
Introducing the Freefly Mapping Payload, a state-of-the-art aerial mapping solution featuring Astro, our advanced drone technology, paired with a high-grade 61-megapixel Sony camera. Capture stunning, high-resolution images and create incredibly detailed maps like never before. This cutting-edge mapping payload is perfect for professionals and drone enthusiasts alike who require precise, reliable, and efficient mapping results. Transform your aerial photography and mapping projects with the exceptional capabilities of our Freefly Mapping Payload. Don't miss out on this game-changing technology that takes your mapping endeavors to new heights!
Freefly Astro SL8-Air Battery
695 $
The Freefly Astro SL8-Air Battery is a SuperLight Air battery specifically engineered to endure the demands of aerial flights while providing effortless compatibility with the Astro system. This high-performance and lightweight battery ensures optimal power supply and stability for your Astro drone, granting extended flight times and smooth operations. Its cutting-edge design and durable construction make it an essential accessory for aerial professionals who rely on the Astro for capturing stunning aerial imagery. Invest in the SL8-Air Battery to enhance your drone's performance and make the most of your Astro experience.
Freefly SL8 Fast Charger
199.95 $
Introducing the Freefly SL8 Fast Charger, an efficient and reliable charging solution for your Freefly SL8 Battery. Designed for simplicity and convenience, this high-performance charger will rapidly charge a single battery within minimal downtime, keeping your Freefly SL8 devices powered and ready for use. With its compact and lightweight design, this charger is perfect for on-the-go use and is compatible with multiple power sources, making it the ideal accessory for your Freefly SL8 Battery. Say goodbye to lengthy charging times and maximize your productivity with the Freefly SL8 Fast Charger!
Freefly Astro Spare Parts Kit
110 $
Introducing the Freefly Astro Spare Parts Kit (Sku: 910-00678) - a must-have addition to your Astro collection for ensuring continued peak performance. This comprehensive kit is specifically designed for the Freefly Astro drone, providing users with a convenient selection of essential spare parts and components. Be ready for any scenario with this extensive parts kit, keeping your Astro drone in optimal condition for enhanced durability and reliability. Don't allow a minor setback to compromise your aerial adventures or important projects. Ensure an unparalleled drone experience with the Freefly Astro Spare Parts Kit.
Freefly RTK GPS Ground Station
1320 $
Achieve unparalleled precision for your Alta X or Astro with the Freefly RTK GPS Ground Station! This cutting-edge system employs Real Time Kinematic (RTK) technology to deliver centimeter-level accuracy, both vertically and horizontally. Experience exceptional location precision, making it ideal for professional applications in surveying, mapping, and more. The Freefly RTK GPS Ground Station ensures reliable, high-performance results, taking your aerial operations to new heights. Don't compromise on accuracy - elevate your work with this advanced technology.
Freefly Astro Vibration Isolator Set
35 $
Introducing the Freefly Astro Vibration Isolator Set, a must-have accessory for improving the smoothness and stability of your Astro drone flights. This set includes a variety of vibration isolator balls designed with varying durometers (stiffness levels) to cater to different payload weights and flying conditions. These replacement isolator balls will effectively dampen vibrations, ensuring that your Astro drone maintains optimal performance throughout each flight. Equip your Astro with this versatile isolator set to enhance your professional aerial cinematography experience and capture crystal clear, stable footage even in challenging conditions!
Freefly Astro Spare Propeller Set
175 $
Introducing the Freefly Astro Spare Propeller Set (SKU: 910-00662) – the perfect accessory to keep your Astro drone flying high and smooth. This set includes durable and well-balanced propellers designed specifically for the Freefly Astro drone. The precise engineering of these propellers ensures optimal performance and enhanced flight stability. Whether you need to replace damaged propellers or want to have an extra set on hand for emergencies, this Spare Propeller Set is an essential addition for every Astro drone owner. Invest in these reliable, high-quality propellers, and enjoy your drone adventures without any disruptions.
Freefly Astro Spare Landing Gear Set
99.99 $
Introducing the Freefly Astro Spare Landing Gear Set (SKU: 910-00666), a reliable and essential accessory for your Freefly Astro drone. This replacement kit ensures that your drone is always prepared for a stable landing, providing an extended lifespan and maintaining optimal performance. Crafted with durability and precision, this landing gear set is designed specifically for the Astro drone, ensuring a perfect fit and effortless installation. Don't let a damaged landing gear keep you grounded; invest in the Freefly Astro Spare Landing Gear Set and continue exploring the skies with confidence.
Freefly Astro Vibration Isolator with Smart Dovetail
600 $
Introducing the Freefly Astro Vibration Isolator with Smart Dovetail (Sku: 910-00681), your cutting-edge solution for effectively dampening vibrations during your aerial and ground-based shoots. This advanced isolator is designed to work seamlessly with Freefly Astro systems, ensuring smooth, stable footage even in the most demanding environments. The Smart Dovetail ensures quick and easy mounting and adjustments, making it an essential tool for any serious filmmaker. Upgrade your gear and enhance your production quality with this innovative and reliable accessory.
Freefly Smart Dovetail Kit
500 $
Introducing the Freefly Smart Dovetail Kit - the perfect solution for custom integrations and secure payload attachment. This innovative quick-release system is specifically designed for payloads that require precision on-the-fly adjustments. With its expertly crafted dovetail plates and easy-to-use release mechanism, this kit allows for seamless integration with various platforms and devices. Whether you're working with aerial photography equipment, industrial applications, or any other custom setup, the Freefly Smart Dovetail Kit guarantees hassle-free, efficient payload management and maximum performance. Don't compromise on speed or security - choose the Smart Dovetail Kit for all your payload attachment needs.
Freefly Smart Dovetail Payload Adapter
200 $
Introducing the Freefly Smart Dovetail - Payload Adapter, an essential accessory designed for efficient mechanical and electrical integration with Astro and other compatible vehicles. Adhering to the Pixhawk Payload Bus standard, this payload quick-release dovetail ensures secure connections and seamless operations. Experience a hassle-free attachment and detachment process with its user-friendly design, making it the perfect addition to your drone equipment collection. Enhance your vehicle's adaptability and performance by incorporating the Freefly Smart Dovetail - Payload Adapter into your setup.