BGAN Starter Pack - 12 Month - 200 Unit Card
864 $
Tax included
The BGAN Starter Pack - 12 Month - 200 Unit Card offers an incredible satellite connectivity solution for various industries, including business, research, and emergency services. This package includes a 12-month subscription with 200 units for data or voice usage. With the ability to access Background IP services, users can enjoy up to 25MB of data, while Voice/PSTN services provide 200 minutes of phone calls. Whether you're in remote regions or facing an emergency, the BGAN Starter Pack ensures reliable and robust communication to stay connected with your team, clients, and loved ones. Stay empowered in even the most challenging environments with this indispensable satellite communication package.
BGAN Stream 10000 Unit Card - 730 Days Validity - Not Available Yet
The BGAN Stream 10000 Unit Card with 730 Days Validity has been discontinued and is not available for purchase. This card was designed to provide users with high-quality, reliable satellite internet connectivity for 730 days. It offered a prepaid option, allowing users to easily manage their data usage without the need for contracts or surprise fees. Additionally, this card was compatible with various BGAN satellite terminals which helped to ensure seamless connectivity while on-the-go. Please note that this item is no longer available or in stock.
BGAN Stream 1000 Unit Card - 730 Days Validity
The BGAN Stream 1000 Unit Card, offering 730 days of validity, is unfortunately no longer available. This versatile communication solution provided users with reliable, high-speed data connectivity for various applications in any location, ensuring seamless contact with the world. The card allowed access to global broadband services via satellite, offering internet connectivity at speeds of up to 492 kbps, making it suitable for data-intensive applications and streaming services. With the convenience of a two-year validity period, users could enjoy BGAN Stream services in both prepaid and postpaid options without worrying about expiry or usage restrictions. Ideal for remote and mobile teams, this versatile card ensured dependable communication, data transfer, and internet access in challenging environments.
BGAN Starter Pack - 12 Month - 5000 Unit Card
The BGAN Starter Pack - 12 Month - 5000 Unit Card offers an exceptional communication solution for those who need reliable connectivity on-the-go. This package comes complete with a 12-month, 5000 unit card, providing ample data and voice time to help you stay connected, whether you're on a remote work project, traveling, or during emergency situations. Offering versatility, the card can be used towards 625MB of Background IP data or up to 5000 minutes of Voice/PSTN calls. Stay connected anywhere in the world with this convenient and valuable BGAN Starter Pack.
BGAN Prepaid Top-Up Vouchers: 12-Month with Static IP Address
Easily extend your BGAN PrePaid service and enhance your global communication experience with a 12-Month Top Up Voucher featuring a Static IP Address. This voucher is perfect for those seeking a consistent, unchanging IP address for added security. Ideal for remote teams, frequent travelers, and businesses requiring a reliable satellite internet connection, these vouchers ensure uninterrupted service and seamless connection to the world. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a dependable and efficient solution for all your communication needs. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay connected with the BGAN PrePaid Top Up Voucher.
BGAN Prepaid Top-Up Vouchers - 1-Month Extension
40 $
Tax included
Enhance your BGAN experience with our PrePaid Top Up Vouchers, now offering a convenient 1-month extension option. Ensure uninterrupted access to satellite communications, stay connected and manage your data needs effortlessly with this flexible prepaid plan. Easy to activate, top-up your existing BGAN PrePaid account or extend your current airtime plan, without worrying about monthly subscriptions and fees. Ideal for travelers, remote communication setups, and emergency situations, these vouchers seamlessly help you stay connected, whether you're up in the mountains or out at sea. Don't let connectivity issues disrupt your life – enjoy seamless and flexible communication with our BGAN PrePaid Top Up Vouchers.
BGAN Prepaid Top-Up Vouchers - 12-Month Extension
Elevate your communication experience with BGAN PrePaid Top-Up Vouchers! This 12-month extension for your existing plan offers a seamless way to stay connected wherever you are, providing you with secure, reliable, and high-quality satellite service. Compatible with a wide range of devices, these vouchers allow you to maintain your global communication with unmatched voice and data coverage. Don't let expiration dates hold you back – extend your BGAN PrePaid plan, stay in control of your communications, and ensure you're always ready for action with this convenient top-up voucher option. Upgrade your connectivity today and keep exploring the world without any interruptions!
BGAN Prepaid Top Up Vouchers - 200 Unit Card
Enhance your BGAN satellite communication experience with our 200 Unit PrePaid Top Up Voucher Card. Offering seamless and uninterrupted connectivity, this card provides you with options such as 25MB of background IP data or 200 minutes of Voice to PSTN calls. Ideal for travelers and remote workers, this easy-to-use top-up solution ensures you stay connected with loved ones, colleagues, and crucial information, wherever your adventures take you. Don't let limited connectivity hold you back - choose our BGAN PrePaid Top Up Vouchers for reliable, cost-effective, and flexible satellite communication options.
BGAN Prepaid Top-Up Vouchers - 800 Unit Card
Enhance your BGAN experience with the 800 Unit PrePaid Top Up Voucher, an ideal solution to extend your connectivity and communication capabilities. Designed for flexible usage, this voucher card offers up to 100MB of Background IP data transfer or 800 minutes of Voice to PSTN calls. Perfect for travelers, adventurers, and professionals who need to stay connected while on the go, this prepaid option allows you to manage your usage efficiently. Maximize your BGAN service by adding this essential top up voucher to your plan and enjoy seamless communication wherever you are.
BGAN Prepaid Top-Up Vouchers - 2000 Unit Card
1550 $
Tax included
Stay connected during your adventures with our 2000 Unit BGAN PrePaid Top Up Voucher. This card allows you to conveniently top up your BGAN satellite terminal and enjoy up to 250MB of Background IP data or 2000 minutes of Voice to PSTN calls, whichever meets your needs. Easy to use, reliable, and cost-effective, our BGAN top up vouchers give you the freedom to communicate anywhere – whether you're in the city or the most remote corner of the world. Don't let limited connectivity stand in your way; get your 2000 Unit BGAN PrePaid Top Up Voucher today and stay connected whenever and wherever you are.
BGAN PrePaid Top-Up Vouchers - 5000 Unit Card
3800 $
Tax included
Get convenient access and flexibility with the BGAN PrePaid Top Up Voucher, featuring a 5000 Unit Card. Ideal for BGAN terminal users, this card gives you an instant boost to your BGAN account that converts into data or voice usage, depending on your preference. With the equivalent of 625MB for Background IP data or 5000 minutes of Voice to PSTN calls, this top up voucher provides incredible value and versatility for your satellite communication needs. Easily stay connected with work, family, and friends while off the grid or in remote locations with this simple yet essential BGAN PrePaid Top Up Voucher. Get ready to experience seamless satellite connectivity without the hassle of contracts or hidden fees.
BGAN Prepaid Top-Up Vouchers - 8000 Unit Card
6000 $
Tax included
The BGAN PrePaid Top Up Voucher, featuring an 8000 Unit Card, offers an efficient and convenient solution for keeping your satellite communication system up and running at an affordable cost. This reloadable prepaid card allows you to manage your usage by purchasing the desired amount of units for Background IP (up to 1000MB) or Voice to PSTN (up to 8000 minutes). Ensuring continued connectivity, the card is perfect for travelers, adventurers, or businesses that need steady access to satellite communication without worrying about monthly bills or contracts. Don't let running out of units hinder your BGAN connection; stay connected with the powerful and cost-effective 8000 Unit Card top up voucher.
BGAN 25 Unit Card - 730 Days Validity
17.3 $
Tax included
The BGAN 25 Unit Card offers a reliable connectivity solution with a validity period of 730 days or 2 years, ensuring you stay connected for an extended duration. This pre-paid card is compatible with the Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) satellite terminal, providing unparalleled global coverage and high-quality voice and data services. Ideal for remote workers, travelers, or anyone in need of a dependable communication option. With the BGAN 25 Unit Card, you can manage your usage efficiently without worrying about overages or unexpected charges. Experience hassle-free connectivity and enjoy peace of mind during your communication needs with this long-lasting and versatile pre-paid card.
BGAN 50 Unit Card - 30-Day Validity
105 $
Tax included
The BGAN 50 Unit Card provides seamless satellite connectivity with a 30-day validity period, perfect for those seeking reliable communication while on the move. This pre-paid card offers 50 units of usage, allowing you to stay connected through phone calls, internet access, and data transfers, no matter where you are. Compatible with all Inmarsat BGAN terminals, the easy-to-use card ensures uninterrupted communication during outdoor adventures, remote work, or international travel. Stay connected regardless of your location with the BGAN 50 Unit Card and maintain peace of mind knowing you have access to essential communication services.
BGAN 100 Unit Card - 730 Days Validity
The BGAN 100 Unit Card offers an exceptional balance of service and convenience for satellite communication users, boasting an impressive 730-day validity. With this prepaid card, you have access to high-quality connectivity through the Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN), providing seamless support for internet and voice communication across the globe. Ideal for both business and personal use, the BGAN 100 Unit Card ensures reliable connection in remote areas without traditional network coverage, making it a valuable asset for travelers and adventurers. Unlock global communication without monthly commitments or hidden fees, and stay connected with peace of mind as you explore the world.
BGAN 250 Unit Card - 730 Days Validity
Enjoy seamless and reliable internet connectivity with the BGAN 250 Unit Card. This prepaid data plan offers a generous 730 days of validity, ensuring you stay connected wherever your work or leisure takes you. Designed for use with Inmarsat BGAN terminals, the 250 unit card is ideal for remote communication applications, including streaming, browsing, or emailing. The data usage on this plan is versatile, allowing you to not only access the internet but also make voice calls and send text messages when needed. Stay connected globally, with exception to the most extreme polar regions, and experience the highest industry-standard quality service with the BGAN 250 Unit Card.
BGAN 500 Unit Card - 180 Days Validity
335 $
Tax included
Experience seamless and reliable connectivity with the BGAN 500 Unit Card, featuring 180 days of validity. This prepaid card is perfect for users requiring on-demand, high-speed internet and voice communications, delivering exceptional performance anytime, anywhere. Compatible with a wide range of Inmarsat BGAN terminals, this card enables you to stay connected while traveling, working remotely, or conducting vital operations. Don't worry about monthly fees, contracts or credit checks – simply recharge your account when necessary and enjoy global connectivity that keeps you connected, even in the most challenging environments. Invest in this BGAN 500 Unit Card for reliable communication solutions.
BGAN 1000 Unit Card - 365 Days Validity
666 $
Tax included
The BGAN 1000 Unit Card offers a versatile prepaid service solution for your satellite communication needs, providing a lengthy 365 days of validity to stay connected wherever you roam. This card can be used with any BGAN terminal and allows for a wide range of services, including voice calls, internet connectivity, and data transmission. With this card's 1000 units, you can enjoy flexible usage and optimized cost control, ensuring that you have reliable communication on the go. Never worry about running out of service - with the BGAN 1000 Unit Card and its extended validity, you'll have peace of mind for a full year. So, stay connected, stay informed, and stay in touch with this exceptional prepaid satellite communication solution.
BGAN 2500 Unit Card - 365 Days Validity
1665 $
Tax included
Experience seamless connectivity wherever you go with the BGAN 2500 Unit card, featuring an extensive 365-day validity period. Ideal for travelers, remote workers, and outdoor enthusiasts, this prepaid card enables easy access to BGAN's global satellite network. With 2500 units at your disposal, you'll stay connected to the world, even in off-the-grid locations. Benefit from reliable, uninterrupted voice and data services, regardless of how remote your destination may be. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your communication capabilities with the BGAN 2500 Unit card - your ticket to staying connected for an entire year!
BGAN 5000 Unit Card - 365 Day Validity
3330 $
Tax included
The BGAN 5000 Unit Card offers convenience and reliability with 365 days of validity, making it an ideal choice for those in need of high-performance satellite communication. This versatile prepaid card is designed to provide seamless connectivity and flexible pricing to cater to various usage requirements. With the BGAN 5000's wide coverage and compatibility with multiple devices, it is an essential tool for travelers, remote workers, and adventure enthusiasts. Invest in the BGAN 5000 Unit Card and experience unparalleled connectivity in the most remote locations around the world.
BGAN 10000 Unit Card - 730 Days Validity - Not Yet Available
6228.37 $
Tax included
The BGAN 10000 Unit Card offers unparalleled connectivity and convenience with 730 days of validity. Although not yet available, this exceptional card will provide you with peace of mind and hassle-free communication, ensuring you stay connected no matter where your adventures may take you. With 10000 units at your disposal, enjoy seamless connectivity for two years without worrying about recharging or renewing your plan. Keep an eye out for the upcoming availability of this game-changing communication solution – ideal for travelers, remote workers, and anyone in need of consistent and reliable global coverage. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy outstanding connectivity with this long-lasting BGAN 10000 Unit Card.
BGAN 15000 Unit Card - 730 Days Validity - Not Yet Available
8823.53 $
Tax included
The BGAN 15000 Unit Card offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for staying connected while on-the-go. With a generous 15000-unit balance and a 730-day validity period, this card ensures users remain connected even in remote areas with limited connectivity. Although not yet available, this card is intended for use with Inmarsat's Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) satellite terminals, providing reliable internet access, voice calls, and data services worldwide. Stay tuned for the launch of the BGAN 15000 Unit Card and take advantage of truly global communication and connectivity.
BGAN 20000 Unit Card - 730 Days Validity - Currently Unavailable
11764.71 $
Tax included
Experience seamless connectivity and uninterrupted communication with the upcoming BGAN 20000 Unit Card, featuring an impressive validity period of 730 days. This not-yet-available product aims to provide a reliable and high-quality service for users on the go, ensuring constant access to crucial information and contacts. The BGAN 20000 Unit Card is perfect for travelers, remote workers, and emergency responders alike, offering continuous global coverage with Inmarsat's reliable satellite network. With its exceptional validity period, users can enjoy the convenience of an extended prepaid service, allowing for worry-free communication over an extended period. Stay tuned for the official release of the BGAN 20000 Unit Card to experience unparalleled connectivity and convenience.
BGAN Stream 25 Unit Card - 730 Days Validity
17.3 $
Tax included
Experience seamless connectivity with the BGAN Stream 25 Unit Card, offering a 730-day validity period for true global coverage. This prepaid data card allows you to access Inmarsat's BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) streaming services, providing an unwavering connection for your voice and high-speed broadband communications. Ideal for travelers, journalists, and remote workers, the BGAN Stream 25 Unit Card ensures that you stay connected, no matter your location. Enjoy uninterrupted data services, round-the-clock customer support, and easy online account management. Don't let limited access slow you down – opt for the BGAN Stream 25 Unit Card for reliable connectivity wherever your journey takes you.