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FiFish V6 M100 Expert Underwater Drone
2283.99 $
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Introducing the Fifish V6 Expert M100 Underwater Drone, the perfect companion for all your underwater explorations and adventures. This advanced underwater robot boasts a 6-hour working time, 330ft diving depth, and AI Vision Lock capabilities. The M100 is uniquely designed to capture stunning 4K footage and is equipped with a Q-interface, providing seamless integration with various accessories. It comes housed in a durable EPP case for easy transportation. With VR control compatibility, you can truly immerse yourself in the underwater world like never before. Experience the depths of the ocean with the innovative and portable Fifish V6 Expert M100 Underwater Drone.
FiFish V6 Expert M200 Underwater Drone
2756.69 $
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Introducing the FIFISH V6 Expert M200 Underwater Drone, a premium and innovative underwater ROV designed for all your underwater adventures. With AI Vision Lock technology, capturing images and videos in high-quality 4K resolution has never been easier. This exceptional drone boasts an impressive working time of 6 hours, allowing uninterrupted exploration down to 660ft (200m). The FIFISH V6 Expert comes with an industrial case for secure portability and a cutting-edge Q-interface system to enable seamless integrations. Additional features include Posture Lock for ultimate image stability and smooth navigation. Experience extraordinary underwater exploration with the FIFISH V6 Expert M200 Underwater Drone!
FiFish V6 Expert M100A Underwater Drone
3500 $
Tax included
Introducing the FIFISH V6 Expert M100A, a technologically advanced underwater drone from QYSEA designed for an unparalleled experience. With an impressive 6-hour working time, this remarkable drone allows you to explore depths of up to 330 ft and obtain stunning visuals with its integrated 4K camera. The AI Vision Lock feature ensures that your subject stays in focus, while the Q-Interface enables convenient accessory connection. Control your underwater exploration with Virtual Reality (VR) and enjoy seamless portability with the included EPP carrying case. Dive into an extraordinary underwater journey with the FIFISH V6 Expert M100A ROV.
FiFish V6 Expert M200A Underwater Drone
3307.4 $
Tax included
Introducing the Fifish V6 Expert M200A Underwater Drone – designed to explore the depths of underwater environments with incredible precision and advanced technology. This cutting-edge ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) features a 4K camera and AI Vision Lock for capturing stunning underwater imagery and videos. Boasting an impressive 6-hour working time, it is perfect for both recreational and professional use. The portable, industrial-grade case ensures the drone's protection while on the go, while the QYSEA's Q-Interface offers seamless device integration. Experience extraordinary control with Posture Lock and dive up to 660ft with the Fifish V6 Expert M200A Underwater Drone. Explore the underwater world like never before!
FiFish V6S Underwater Drone - Standard Package
3199 $
Tax included
Introducing the Fifish V6s Underwater Drone - Standard Package: a cutting-edge underwater ROV equipped with a robust robotic arm and AI Vision Lock technology. Designed by QYSEA for optimal underwater exploration, this portable drone boasts a lengthy 6-hour dive time and 330ft depth capability. Along with a wide-angle 166° Ultra-Wide Angle lens, the Fifish V6s captures stunning 4K footage to reveal the secrets of the deep. Easy app control and immersive VR functionality streamline the user experience, while the depth hold feature ensures a steady understanding of your underwater environment. Dive into the ultimate underwater adventure with the Fifish V6s!
FiFish V6S Underwater Drone - Industrial Package
3758 $
Tax included
Introducing the Fifish V6s Underwater Drone Industrial Package by QYSEA, a top-notch underwater ROV designed for professional use. With an advanced robotic arm and AI vision lock, this portable drone provides an unparalleled underwater exploration experience. It offers a remarkable 6-hour dive time and a diving depth of up to 330 feet. The Fifish V6s features an integrated 4K camera for capturing high-quality footage and is compatible with VR controls for an immersive experience. The industrial package includes a heavy-duty carrying case, providing added protection and convenience. With depth hold capabilities, you can consistently maintain your desired depth while exploring the depths with ease.
Fifish V6 Expert MP200 (M100 + 200m OPSS)
4962.68 $
Tax included
Discover the amazing underwater world with the FIFISH V6 Expert MP200 (M100 + 200m OPSS)! This advanced underwater drone by QYSEA offers cutting-edge AI Vision Lock technology for a stable and immersive underwater exploration. Experience stunning 4K videos and photos captured by the ROV's camera and control it effortlessly via Virtual Reality (VR). Designed for convenience, the FIFISH V6 Expert has a Q-interface for smooth connectivity and comes with an EPP case for safe transportation. The drone also boasts an impressive 6-hour working time and a remarkable dive depth of 330ft (100m). Don't miss the opportunity to uncover the hidden depths of our oceans with the FIFISH V6 Expert MP200!
Fifish V6 Expert EP300 (M100 + 300m E-Spool + OPSS)
10635.23 $
Tax included
Discover the depths with the FIFISH V6 Expert EP300, a versatile underwater drone designed for unlimited exploration. Equipped with AI Vision Lock, this QYSEA underwater robot maintains stability and focus effortlessly. With a 6-hour working time and a maximum dive of 330ft, you'll have ample opportunity to capture stunning visuals with the built-in 4K camera. The EP300 package includes M100, a 300m E-Spool, and OPSS, all housed in a durable EPP case for easy transportation. Immerse yourself in the aquatic world using advanced VR controls and the innovative Q-interface for an unparalleled underwater adventure.