BGAN Hughes & Accessories

Inmarsat BGAN Blank White SIM Card
50 $
Experience seamless global connectivity with the BGAN SIM Card - Inmarsat Plain White. This easy-to-use SIM card offers reliable, high-quality voice and data services through the Inmarsat satellite network, ensuring you stay connected no matter where you are. Compatible with a wide range of BGAN satellite terminals, the Inmarsat Plain White SIM card provides essential coverage in remote areas, critical emergencies, or during adventurous travels. With a no-fuss design and simple activation process, the BGAN SIM Card - Inmarsat Plain White is an indispensable tool for all your communication needs on the go. Keep exploring without limits and let the BGAN Inmarsat Plain White SIM card keep you connected.
BGAN SIM Card - TS2 Satellite
10 $
Experience seamless connectivity with the BGAN SIM Card - TS2 Satellite, designed to provide you with unmatched global communication capabilities. This high-quality SIM card is specially crafted for the Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) satellite network, ensuring a stable and fast connection in even the most remote locations. With the TS2 Satellite SIM card, you can access unparalleled voice and data services, including simultaneous use of these features. Enjoy constant communication through phone calls, emails, and data sharing, regardless of your location. Ideal for international travelers, expedition teams, journalists, or any professional crossing borders, this versatile and reliable BGAN SIM Card is your perfect companion for staying connected globally.
Hughes 9211-HDR
Experience seamless connectivity with the BGAN Hughes 9211-HDR Satellite Terminal, a high-performance and portable device that ensures reliable communication anytime, anywhere. This cutting-edge terminal is capable of providing broadband data and voice connectivity at impressive speeds, enabling simultaneous access for multiple users. The Hughes 9211-HDR is designed to withstand any environment, offering exceptional durability and meeting IP55 standards for dust and water resistance. Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy transportation, making it ideal for remote field operations, disaster response teams, and outdoor enthusiasts. With its advanced features, the Hughes 9211-HDR Satellite Terminal is your go-to solution for staying connected in the most demanding situations.
Hughes 9211 Spare Battery Pack
370 $
Keep your Hughes 9211 Satellite Terminal operating efficiently with the reliable Hughes 9211 Spare Battery Pack. Designed exclusively for the Hughes 9211 BGAN Terminal, this spare battery pack ensures that your communication device remains powered while you're on the go. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and perfect for use in any location. With a high-capacity charge, you'll enjoy extended talk time and standby time to stay connected during crucial moments. Don't let a low battery hinder your communication needs; invest in a Hughes 9211 Spare Battery Pack for a reliable and seamless satellite communication experience.
Hughes 9211 AC/DC Adapter
57.7 $
Enhance your experience with the versatile Hughes 9211 AC/DC Adapter, designed to power and charge your Hughes 9211 BGAN terminals efficiently. This compact, lightweight adapter ensures your device remains operational, regardless of your location, by converting both AC and DC power sources. Compatible with 100 to 240 volts and 50 to 60 Hz input, the adapter caters to global travelers' needs. In addition, it features built-in surge protection for added safety and longevity of your device. With the Hughes 9211 AC/DC Adapter, you can expect reliable and consistent power supply, keeping you connected at all times. Don't let power limitations hold you back; invest in a durable adapter that offers you flexibility and peace of mind.
Hughes 9211 US AC Power Cord
5.75 $
The Hughes 9211 US AC Power Cord is a high-quality accessory designed to provide reliable electrical connections for your Hughes 9211 satellite terminal. This durable power cord is specifically made for use with US-standard outlets and ensures a secure connection, allowing you to charge and operate your satellite terminal efficiently. The power cord is long enough, offering flexibility in placing your device, and is made with premium materials to ensure longevity and resist wear and tear. Don't let a poor connection compromise the performance of your Hughes 9211 terminal - trust the Hughes 9211 US AC Power Cord for consistent and dependable power supply.
Hughes 9211 DC/DC Power Adapter
158.7 $
The Hughes 9211 DC/DC Power Adapter is a highly efficient and reliable power source designed for use with the Hughes 9211 satellite terminal. This compact adapter allows you to easily power your device in various mobile environments, such as vehicles or boats, by converting DC power to the required voltage and current. The rugged and versatile design of the power adapter ensures optimal performance even in harsh conditions, ensuring that your satellite terminal stays connected no matter where you are. Trust the Hughes 9211 DC/DC Power Adapter to provide a dependable power solution for all of your critical communication needs.
Hughes 9211 C10D Antenna with Magnetic Mounts
7665.9 $
The Hughes 9211 C10D Antenna, featuring magnetic mounts, is a powerful and reliable accessory designed to enhance your connectivity experience. This high-performance antenna is specifically engineered for the Hughes 9211 BGAN satellite terminal, ensuring seamless communication in various conditions. Its magnetic mounts effortlessly attach to metal surfaces, providing secure and flexible placement options. Ideal for users on-the-move or operating in remote locations, the Hughes 9211 C10D Antenna ensures strong and stable satellite signal reception for uninterrupted data and voice transmission. Invest in this exceptional accessory and experience improved communication efficiency wherever your travels may take you.
Hughes 9211 C11D Antenna (without magnetic mounts included)
3576.5 $
The Hughes 9211 C11D Antenna is a high-quality antenna designed for use with the Hughes 9211 Satellite Terminal. It is easy to set up and delivers excellent signal performance without requiring any magnetic mounts, ensuring reliable connectivity for your satcom needs. It's built with robust construction to handle harsh environments, and it's lightweight and portable, making it perfect for multiple applications like outdoor adventures, emergency response, or remote site operations. Note that this antenna package does not include magnetic mounts, allowing you the flexibility to choose your preferred mounting system. Experience enhanced communication capabilities and uninterrupted data transmission with the Hughes 9211 C11D Antenna.
Hughes 9211 C11 Magnetic Mounts
304.75 $
Discover the convenience and reliability of the Hughes 9211 C11 Magnetic Mounts, designed to securely attach your satellite terminal or any other compatible device, ensuring optimal performance and stability. These heavy-duty mounts feature powerful magnets and durable construction to withstand harsh conditions while maintaining a firm grip. Easy to install and remove, these magnetic mounts simplify the setup of your satellite communications system, making them indispensable for remote workers, emergency responders, and adventure enthusiasts. Upgrade your gear with the Hughes 9211 C11 Magnetic Mounts and experience strong, reliable connectivity no matter where you go.
Hughes 9350-C10
12776.5 $
The Hughes 9350-C10 is a high-performance satellite modem designed for reliable and secure communication on-the-move. It comes with an advanced Class 10 Tracking Antenna that ensures seamless connectivity over various terrains. Included in the package are the 9350 modem, a DC power cord, a 10-meter RF cable, and a set of 3 magnetic mounts for hassle-free installation. The Hughes 9350-C10 offers robust, flexible, and easy-to-use communications, making it perfect for mobile teams, emergency responders, and remote users in need of reliable connectivity.
Hughes 9502 One-piece Starter Kit
5110 $
The Hughes 9502 One-piece Starter Kit offers a comprehensive package for setting up reliable satellite communication systems. Included in this kit are two units of the 9502 One-piece terminal kits that are available in both standard (P/N 3500753-0021) and C1D2 certified variant (P/N 3500753-0022). Additionally, the kit contains two basic fixed mount kits (P/N 3004066-0002) to ensure secure placement and installation of the 9502 terminals. Optimize your satellite communication network with this starter kit for effective and uninterrupted connections.
Hughes 9502 Terminal (One-Piece Model)
1660 $
Upgrade your communication capabilities with the Hughes 9502 Terminal, a high-performance and reliable one-piece model designed for seamless connection. This powerful device comes with an IP-66 rated housing and end caps, ensuring durability and protection against harsh environments. The flat panel antenna ensures optimal signal reception, making it ideal for various applications including remote landscape monitoring, field resource management, and emergency communications. Experience efficient, robust, and adaptable communication capabilities with the Hughes 9502 Terminal – a must-have for explorers, adventurers, and professionals alike.
Hughes 9502 C1/D2 Compliant Terminal
1455 $
Discover the exceptional Hughes 9502 C1/D2 Compliant Terminal6, designed to provide reliable and secure satellite communication in harsh environments. This powerful modem is bundled with a 10-meter RF cable for easy connectivity and a premium-quality Class 2 external antenna for enhanced signal reception. Ideal for remote locations, oil and gas operations, and other mission-critical applications, the Hughes 9502 ensures seamless data transmission, robust performance, and exceptional durability. Experience uninterrupted connectivity and high-quality communications with this versatile and rugged satellite terminal.
9502 Beginner Starter Kit (Standard or C1/D2 Version)
3833 $
The 9502 Beginner Starter Kit is a comprehensive package designed for those new to terminal installation, available in both standard and C1/D2 certified versions. This essential kit includes a 9502 terminal, two Basic Fixed Mount Kits (P/N 3004066-0002), and two IDU Straps (P/N 3500617-0001), providing all the necessary components for a quick and efficient setup. With a focus on simplicity and user-friendliness, this starter kit is perfect for first-time users, offering a smooth and reliable experience in establishing connectivity through 9502 terminals. Choose the 9502 Beginner Starter Kit for a complete solution to kickstart your connectivity journey with ease and confidence.
Hughes 9502 BGAN M2M Terminal
1985 $
The Hughes 9502 BGAN M2M Terminal is a cutting-edge modem designed to provide reliable, high-speed data communication for various machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. This powerful device comes with a 10-meter RF antenna cable and a Class 2 external antenna (ODU) to ensure optimal signal strength and coverage. Engineered for durability and consistent performance, the Hughes 9502 is ideal for use in remote locations, such as monitoring, surveillance, and automation systems. Its rugged design and advanced features make it the perfect choice for seamless, secure connections across a wide range of industries and environments. Equip your business with the reliable connectivity of the Hughes 9502 BGAN M2M Terminal and enhance your communication capabilities.
Hughes 9502 Indoor Unit (IDU)
1293 $
Discover the power of reliable communication with the Hughes 9502 Indoor Unit (IDU). Designed for seamless integration with the Hughes 9502 BGAN M2M satellite terminal, this IDU ensures robust data connectivity in the most challenging environments. With an intuitive interface, compact design, and low power consumption, the Hughes 9502 IDU is perfect for various monitoring and control applications, from remote environmental monitoring to industrial SCADA systems. Enhance your communication capabilities while reducing costs and complexities with this essential component of the Hughes 9502 satellite terminal system. Trust the Hughes 9502 IDU for consistent, secure, and efficient connectivity.
Hughes 9502 Indoor Unit (IDU) C1/D2 Compliant
1724 $
The Hughes 9502 Indoor Unit (IDU) is a state-of-the-art device specifically designed for reliable and efficient satellite data communication. C1/D2 compliant and easy to install, it ensures seamless connectivity in industrial environments, including hazardous areas such as oil and gas facilities. Through its solid design, enhanced performance, and versatile features, the Hughes 9502 IDU provides a robust solution for businesses and organizations in need of a dependable satellite communication system. Enhance your operations with the powerful Hughes 9502 IDU and experience the difference in quality and performance.
Hughes 9502 External Antenna Assembly
516 $
Enhance your satellite communication experience with the Hughes 9502 External Antenna Assembly. This high-quality antenna features an N-type connector and includes a 10-meter RF cable to ensure a strong, stable connection for your Hughes 9502 satellite terminal. Designed for superior performance and durability, this external antenna is perfect for various outdoor applications, remote locations, and challenging environments. Boost your signal strength and stay connected with the reliable Hughes 9502 External Antenna Assembly. Experience seamless communication like never before.
Hughes 9502 External Antenna
371.45 $
Upgrade your satellite communication with the Hughes 9502 External Antenna, specifically designed to elevate your connectivity experience with the Hughes 9502 Satellite Terminal. This high-performance, weather-resistant antenna boasts sturdy construction and enhanced signal reception in remote or obstructed locations. Easily installed and compatible with both fixed and mobile applications, it allows for flexible deployment tailored to your needs. With its improved strength and stability, this external antenna enhances your satellite network connection, providing seamless communication even within challenging environments. Make the most of your Hughes 9502 Satellite Terminal with this essential accessory.
Hughes 9502 IDU Strap
18 $
Secure and protect your Hughes 9502 Inmarsat BGAN terminal with the high-quality Hughes 9502 IDU Strap. Designed to fit snugly around the terminal, this durable strap is perfect for keeping your equipment safe from potential damage during transportation or storage. The adjustable design ensures a perfect fit and easy access to ports and buttons when needed. Made with sturdy materials, this strap is essential for those on-the-go satellite communications experiences, offering the ultimate protection for your valuable investment. Invest in a Hughes 9502 IDU Strap to maintain the lifespan of your terminal and ensure uninterrupted connectivity, regardless of the environment in which you operate.
Hughes 9502 10m RF Cable
147.6 $
The Hughes 9502 10m RF cable is a high-quality, reliable antenna cable designed to provide seamless connectivity for satellite communication devices. Specifically, this 10-meter cable is compatible with the Hughes 9502 BGAN terminal, which offers dependable and global data communication. The cable ensures optimal signal transmission, while its durable build minimizes potential signal loss, interference, or degradation. Constructed with high-grade materials, the Hughes 9502 10m RF cable is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and ensure long-lasting performance. Upgrade your communication setup with this robust and efficient cable to experience uninterrupted satellite connectivity.
Hughes 9502 Basic Fixed Mount Kit
125.46 $
Upgrade your satellite communication setup with the Hughes 9502 Basic Fixed Mount Kit-a sturdy and reliable solution to mount either your 9502 external antenna or the 9502-1 one-piece terminal. This kit ensures a secure and stable connection between your satellite equipment for optimal signal reception and transmission. Made from high-quality materials, it is designed to withstand the harsh conditions and environmental challenges, making it perfect for use in remote locations or demanding field applications. Equip your Hughes 9502 Satellite Terminal with this durable fixed mount kit and experience seamless, uninterrupted communication no matter where your adventures take you.
Extended Warranty - Additional 18 Months for Hughes 9211 HDR Land Portable Satellite Terminal
798 $
Enhance the protection of your Hughes 9211 HDR Land Portable Satellite Terminal with our extended warranty, offering an additional 18 months of coverage. This extended warranty ensures you continue to enjoy seamless connectivity and optimal performance of your satellite terminal well beyond the standard warranty period. With our comprehensive coverage, you'll have peace of mind knowing any potential issues or repairs will be swiftly handled by experienced technicians, keeping you connected when you need it most. Don't leave your communication needs to chance; upgrade your investment in the Hughes 9211 HDR with our reliable extended warranty today!