Lahoux LVS-14 Pro (FOM 1700)
3715.47 $
Discover an exceptional low-light vision experience with the Lahoux LVS-14 Pro (FOM 1700), perfect for hunting and outdoor adventures in challenging lighting conditions. This high-performance device is designed with advanced night vision technology, boasting a FOM (Figure of Merit) 1700 - offering superior image quality and clarity in extremely dark environments. Designed for professional and demanding users seeking an edge in their nighttime adventures, the Lahoux LVS-14 Pro is compact, durable and lightweight. Experience enhanced depth perception, a wider field of view, and unparalleled reliability as you navigate the great outdoors with this top-tier night vision device. Don't let darkness limit your outdoor experience - invest in the Lahoux LVS-14 Pro (FOM 1700) today!
Lahoux LVS-14 Elite (FOM 1800)
4971.05 $
Introducing the Lahoux LVS-14 Elite (FOM 1800), an outstanding choice for hunting enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers seeking enhanced vision in extreme low light situations. Designed to boost visual performance and accuracy at night, this powerful device utilizes state-of-the-art technology, ensuring you never miss a moment in the wilderness. Featuring a high-grade FOM 1800 image intensifier that delivers crystal clear images, the Lahoux LVS-14 Elite allows you to observe your surroundings with precision and ease. Experience the ultimate advantage in nighttime exploration with this superior, reliable, and durable night vision solution. Explore the great outdoors like never before with the Lahoux LVS-14 Elite (FOM 1800)!
Lahoux LVS-14 Elite+ (FOM 1900)
6700 $
Introducing the Lahoux LVS-14 Elite+ (FOM 1900), an exceptional device designed for avid hunters and outdoor enthusiasts seeking optimal performance during extreme low light conditions. This cutting-edge night vision monocular offers unparalleled clarity, exceptional image resolution, and superior-grade optics, making it the ultimate accessory for pursuing your passion during twilight hours. Equipped with a FOM 1900 Resolution Tube, the LVS-14 Elite+ delivers crystal-clear visuals, ensuring you never miss a moment. Transform your nocturnal adventures into unforgettable memories with the impeccable performance and premium quality of the Lahoux LVS-14 Elite+.
Lahoux LVS-7 Standard Night Vision Goggle
3410 $
Introducing the Lahoux LVS-7 Standard Night Vision Goggle - a reliable and lightweight night vision system designed to elevate your nocturnal operations. This robust goggle provides unmatched visibility in low light environments, ensuring you never miss a moment in the darkness. Developed using cutting-edge technology, the LVS-7 Standard Night Vision Goggle offers superior performance, comfort, and durability. With its compact and ergonomic design, it's a must-have piece of equipment for tactical missions, surveillance, wildlife observation, and navigation through the night. With the Lahoux LVS-7 Standard Night Vision Goggle, you can confidently conquer the darkness with crystal clear vision.
Lahoux LVS-7 Standard+ Night Vision Goggle
3461.99 $
Introducing the Lahoux LVS-7 Standard+ Night Vision Goggle, a highly reliable and advanced night vision device designed for optimal performance in low-light conditions. This cutting-edge system offers exceptional vision clarity, making it perfect for both professional and recreational users. The LVS-7's lightweight and robust construction ensures durability and comfort, while its user-friendly design allows easy operation even in the most demanding situations. Upgrade your nighttime capabilities with the Lahoux LVS-7 Standard+ Night Vision Goggle and experience the difference in quality and performance. Enhance your nocturnal adventures and stay ahead of the game with this remarkable night vision equipment.
Lahoux LVS-7 Standard++ Night Vision Goggle
5036.24 $
Introducing the Lahoux LVS-7 Standard++ Night Vision Goggle, a reliable and high-performance device designed to enhance your vision in low-light conditions. This lightweight and robust system ensures maximum durability and comfort during extended use. Equipped with advanced technology, it provides exceptionally clear and sharp images, allowing users to navigate effortlessly and safely in the darkest environments. Ideal for various applications, including security, surveillance, and outdoor adventures, the Lahoux LVS-7 Standard++ Night Vision Goggle is your ultimate companion for embracing the night with confidence and precision. Experience enhanced visibility like never before with this essential night vision system.
Lahoux Fixed Lens LH4X (4x, 100mm) for Lahoux LVS-14 and LVS-7
287.11 $
Upgrade your night vision experience with the Lahoux Fixed Lens LH4X (4x, 100 mm) - a premium optional lens specifically designed for Lahoux LVS-14 and LVS-7 devices. This high-performance lens enhances your viewing capabilities by offering a 4x magnification power, allowing you to see distant objects with remarkable clarity. Constructed with precision engineering, the 100mm lens is made for optimal light transmission and image resolution. With its superior performance and compatibility, the Lahoux Fixed Lens LH4X is a fantastic choice for those seeking to improve their night vision capabilities and elevate their Lahoux LVS-14 or LVS-7 device's performance.
Lahoux LH6X Fixed Lens (6x, 165mm) for Lahoux LVS-14 and LVS-7
429.67 $
Upgrade your Lahoux LVS-14 and LVS-7 night vision devices with the Lahoux Fixed Lens LH6X. This high-quality 6x magnification lens boasts a 165mm focal length, providing enhanced clarity and better visibility in low light conditions. The LH6X lens is designed specifically for seamless compatibility with Lahoux LVS-14 and LVS-7 devices, ensuring effortless attachment and improved performance. Enhance your night vision experience with this essential add-on, and don't miss any crucial details during your nighttime adventures. Invest in the Lahoux Fixed Lens LH6X and take advantage of its superior optics to get an edge in the darkness. Experience a night vision boost with this must-have, optional lens.
Lahoux LH10X Fixed Lens (10x, 250mm) for Lahoux LVS-14 and LVS-7
1663.25 $
Upgrade your Lahoux LVS-14 and LVS-7 devices with the addition of the Lahoux Fixed Lens LH10X (10x, 250 mm). This high-quality optional lens provides an impressive 10x magnification, enabling you to view objects and scenes in greater detail, making it ideal for various applications such as surveillance, wildlife observation, or hunting. The 250 mm focal length ensures that the images captured remain sharp and clear, even at long distances. Easy to attach and compatible with both Lahoux LVS-14 and LVS-7 devices, this fixed lens is a must-have accessory to enhance your night vision experience and maximize your device's performance.
Lahoux Flip-Up Helmet Mount
469.51 $
Introducing the Lahoux Flip-Up Helmet Mount, a military-grade, shroud-ready mounting solution designed to offer seamless integration with your tactical helmet. This high-quality hinged helmet mount provides optimum durability and versatility for hands-free operation of your night vision devices. With its easy-to-use flip-up mechanism, you can quickly switch between optimal visibility and stowed position. Compatible with a wide range of headgear shrouds, the Lahoux Flip-Up Helmet Mount is the ultimate accessory for enhanced situational awareness and convenience in tactical environments. Experience unparalleled functionality and convenience with the Lahoux Flip-Up Helmet Mount.
Lahoux Bino Elite 50 - Thermal, Laser Range Finding Observation Goggles
4390 $
Discover the unparalleled performance of Lahoux Bino Elite 50, a state-of-the-art thermal observation goggle equipped with laser range finding technology. These high-quality, long-range binoculars are expertly crafted for extended periods of observation, providing superior image quality and precision. With its advanced thermal imaging and laser range finding capabilities, the Lahoux Bino Elite 50 ensures enhanced visibility, accurate distance measurements, and seamless target acquisition in any lighting or weather conditions. Experience the ultimate combination of reliability, durability and cutting-edge innovation with the Lahoux Bino Elite 50 - perfect for wildlife observation, hunting, security, and surveillance applications.
Lahoux Spotter 35 LRF Thermographic Camera
2594.1 $
Introducing the Lahoux Spotter 35 LRF - a cutting-edge thermographic camera designed to be the perfect companion for the mobile user, whether you're out hunting, hiking, or exploring the great outdoors. This advanced thermal imaging device boasts a high-resolution display, long-range detection capabilities, and a built-in laser rangefinder for precise distance measurement. With its compact design and user-friendly interface, the Lahoux Spotter 35 LRF makes it easy to spot wildlife, track your target, and stay safe in the field. Experience enhanced situational awareness and reliable performance with this exceptional tool on your next adventure.
Lahoux Spotter Elite 25 LRF - Thermographic Camera
2406.78 $
Introducing the Lahoux Spotter Elite 25 LRF - a cutting-edge thermographic camera designed to elevate your outdoor experience, whether you're hunting or hiking. This compact and lightweight device comes with an integrated laser rangefinder for accurate distance measurements, ensuring that you can effortlessly spot and identify wildlife, objects, or people in various environmental conditions. Equipped with exceptional image quality and customizable settings, the Lahoux Spotter Elite 25 LRF offers you a clear and reliable view of your surroundings, even in complete darkness. Enhance your outdoor adventure with this impeccable thermographic camera - your perfect companion for the on-the-go mobile user!
Lahoux Spotter 25 LRF - Thermographic Camera
2036.51 $
Introducing the Lahoux Spotter 25 LRF, a cutting-edge thermographic camera designed to enhance your outdoor experience, whether you're hunting, hiking or exploring. This compact and lightweight device offers exceptional image quality, allowing you to accurately spot and identify thermal signatures in various environments. Equipped with an integrated laser rangefinder (LRF) and a rugged, weather-resistant design, the Lahoux Spotter 25 LRF guarantees precise distance measurements and reliable performance in any condition. Don't miss a moment with this user-friendly thermal imaging solution - the perfect companion for every outdoor enthusiast.
Lahoux Spotter T Thermographic Camera
1305 $
The Lahoux Spotter T is a sophisticated, handheld thermographic camera designed for a wide range of applications. This monocular-style thermal observation device offers high-quality imaging and detection even in complete darkness, fog, or smoke. With its durable and ergonomic design, it's perfect for hunters, security personnel, and wildlife enthusiasts who need a reliable way to monitor their surroundings at all times. It boasts an impressive viewing range and powerful zoom capabilities, ensuring you never miss a crucial moment. Lightweight and easy to use, this advanced thermal detection camera is an essential addition to your outdoor gear collection. Experience the unparalleled performance of the Lahoux Spotter T thermographic camera, and gain a new perspective on the world around you.
Lahoux Spotter Elite 50V - Thermographic Camera
2810 $
Introducing the Lahoux Spotter Elite 50V - a cutting-edge thermographic camera that promises maximum performance and unparalleled user comfort. Equipped with the latest thermal imaging technology, this device enables users to detect heat signatures from great distances with superior image quality and precision. Its advanced capabilities are complemented by a sleek and ergonomic design, providing optimal handling and ease of use for extended periods. Whether you are surveilling wildlife, scouting for rescue missions, or analyzing temperatures for maintenance tasks, the Lahoux Spotter Elite 50V is your reliable companion for capturing detailed thermal data in challenging environments. Experience the ultimate blend of performance and comfort with this innovative thermographic camera.
Lahoux Spotter Elite 35V - Thermographic Camera
2000 $
Introducing the Lahoux Spotter Elite 35V - a cutting-edge thermographic camera that takes thermal imaging technology to new heights. This advanced device allows you to see clearly in complete darkness, fog, smoke, or other challenging conditions, enhancing your vision like never before. The Spotter Elite 35V boasts a high-quality 384x288 resolution sensor and a 35mm lens, providing sharp, detailed images and an impressive detection range. Its ergonomic design and user-friendly interface ensure seamless operation, making it an ideal choice for various applications such as wildlife observation, search & rescue missions, security surveillance, or industrial inspections. Experience the future of thermal imaging with the Lahoux Spotter Elite 35V.
Lahoux Spotter 35 Thermographic Camera
1905 $
Introducing the Lahoux Spotter 35 - a high-performance thermographic camera specifically designed for avid hunters in forest and field environments. This exceptional thermal imaging camera offers unparalleled clarity and precision, ensuring that you never miss a moment during your hunting excursions. Equipped with advanced features such as a high-resolution sensor, intuitive user interface, and durable construction, the Lahoux Spotter 35 is the ideal companion for all your outdoor hunting adventures. Experience the difference a cutting-edge thermal imaging camera can make and elevate your hunting experience to new heights with the Lahoux Spotter 35.
Lahoux Spotter 25 Thermographic Camera
1630 $
Introducing the Lahoux Spotter 25 – the cutting-edge thermographic camera that elevates thermal imaging technology to exceptional heights. This high-performance, compact piece of equipment provides stunning image quality and reliable detection capabilities for professional and recreational activities alike. Boasting an impressive 25 Hz frame rate, it captures live thermal images, allowing users to observe and monitor wildlife, track security threats, or inspect technical installations with unparalleled precision. Its lightweight, ergonomic design and user-friendly controls make it the ideal companion for a diverse range of applications, bringing a new dimension of functionality and convenience to thermal imaging. Experience the innovation and quality that the Lahoux Spotter 25 has to offer.
Lahoux Spotter Pro V Thermographic Camera
1162.12 $
Introducing the Lahoux Spotter Pro V thermographic camera - your perfect companion for field and forest hunting adventures in complete darkness. This state-of-the-art thermographic camera provides exceptional image clarity and precise detection in low-visibility conditions. Equipped with advanced thermal imaging technology and high-resolution display, the Lahoux Spotter Pro V guarantees an impressive viewing experience during your nighttime hunting expeditions. Don't let darkness limit your success; enhance your hunting prowess with this essential piece of equipment. Get ready to experience unparalleled performance and dependability with the Lahoux Spotter Pro V thermographic camera.
Lahoux Clip 25 Thermographic Camera
1360 $
Introducing the versatile Lahoux Clip 25 - a thermographic camera designed for your convenience and enhanced viewing experience. This innovative device can be utilized as both a handheld thermal imaging tool and as a dual-use attachment to complement your existing optical devices. The camera boasts a high-performance detector to capture minute temperature differences, providing crisp images in various conditions. Equipped with essential functionalities, whether for surveillance, wildlife observation, or any thermography application, the Lahoux Clip 25 is your go-to gadget for exceptional thermal vision. Discover the potential of this multi-purpose thermal imaging solution and elevate your visual capabilities.
Lahoux Clip Elite 50V - Thermographic Camera
3875.17 $
Introducing the Lahoux Clip Elite 50V - a versatile thermographic camera designed for ultimate convenience and flexibility. This high-performing device can be effortlessly used as a handheld thermal imaging tool, or transformed into a dual-use attachment to enhance the functionality of your existing equipment. The Elite 50V offers outstanding image quality, enabling you to easily detect and observe objects in total darkness or challenging weather conditions. Its portability and adaptability make the Lahoux Clip Elite 50V an indispensable addition to your gear collection for various applications such as wildlife observation, security, and surveillance. Don't miss out on this multi-functional and compact thermal imaging solution!
Lahoux Clip 42 Thermographic Camera
2780.38 $
Introducing the Lahoux Clip 42 thermographic camera, designed to provide optimal versatility in various situations. This advanced camera can be conveniently used as a handheld device, perfect for quick inspections and observations, or effortlessly transformed into a dual-use attachment for accommodating compatible devices. The Lahoux Clip 42 offers high-resolution thermal imaging, allowing users to capture clear and detailed pictures even in low-light environments. Ideal for professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone seeking precise and reliable imaging, the Lahoux Clip 42 is a must-have addition to your gear collection. Experience the difference with this innovative thermographic camera, built for functionality and performance.
Lahoux Clip 35 - Thermographic Camera
1550 $
Introducing the Lahoux Clip 35 - a versatile thermographic camera designed for optimal performance and convenience. This advanced thermal imaging device can function as a handheld unit or easily attach to a variety of equipment, making it perfect for dual-use applications. Its high-quality thermal imaging capabilities enable users to navigate in complete darkness and efficiently detect heat signatures. The Lahoux Clip 35 is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, security personnel, and professionals in search-and-rescue operations who require reliable night vision assistance. Experience unparalleled thermal imaging versatility with the Lahoux Clip 35.