Lahoux Spotter S Thermographic Camera
510 $
Introducing the Lahoux Spotter S, a perfect thermographic camera for beginners and enthusiasts seeking exceptional performance and value. This compact and user-friendly device offers impressive thermal imaging capabilities, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, including wildlife observation, security, and search & rescue operations. The Lahoux Spotter S boasts advanced features such as high-quality sensors, ergonomic design, and robust construction, ensuring maximum durability and ease of use. Don't miss out on this versatile and powerful thermal camera that's reliable and ready for any situation. Discover the game-changing Lahoux Spotter S and elevate your vision today.
Lahoux Spotter Mini - Thermographic Camera
685 $
Introducing the Lahoux Spotter Mini, the ideal starting point for exploring the incredible world of thermal imaging technology. This compact, yet powerful thermographic camera allows you to effortlessly detect heat signatures in various conditions, making it a valuable tool for night-time hunting, wildlife observation, or security purposes. With its user-friendly interface, high-resolution image quality, and advanced features packaged in a lightweight and durable design, the Lahoux Spotter Mini promises a remarkable thermal imaging experience for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Don't miss out on unlocking the hidden potential of the thermal world with this exceptional device.
Lahoux Spotter NL 650 Thermographic Camera
3688.89 $
Introducing the Lahoux Spotter NL 650 — a high-quality, compact thermographic camera designed for effortless observation and monitoring in various conditions. This cutting-edge thermal imager offers exceptional image quality and enhanced detection capabilities, ensuring reliability and precision in all situations. It's the perfect tool for wildlife enthusiasts, security operations, and search-and-rescue missions. Don't miss a single detail with the Lahoux Spotter NL 650 at your side. Experience the ultimate in thermal imaging technology and elevate your observation experience to new heights.
Lahoux Spotter NL 625 Thermographic Camera
3332.65 $
Introducing the Lahoux Spotter NL 625 - a top-notch, compact thermographic camera designed for seamless observation and unmatched performance. This cutting-edge thermal imager offers unparalleled image clarity and detail for accurate spotting in various conditions. Whether you are using it for wildlife observation, search and rescue operations, or security applications, the Lahoux Spotter NL 625 provides you with consistent and reliable imaging. Get ready to elevate your observation experience with this lightweight, easy-to-use, and highly efficient thermographic camera. Don't miss out on this essential addition to your toolkit!
Lahoux Spotter NL 350 Thermographic Camera
2865 $
Introducing the Lahoux Spotter NL 350 - a superior, compact thermographic camera designed for seamless observation and precise imaging. This high-quality thermal imager boasts advanced heat-sensing technology, providing crystal-clear visuals even in challenging and low-light environments. The lightweight, durable build ensures easy maneuverability and sturdiness for long-lasting performance. Equipped with multiple viewing modes, adjustable brightness, and convenient focus, the Lahoux Spotter NL 350 is the ultimate tool to enhance your observation, wildlife watching, or security monitoring experience. Don't miss the opportunity to own this cutting-edge, user-friendly thermal imaging device!
Lahoux Spotter NL 325 - Thermographic Camera
2536.99 $
Introducing the Lahoux Spotter NL 325 - a high-quality, compact thermographic camera designed for precise observation and superior imaging performance. This advanced thermal imager captures detailed images in various environmental conditions, making it the perfect companion for wildlife enthusiasts, search and rescuers, or security professionals. Its ergonomic design ensures easy handling, and its durable build will withstand daily wear and tear. Experience unparalleled vision in low-light or obscured scenarios with this reliable and efficient Lahoux Spotter NL 325 thermographic camera.
Lahoux Sight 35 Thermographic Camera
2471.04 $
Introducing the Lahoux Sight 35 - a top-of-the-line thermographic camera that guarantees maximum sharpness and contrast while boasting an impressive detection range. With its outstanding image quality and resolution, the Sight 35 is perfect for various applications such as hunting, search and rescue operations, or wildlife observation. Designed for maximum performance and reliability, the Lahoux Sight 35 ensures that no detail is missed, allowing you to experience the world around you like never before. Don't miss out on this exceptional piece of technology - elevate your thermal imaging capabilities with the Lahoux Sight 35 today!
Lahoux Clip 50 Thermographic Camera
1650 $
Introducing the Lahoux Clip 50 - a versatile thermographic camera designed for ultimate convenience and functionality. This advanced thermal imaging device can be easily utilized as a handheld unit for quick surveillance, or effortlessly attached to another optical device for enhanced dual-use capabilities. The Lahoux Clip 50 boasts superior image quality, offering clear and accurate visual information even in challenging conditions. Its compact and lightweight design ensures seamless portability, making it the perfect companion for various applications, such as wildlife observation, security, and search and rescue operations. Experience the power of thermal imaging with the Lahoux Clip 50 - a dynamic, multi-purpose solution for all your vision needs.
Lahoux Spotter P - Thermographic Camera
1179.21 $
Introducing the Lahoux Spotter P thermographic camera - the perfect entry-level option for experiencing the exceptional capabilities of thermal imaging technology. This camera provides outstanding thermal detection while being compact and user-friendly. The Lahoux Spotter P utilizes state-of-the-art technology and boasts features such as ultra-sensitive sensors and high-quality image output, making it an invaluable tool for hunting, outdoor sports, and security applications. Experience a whole new world of visual possibilities with this cutting-edge thermographic camera that's both efficient and affordable. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of thermal imaging with the reliable and accessible Lahoux Spotter P.
Lahoux DigiClip Pro Camera
1665.18 $
Introducing the Lahoux DigiClip Pro Camera, a top-notch device that delivers outstanding imaging quality for your professional and recreational needs. This advanced camera is equipped with cutting-edge technology, enabling users to capture crisp and clear images even in low-light conditions. The DigiClip Pro ensures unparalleled performance, enhancing your outdoor experiences while offering exceptional durability. Don't miss your chance to take your photography and videography to new heights with the remarkable Lahoux DigiClip Pro Camera. Experience the excellence in imaging today!
Lahoux DigiClip Camera
1700 $
Introducing the Lahoux DigiClip camera - a remarkably compact and lightweight digital night vision attachment, considered to be one of the smallest and lightest in the world. This high-performance camera effortlessly enhances your visual experience in low light and nighttime conditions, making it an essential accessory for outdoor enthusiasts and professional users alike. With its easy-to-use design, the Lahoux DigiClip seamlessly attaches to various optical devices, providing clear, high-quality images even in the darkest settings. Don't let the darkness limit your vision; elevate your nighttime adventures with the advanced technology of the Lahoux DigiClip camera.
AGM PVS-14 NL1 Night Vision Monocular, Gen 2+ P43-Green Phosphor Level 1
3000 $
Introducing the AGM PVS-14 NL1i Night Vision Monocular - a robust, lightweight, and versatile Gen 2+ P43-Green Phosphor Level 1 device perfect for a wide range of nighttime applications. This military-grade monocular offers outstanding image quality and reliable performance, ensuring a clear and accurate view in low-light conditions. The compact design and durable construction make it an ideal choice for tactical operations, surveillance, wildlife observation, and more. With Unit Part 11P14122453011i, the AGM PVS-14 NL1i is an essential tool for anyone seeking to enhance their night vision capabilities. Experience the difference with this top-of-the-line monocular and never miss a moment in the dark.
AGM PVS-14 NL1 ECHO IIT - Night Vision Monocular, FOM 1800-2300, Auto-Gated Gen 2+ (ECHO), P43-Green Phosphor IIT
Introducing the AGM PVS-14 NL1I ECHO IIT Night Vision Monocular, a cutting-edge device with Gen 2+ Auto-Gated technology, providing exceptional clarity and performance during low-light conditions. This monocular features a green P43 phosphor IIT for enhanced image quality and is designed with manual gain control, allowing users to adjust image brightness to their preference. With an impressive FOM (Figure of Merit) range of 1800-2300, the PVS-14 delivers unparalleled night vision capabilities for tactical scenarios, outdoor enthusiasts, and nighttime explorers. Model number: 11P14122453011E. Upgrade your night vision experience and never miss a moment with the AGM PVS-14 NL1I ECHO IIT Monocular.
AGM PVS-14 APW - Night Vision Monocular, FOM 1800 Auto-Gated Gen 2+ (APW), P45-White Phosphor IIT
4440 $
Introducing the AGM PVS-14 NW Multi-Purpose HP Night Vision Monocular, a versatile and high-performance device designed for versatile usage in the most demanding of low-light conditions. Powered by the advanced Gen 2+ "Photonis Autogated" technology and featuring manual gain control for superior image clarity and adaptability, this night vision monocular sports a P45-White Phosphor Image Intensifier Tube (IIT) for enhanced contrast and improved target recognition. With a Figure of Merit (FOM) of 1800 Auto-Gated Gen 2+, the PVS-14 APW offers unparalleled performance in night-time navigation, surveillance, and reconnaissance applications. Bring your nighttime adventures to life with this cutting-edge night vision monocular by AGM. Unit Part Number: 11P14122454011E.
AGM PVS-7 NL1 - Night Vision Goggle, Gen 2+ Photonis P43 - Green Phosphor Level 1
3350 $
Introducing the AGM PVS-7 NL1 Night Vision Goggle, a cutting-edge Gen 2+ Photonis P43-Green Phosphor Level 1 device designed for unparalleled nighttime vision enhancement. With its ergonomic and durable construction, this top-of-the-line goggle ensures a comfortable wearing experience throughout extended use. The innovative Photonis P43-Green Phosphor technology provides crystal-clear, high-resolution image quality in low light conditions. The AGM PVS-7 NL1 is an excellent choice for professionals and enthusiasts seeking to elevate their nighttime observation capabilities. Discover the difference with Unit Part 12PV7122253011.
AGM PVS-7 NW1 - Night Vision Goggle, Gen 2+ Photonis P45-White Phosphor Level 1
3430 $
Introducing the AGM PVS-7 NW1 – a top-tier Gen 2+ Photonis P45-White Phosphor night vision goggle that promises unparalleled visibility during low-light conditions. The ergonomic design and durable construction make it a reliable companion during nighttime ventures. This state-of-the-art device is equipped with a Level 1 intensifier tube, ensuring the highest quality image and performance. Our unit part, 12PV7122254011i, is the perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and lasting resilience, making it ideal for professional or personal use. Experience exceptional night vision with the AGM PVS-7 NW1 and never be left in the dark.
AGM NVG-50 NL1 - Dual Tube Night Vision Goggle/Binocular, Gen 2+ P43-Green Phosphor Level 1
6000 $
Introducing the AGM NVG-50 NL1I, a state-of-the-art dual tube night vision goggle/binocular that provides crisp and clear imagery under the darkest of conditions. This advanced Gen 2+ device features superior P43-Green Phosphor technology, delivering exceptional contrast and clarity, especially at longer distances. With a Level 1 rating, the NVG-50 NL1I offers impressive performance and reliability for both casual users and professionals. Designed for optimal comfort and versatility, this dual-channel night vision system (Unit Part 14NV5122453011i) is perfect for everything from nighttime hunting and wildlife observation to tactical and security operations. Experience the difference of enhanced visibility with the AGM NVG-50 NL1I Dual Tube Night Vision Goggle/Binocular.
AGM NVG-50 NW1 - Dual Tube Night Vision Goggle/Binocular, Gen 2+ P45 White Phosphor Level 1
6150 $
Introducing the AGM NVG-50 NW1I - a cutting-edge Dual Tube Night Vision Goggle/Binocular with Gen 2+ P45-White Phosphor Level 1 technology. This high-performance dual-channel system (Unit Part 14NV5122454011i) offers unparalleled night vision capabilities, providing unparalleled clarity and detail during low-light conditions. The device features a robust and ergonomic design, offering comfortable wear for extended periods. Designed for both tactical and recreational use, this versatile night vision system delivers superior image resolution and enhanced performance for improved situational awareness. Experience the night like never before with the AGM NVG-50 NW1I - the ultimate solution for your low-light adventures and missions.
AGM NVG-50 NL1 ECHO IIT - Dual Tube Night Vision Goggle/Binocular, FOM 1800-2300, Auto-Gated Gen 2+, P43-Green Phosphor
Introducing the AGM NVG-50 NL1i ECHO IIT - a high-performance, dual-tube Night Vision Goggle/Binocular with a Generation 2+ P43 Green Phosphor image intensifier. Featuring FOM 1800-2300 auto-gated technology and manual gain control, these goggles provide an outstanding visual experience in low-light conditions. Each unit (Part 14NV5122453011E) is equipped with "Photonis Autogated" functionality for enhanced clarity and automatic brightness adjustment. The AGM NVG-50 NL1i ECHO IIT is ideal for tactical, surveillance, and navigation operations, offering users a reliable and efficient night vision solution. Experience the latest in night vision technology with these cutting-edge goggles.
AGM NVG-50 NW1 ECHO IIT - Dual Tube Night Vision Goggle/Binocular, FOM 1800-2300 Auto-Gated Gen 2+, P45-White Phosphor
Introducing the AGM NVG-50 NW1i ECHO IIT, a cutting-edge dual tube night vision goggle/binocular designed for optimal performance. Equipped with a high-performance Gen 2+ P45-white phosphor offering a wider field of view and manual gain control, these goggles provide crisp, clear images even in extremely low light conditions. The NVG-50 is powered by Auto-Gated Photonis ECHO technology, which enhances image resolution and ensures a longer-lasting device. With its unique dual tube design, the NVG-50 NW1i delivers exceptional clarity and depth perception for improved night-time visibility and navigation. Model part number: 14NV5122454011E. Invest in these advanced night vision goggles for unparalleled performance and reliability during your nighttime adventures.
AGM NVM-50 NW2 Night Vision Monocular
Introducing the AGM NVM-50 NW2 Night Vision Monocular, a powerful and versatile device to enhance your nighttime activities. Equipped with the Gen 2+ "White Phosphor" "Level 2" image intensifier tube, your vision is significantly improved under low light conditions. With a standard 1x magnification, the monocular also offers 3x and 5x optional add-ons for an adjustable viewing experience. The NVM-50 NW2 features a 19mm, F/1.26 lens system providing a broad 51° field of view, perfect for observing scenic landscapes or tracking moving targets. Order now using part number 11NV5122454021, and enjoy the enhanced nighttime exploration with the exceptional AGM NVM-50 NW2 Night Vision Monocular.
AGM Wolf-14 NW2 Night Vision Monocular
Introducing the AGM WOLF-14 NW2 Night Vision Monocular, a high-performance device designed to enhance your nighttime viewing experience. Equipped with a powerful Gen 2+ "White Phosphor Level 2" image intensifier tube, this monocular provides a crystal-clear image even in the darkest conditions. Its 27 mm, F/1.2 lens system offers a versatile 1x magnification, with options to upgrade to 3x or 5x for more detailed viewing. Enjoy a wide 40° field of view (FOV), ensuring you never miss a thing while exploring the night. With a durable build and advanced features, the AGM WOLF-14 NW2 Monocular (Unit Part 11W14122104021) will surely elevate your nighttime adventures. Experience the difference today!
AGM PVS14-51 NW night vision monocular
Introducing the AGM PVS14-51 NW Night Vision Monocular, a reliable and compact device for any night-time adventures and tasks. Featuring a Gen 2 "White Phosphor Level 1" Image Intensifier Tube, it delivers a sharp and clear image for effortless viewing. With a 1x magnification and a 19mm F/1.26 lens system, this monocular ensures a wide 51° field of view for enhanced situational awareness. Built for durability and convenience, the AGM PVS14-51 NW is perfect for both professional and recreational use. Discover the difference with the unit part 11P15122454011 and experience a new level of night vision performance.
AGM PVS-14 3AL3 Night Vision Monocular
Introducing the AGM PVS-14 3AL3 night vision monocular, designed with a superior image intensifier tube that features Gen 3 Auto-Gated "Level 3" technology for enhanced visibility in low light conditions. Offering 1x magnification as standard, with optional 3x and 5x magnification for added versatility. The lens system boasts a 26mm, F/1.2 aperture for optimal light capture, and a 40° field of view for a broad perspective. The AGM PVS-14 3AL3 is a perfect companion for night-time excursions and reconnaissance, providing a clear, reliable viewing experience. Get your hands on this advanced night vision monocular with unit part 11P14123483131.