Thrane IP Handset incl. Cradle, Wireless
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Thrane IP Handset Including Cradle, Wireless

Experience seamless communication with the Thrane IP Handset, featuring a wireless design for optimum mobility and convenience. This versatile handset comes complete with a cradle for secure storage and easy charging, ensuring your device remains fully powered for those essential calls. Designed to provide robust functionality and ease-of-use, the Thrane IP Handset is perfect for both on-the-go professionals and home users. Its compatibility with various IP systems allows for effortless integration into your existing communication setup. Make crystal clear calls and stay connected wherever you are with the Thrane IP Handset with Cradle, Wireless.

1674 $ net price (non-EU countries)

Karol Łoś
Product Manager
English / Polski
[email protected]


Thrane IP Handset incl. Cradle, Wireless

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