Iridium 9575-GSA Portable Satellite Telephone
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Iridium 9575-GSA (US Version)

The Iridium 9575-GSA (US Version) is a highly robust satellite phone designed for military professionals who require reliable communication in diverse and adverse conditions. Equipped with a General Services Administration (GSA) certificate, this model ensures secure and dependable connectivity, facilitating mission-critical communication with global coverage. The Iridium 9575 Extreme ensures the highest level of durability, with its military-grade ruggedness, GPS tracking capabilities, and an integrated SOS button for emergency situations. With enhanced voice quality and customizable services, the Iridium 9575-GSA is the ideal solution for military personnel operating in challenging environments around the world.

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1990 $ net price (non-EU countries)

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c/w AC Travel Charger and International Plug, Rechargeable LI-Ion Battery, Data CD, Adapter 9575 Power USB Adapter 9575 Antenna Power USB, Portable Auxiliary Antenna, Auto Accessory Adapter, Leather Holster, USB to Mini USB Cable, Hands Free Headset, Quick Start Guide and User Guide.

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