List of products by brand Iridium Satellite LLC

0.5 Meter N Type Female to TNC Male RG223 Coaxial Cable
54 $
Upgrade your connectivity with this 0.5 Meter tail N Type Female to TNC Male RG223 cable, designed specifically for connecting N Type to TNC radios, amplifiers, and various devices. Boasting exceptional durability, the cable is fire retardant and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and weather conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. Experience high-performance and interference protection with the cable's low-loss RG223 foam dielectric and double shielding. Choose this reliable and efficient cable to ensure top-quality connections for your devices in various settings.
1/2in Cellflex N-Type Plug to N-Type Plug 19 Meters suitable for the AD512
321.6 $
The 1/2in Cellflex N-Type Plug to N-Type Plug 19 Metres is specifically designed to be compatible with the AD512 product, ensuring a seamless connection and superior signal transmission. Crafted with low loss foam dielectric, this high-quality cable minimizes signal loss while offering lightweight flexibility. Measuring 196.9 cm in length, the plug features a precision machined, seamless nickel plated brass body for enhanced durability. For additional protection against the elements, this N-Type plug is waterproof and resistant to UV, ozone, and moisture, making it suitable for various environments. Experience reliable performance and excellent signal quality with this Cellflex cable.
1000 Minutes for Iridium GO! - Validity 365 Days
900 $
Stay connected with the Iridium GO! 1000 minutes package, offering a full year of uninterrupted communication with a validity of 365 days. Designed for the Iridium GO! Satellite Wi-Fi hotspot, this plan allows you to seamlessly make voice calls, send text messages, access the internet, and track your location from any corner of the globe. Perfect for travelers, adventure-seekers, and remote professionals, the Iridium GO! 1000 minutes package keeps you connected when it matters most. Experience unparalleled communication and peace of mind even in the most challenging environments with this comprehensive, reliable plan.
10m Ethernet Cable, ADE to BDE for use with Iridium Pilot Land Station
158.4 $
Upgrade your Iridium Pilot LandStation experience with this 10M Ethernet Cable, specifically designed for seamless ADE to BDE device connections. Boasting up to 10 Mbps of bandwidth support, this cable ensures consistent and reliable data transmission for optimal performance. The Plug & Play functionality of this Ethernet cable eliminates the need for complex installation, making it a user-friendly choice. Crafted with durability in mind, the cable features corrosion resistant connectors, ensuring a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for maintaining a secure connection between your devices. Add this robust, high-quality 10M Ethernet Cable to your Iridium Pilot LandStation setup today!
120m Antenna Cable for use with AD511 N-N
2262 $
Upgrade your AD511 Network-Network connection with this 120-meter Antenna Cable, specifically engineered for compatibility and optimal performance. Constructed using high-quality materials, this cable offers exceptional durability and longevity, ensuring a secure and reliable connection for an enhanced communication experience. Moreover, this antenna cable supports high-definition audio and visual signals, delivering crystal clear transmission quality. Enhance the functionality of your AD511 N-N device by investing in this premium-grade Antenna Cable.
162m Antenna Cable for use with AD511 N-N
6360 $
Upgrade your antenna system with the 162m Antenna Cable, designed specifically for use with the AD511 N-N antenna. This high-quality cable ensures optimal signal transmission over long distances, reducing signal loss and maintaining excellent data integrity. Its weather-resistant and flexible design allows for reliable performance in outdoor settings, making it a suitable choice for various projects and environments. Experience enhanced data transmission and seamless connectivity by incorporating the 162m Antenna Cable with your compatible AD511 N-N antenna setup.
20M Ethernet Cable, ADE to BDE for use with Iridium Pilot Maritime
216 $
Upgrade your Iridium Pilot Maritime system with this 20M ADE to BDE Ethernet Cable, designed specifically for optimal performance and reliability. This high-quality cable features gold-plated connectors to ensure stable signal transmission and prevent data loss. Manufactured with ultra-durable materials, it is built to withstand the harsh marine environment and provide an extended lifespan. With seamless compatibility, connecting your Iridium Pilot Maritime product to Ethernet ports has never been easier. Experience fast and dependable data transfer with this robust and reliable 20M Ethernet cable, an essential accessory for any Iridium Pilot Maritime user.
27m Antenna Cable for Use with AD511 N-N
168 $
Enhance your AD511 N-N setup with this high-quality 27m Antenna Cable, designed specifically for optimal signal reception and excellent durability. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting use, providing you with a reliable solution for your cable needs. The simple plug-and-play installation allows for seamless integration with your existing system, making it a hassle-free addition. This versatile cable is ideal for connecting a range of devices, including computers, satellite receivers, and multimedia equipment, delivering superior sound and video quality for an improved audiovisual experience. Invest in this 27m Antenna Cable for exceptional performance and reliability.
30M Ethernet Cable, ADE to BDE for use with Iridium Pilot Land Station
273.6 $
Upgrade your Iridium Pilot LandStation with this premium 30M Ethernet Cable, featuring ADE to BDE connectors. Specifically engineered to support high-speed Ethernet connections, this cable supports speeds of up to 10/100/1000 Mbps, ensuring seamless data transmissions and efficient performance. Crafted from durable and robust materials, this cable guarantees superior performance for your LandStation, allowing quick and secure data transmission. Ideal for use in various applications, this 30M Ethernet cable enhances your Iridium Pilot LandStation's capabilities, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted communication.
40m Antenna Cable for use with AD511 N-N
234 $
Upgrade your AD511 N-N device with this high-quality 40-meter antenna cable, specifically designed to enhance its performance. Boasting a sturdy and durable construction, this cable ensures a secure connection, allowing you to fully experience all the features that your AD511 device has to offer. With its low signal loss, you can count on consistent, reliable performance even over long distances. Invest in this antenna cable for a superior connection and long-lasting reliability with your AD511 N-N system.
5 m M12-8 Socket to 9-Way D-Type Socket
126 $
The 5 Mtr M12-8 Socket to 9 Way D Type Socket offers an exceptional connectivity solution for various applications. Its robust construction and well-designed connection ensure long-lasting durability, making it a reliable choice for your setup. This versatile product can adapt to a broad range of scenarios, meeting diverse requirements. Furthermore, its compact and lightweight design makes it convenient to store and transport. Upgrade your connectivity options with this high-quality product, designed specifically to enhance performance and reliability. Don't miss out on this essential addition to your store!
50M Ethernet Cable, ADE to BDE for Use with Iridium Pilot Maritime
360 $
The 50M ADE to BDE Ethernet Cable is specifically designed to enhance and support the Iridium Pilot Maritime system by offering a reliable, long-distance network connection. This high-performance cable ensures smooth and consistent data transmissions at speeds up to 10 Gbps, making it ideal for communication between ships and providing essential online services while at sea. Its easy-to-install design and durable construction make this cable an excellent choice for those looking to optimize their Iridium Pilot Maritime experience. Invest in the success and efficiency of your maritime communication system with this top-quality, dependable Ethernet cable.
64m Antenna Cable for use with AD511 N-N
462 $
The 64m Antenna Cable is designed specifically for seamless compatibility with AD511 N-N products. Its robust and durable construction ensures long-lasting use while delivering top-notch performance for your network connections. With this high-quality cable, you can effortlessly connect your network devices up to 64 meters apart while maintaining reliable and stable connections. Experience a hassle-free solution to meet your networking needs with this versatile and dependable antenna cable.
80m Antenna Cable for Use with AD511 N-N
774 $
The 80m Antenna Cable is specifically designed for compatibility with the AD511 N-N antenna, ensuring a seamless and secure connection between two N-type connectors. This high-quality cable guarantees reliable signal transmission for your antenna system. With exceptional tensile strength and an ultra-flexible design, this cable is an excellent choice for providing robust and enduring cable solutions in various settings. Invest in this durable antenna cable to enhance the performance of your AD511 N-N antenna and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity.
9555SD - SatDOCK Cradle for Iridium 9555 Hands-Free Kit - WHILE STOCKS LAST
926.79 $
Experience seamless communication with the SatDOCK 9555SD Iridium 9555 Hands Free Kit, designed to offer hands-free accessibility while securely cradling your phone. With a limited supply, don't miss this chance to improve your on-the-go connectivity. The kit boasts easy installation, exceptional audio quality, and enhanced clarity during calls. Make the most of your conversations and multitask effectively with the SatDOCK 9555SD Iridium 9555 Hands Free Kit. Get your hands on this reliable docking solution today!
AC/DC Converter - Iridium 9500/9505 with DC Charger
136.8 $
The AC/DC Converter for Iridium 9500/9505, complete with a DC Charger, is the ideal solution for those requiring portable satellite communication while on the move. The included DC Charger enables fast and convenient charging of the Iridium 9500/9505 from virtually any AC outlet, ensuring you never lose connection regardless of your location. Stay connected and powered up with this essential accessory for your Iridium 9500/9505 satellite phone.
Accessories for SS9500, SS9505, and 9505A Portable Phones - Auxiliary Antenna Adapter
54 $
Enhance your SS9500, SS9505, and 9505A Portable Phones' performance with this essential Auxiliary Antenna Adapter. Designed to boost signal strength and ensure reliable data transmission and audio quality, this accessory is perfect for use in weak signal areas. Simply connect an auxiliary antenna (sold separately) to your handset to extend signal reach and maximize your portable phone's functionality. Don't let poor signal interfere with important calls and data transfer-equip your phone with this high-quality Auxiliary Antenna Adapter for a seamless communication experience.
AD511 Mk2 Iridium Active Antenna
1198.8 $
Experience exceptional reception and performance with the AD511 Mk 2 Iridium Active Antenna, tailored for use in various Iridium and maritime satellite communications applications. Constructed with lightweight yet sturdy aluminum, this antenna is built to endure the harsh conditions of marine environments. It offers high-performance reception coupled with minimal noise levels, ensuring optimal and reliable connectivity. Enhance your satellite communication experience with this premier antenna from .
AD512 Iridium Filtered Passive Antenna N-Type with Mount Bracket and U-Bolts
900 $
The AD512 Iridium Filtered Passive Antenna N-Type is a high-performance solution designed for optimal communication connectivity. Offering maximum RF filtering and shielding, this antenna ensures interference-free transmission for your devices. Its durable and robust construction allows it to withstand harsh environmental conditions, providing reliable and long-lasting performance. With ease of installation in mind, this antenna package includes a sturdy mount bracket and u-bolts, allowing for secure mounting in any location. Enhance your communication systems with this top-notch Iridium filtered passive antenna, which efficiently delivers the best possible connection in any situation.
Adapter: N-Type Female to TNC Type Male
30 $
Upgrade your connectivity options with our high-quality N-Type Female to TNC-Type Male Adapter. This essential accessory is expertly designed to convert an N-Type Female connector into a TNC-Type Male connector, enabling seamless connections between electronic devices with different formats. The secure connection this adapter provides ensures that your devices function optimally without any signal loss or interference. Whether you're working with antenna systems, Wi-Fi equipment, communication applications, or any other devices requiring these specific connectors, this N-Type Female to TNC-Type Male Adapter is the reliable link you need for a smooth and efficient connection. Invest in this versatile adapter to experience hassle-free communication between your various devices.
Add (2x) 20m LMR600, IRI/GPS Passive Antenna, and Mounting Bracket - to ASE Iridium 9575 and 9575PTT Docking Stations
1775 $
Enhance your ASE Iridium 9575 and 9575PTT Docking Stations with this product bundle, featuring two high-quality 20m (65.6 ft) LMR-600 coaxial cables and an IRI/GPS Passive Antenna. The package also contains a durable mounting bracket, allowing for a secure and efficient installation of your Iridium communication system. With these components, you can ensure optimal performance, reliability, and signal strength for your satellite communications. Don't compromise on connectivity – choose this comprehensive package for the ultimate Iridium docking solution.
Add (2x) 40m RG213, Iridium Active Antenna Kit, GPS Antenna, and Mounts - for ASE Iridium 9575 and 9575PTT Docking Stations
4140 $
Upgrade your ASE Iridium 9575 and 9575PTT Docking Stations with this IRI Active Antenna Kit, ensuring a reliable connection and optimal signal strength. Featuring two high-quality 40m RG213 cables, a precise GPS antenna, and sturdy mounts, this kit provides everything you need to enhance your satellite communication experience. Experience improved signal strength and reduced signal loss with this comprehensive antenna kit, specifically designed to pair seamlessly with your docking station for exceptional performance.
Add (2x) 70m LMR400, IRI Active Antenna Kit, GPS Antenna and Mounts - to ASE Iridium 9575 and 9575PTT Docking Stations
4200 $
Upgrade your ASE Iridium 9575 and 9575PTT Docking Stations with this comprehensive package that includes two 70m LMR400 cables, an IRI active antenna kit, a GPS antenna, and mounting hardware. Designed for optimal data transmission and secure data networking, these high-quality components allow for fast and reliable performance. With the included mounts, installation is quick and hassle-free. Enhance your connectivity and communication experience with this all-in-one solution.
Add 12m LMR400, Passive Antenna, and Mounting Bracket - for Iridium Fixed Site Terminals or Iridium 9555/9505A Docking Station
465 $
Enhance your Iridium Fixed Site Terminals or IRIDIUM 9555, 9505A DOCKING STATION with this comprehensive kit that includes a 12m LMR400 antenna cable, Passive Antenna, and Mounting Bracket. The high-quality LMR400 cable ensures exceptional performance and supports longer distances compared to other cables. A sturdy mounting bracket is supplied for a secure and stable installation, along with weatherproofing for added durability. Upgrade your setup with this kit and enjoy improved reception and increased signal strength for your Iridium communication devices.