Thuraya - XT Handset - Dual
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Thuraya XT Dual

Discover unmatched communication capabilities with the Thuraya XT Dual Satellite Phone and Handset. This powerful device offers users reliable connectivity in even the most remote locations, thanks to its seamless integration of GSM and satellite networks. The XT Dual is designed to withstand harsh environments, featuring a rugged build that meets the highest durability standards. With advanced features like GPS tracking, SOS button, and convenient dual standby mode, you can stay connected and safe wherever your adventures take you. Experience crystal clear voice calls, uninterrupted data services, and exceptional durability with the Thuraya XT Dual, your ultimate companion for staying in touch on-the-go.
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Olesia Ushakova
Product Manager
Українська / Polski
Telegram +48695005004
[email protected]

Karol Łoś
Product Manager
English / Polski
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The Thuraya XT-DUAL is a combination of a GSM and satellite phone that comes with splash water and dust protection and is shock proof.
The dual mode capability is designed for those who travel the world and need a network connection wherever they go.
It conveniently uses either a GSM or a Thuraya satellite network and cleverly shifts between them upon availability.
Designed for people who travel in and out of GSM reach, the XT-DUAL holds the solution to the necessity of carrying multiple phones and SIM cards when constantly on the move.
It operates efficiently whether it is connected to a GSM network or to Thuraya's powerful satellite network, and is capable of altering between them to adapt to the needs of frequent travelers.
Thuraya's satellite network is renowned for being the most power ful satellite network that covers more than 140 countries or 2/3 of the globe.
Built to exceed expectat ions and raise the standards, the Thuraya XT-DUAL has a built-in web browser for internet surfing directly on the phone. Thuraya XT-DUAL offers the fastest data speeds on any satellite enabled phone. 
In addition, the Thuraya XT-DUAL can be connected to a PC or Laptop which can then be used to browse the web and send/receive e-mails.

Size 139 x 53 x 27 mm (h x w x d)
Weight 211 g
- Satellite
- GSM tri-band (900/1800/1900 MHz)
Display 2" / 262K outdoor colour display with brightness sensor
GmPRS Down/Up Speed 60/15 kbps
Fax and Data 9.6 kbps (Circuit Switched)
Battery talk time 
In SAT mode: up to 6h
In GSM mode: up to 11h
Battery standby time 
In SAT mode: up to 60h
In GSM mode: up to 160h
Internal: 320 MB 
External: 2 GB Micro SD included 
PC compatibility Windows 7/Vista/XP 
External Interfaces Data Cable (UDC) with USB connector, Ear Jack, DC Power
Languages English, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, German, Italian, Turkish 

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