List of products by brand Thuraya

1-Year Extended Warranty for Thuraya Phone
108 $
Secure your Thuraya Phone with the 1-Year Extended Warranty, offering comprehensive coverage against electrical and mechanical breakdowns. This warranty goes beyond the manufacturer's standard protections, ensuring you can rely on your device when you need it most. Experience peace of mind knowing your Thuraya phone is fully covered and receive prompt assistance in case of any issues. Invest in the long-lasting performance of your device with this essential extended warranty.
FDU-XT PLUS with Maritime Antenna for ST-PRO DUAL
1512 $
The FDU-XT PLUS with Maritime Antenna for ST-PRO DUAL offers exceptional performance for your professional dual-antenna system, ensuring superior connectivity and communication in marine environments. This premium-grade device features an integrated maritime antenna, specifically designed to enhance reception and transmission abilities in order to provide reliable long-range ship-to-shore communication. With its unified form factor, the FDU-XT PLUS is easy to install, making it an ideal choice for staying connected wherever your maritime adventures may take you.
SAT-DOCKER Vehicle Docking Adapter for Thuraya XT, XT Lite & XT Pro c/w Southern Antenna
516 $
Enhance your vehicle communication experience with the SAT-DOCKER Vehicle Docking Adapter, designed specifically for Thuraya XT, XT Lite, and XT Pro phones. This reliable and cost-effective solution provides a strong and secure connection to your mobile device while on-the-go. The adapter is easy to install, requiring no additional tools or technical expertise. With its waterproof construction, you can trust it to withstand all weather conditions, ensuring uninterrupted communication in any environment. The included Southern Antenna further amplifies the connection, making the SAT-DOCKER Vehicle Docking Adapter indispensable for both personal and professional use in vehicles.
SAT-DOCKER Vehicle Docking Adapter for Thuraya XT, XT Lite, and XT Pro with Northern Antenna
516 $
The SAT-DOCKER vehicle docking adapter, compatible with Thuraya XT, XT Lite & XT Pro satellites, ensures you stay connected while on the move. Designed for maximum signal strength, this lightweight and compact adapter boasts superior weatherproof construction, making it perfect for harsh outdoor environments. It comes with a northern antenna, which guarantees optimal performance. Don't lose touch with the world around you – secure reliable, uninterrupted connectivity with the SAT-DOCKER vehicle docking adapter today.
SAT-FDU Fixed Docking Unit for Thuraya XT, XT Dual & XT Pro with FDU-XT Main Unit
1050 $
Enhance your Thuraya mobile satellite phone experience with the SAT-FDU Fixed Docking Unit, specially designed for Thuraya XT, XT Dual, and XT Pro models. This unit ensures your phone is securely locked in place, providing fast and efficient communication with the Thuraya network. Ideal for users who want to stay connected to the satellite system wherever they are, the SAT-FDU Fixed Docking Unit is an essential accessory for maximizing the performance and reliability of your Thuraya satellite phone. Don't miss out on securing this useful addition to your communication setup.
SAT-VDA Hands-Free Vehicle Kit for Thuraya XT, XT Pro with Northern Antenna
828 $
Experience seamless hands-free communication with the SAT-VDA Vehicle Kit, designed specifically for the Thuraya XT and XT Pro satellite phones. This convenient kit comes complete with a Northern Antenna, enabling consistent coverage even in remote areas. With a vehicle power cable and cradle included, easily mount your phone and enjoy effortless call pick-ups while driving. Choose the SAT-VDA Vehicle Kit for safe, reliable, and hassle-free communications on the go.
SAT-VDA Hands-Free Vehicle Kit for Thuraya XT, XT-Pro with Southern Antenna
828 $
The SAT-VDA Hands Free Vehicle Kit, compatible with both Thuraya XT and XT Pro satellite phones, is an ideal accessory for users on the go. Equipped with a handset holder, ground plane antenna, power cable, and all essential connection components, this kit offers a convenient and seamless hands-free solution for your Thuraya device. Perfect for both long distance travels and daily commutes, the SAT-VDA ensures you stay connected effortlessly, all while keeping your hands free for safer driving. Enhance your communication experience with the SAT-VDA Hands Free Vehicle Kit and its robust Southern Antenna.
SatSleeve Adapter for iPhone 4/4s (with Charging Connector)
96 $
Upgrade your iPhone 4/4s experience with the SatSleeve adapter, a state-of-the-art connection solution that enables satellite mode usage while simultaneously charging your device. With its reliable and high-speed satellite connection, paired with a secure encryption system, this adapter ensures dependable and protected communication at all times. Stay connected and never miss a call, regardless of your location, with the SatSleeve adapter for iPhone 4/4s on hand.
SatSleeve Adapter for iPhone 5/5s (with Charging Connector)
96 $
Stay connected anywhere in the world with the SatSleeve adapter for iPhone 5/5s, featuring an integrated charging connector for uninterrupted communication. Designed to link your device to the Iridium satellite network, this adapter enables secure and reliable mobile connectivity across the globe. The SatSleeve ensures your iPhone remains charged and ready for use, making it the perfect accessory for travelers, explorers, and remote workers who prioritize staying connected.
SatSleeve Adapter for iPhone 6/6s (without Charging Connector)
66 $
Discover seamless connectivity with the SatSleeve Adapter for iPhone 6/6s/w (without charging connector), designed to help you stay in touch wherever you are. Simply connect this adapter to your iPhone and gain access to satellite services for voice calls and SMS even in remote locations without cellular coverage. Experience easy, dependable communication while you're on the go with the SatSleeve Adapter.
SatSleeve Adapter for Samsung Galaxy S3 (without charging connector)
66 $
Discover the convenience of transforming your Samsung Galaxy S3 into a satellite phone with the SatSleeve Adapter (without charging connector). This innovative gadget seamlessly connects your smartphone to the Iridium satellite network, ensuring optimal connectivity and coverage even in the most remote locations. Keep in touch with loved ones, colleagues, and emergency services through your Samsung Galaxy S3, surpassing the limits of traditional satellite phones. Embrace the power of staying connected with the SatSleeve Adapter wherever your adventures may take you.
SatSleeve Adapter for Samsung Galaxy S4 (without Charging Connector)
66 $
Upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S4 experience with this SatSleeve adapter (excludes a charging connector), designed to provide seamless connectivity and uninterrupted power on the move. This compact accessory effortlessly slips into your pocket while offering a quick and easy connection to your smartphone. Relish the convenience and flexibility of cable-free charging while you're out and about with this versatile SatSleeve adapter.
SatSleeve Adapter for Samsung Galaxy S5 (without Charging Connector)
66 $
Transform your Samsung Galaxy S5 into a satellite smartphone with the SatSleeve Adapter (w/o charging connector). This innovative accessory enables seamless connectivity, allowing you to stay connected even in the most remote locations. Enjoy your favorite music, apps, and more without the need for a charging cable, as this adapter boasts enhanced battery life and superior sound quality. Featuring a 3.5mm jack audio port, the SatSleeve Adapter offers you limitless freedom to enjoy all your favorite activities with ease. Simply connect your S5 to the SatSleeve and embark on your next adventure without compromising on connectivity or convenience.
Thuraya APSI Vehicle Docking Kit for XT, XT-PRO, XT-PRO DUAL
460.79 $
The Thuraya APSI Vehicle Docking Kit for XT, XT-PRO, and XT-PRO DUAL is designed to provide a secure and convenient solution for keeping your device powered and accessible while on the go. This kit is perfect for anyone who needs to remain connected to family, friends, or business associates during their travels. It features a user-friendly mount and a car charger, ensuring your device is always charged and ready for use. The docking kit is compatible with Thuraya XT, XT-PRO, and XT-PRO DUAL satellite phones, making it a versatile and essential accessory for staying in touch, no matter where your journey takes you.
Thuraya Aquapac (XT-PRO DUAL, XT-PRO, XT-LITE, XT, SatSleeve)
66 $
Experience unbeatable outdoor adventures with the Thuraya Aquapac! This top-notch waterproof case safeguards your phone from water and dust damage in any situation. Compatible with four distinct models – XT-PRO DUAL, XT-PRO, XT-LITE, XT, and SatSleeve – this reliable case keeps you connected, even in the most extreme environments. Enhance your phone's durability and functionality, and never miss a moment, whether on a rugged mountain hike or sailing on the open seas with the ever-reliable Thuraya Aquapac.
Thuraya Atlas IP
0 $
Enhance your maritime communication experience with the Thuraya Atlas IP. This high-quality satellite terminal brings you swift, secure, and seamless broadband connectivity on board. Designed to meet the needs of various maritime applications, including leisure, fishing, and commercial sectors, Atlas IP offers reliable voice and data services. It ensures constant communication, optimized bandwidth usage, and cost-effective connectivity. Its additional features include tracking capabilities, firewall customization, and remote management - all in a compact and lightweight design. Choose Thuraya Atlas IP for unparalleled maritime communication solutions.
Thuraya Battery Dummy XT (for Permanent Handset Charging)
72 $
Ensure your Thuraya XT handset is always charged and ready for use with the Thuraya Battery Dummy XT! This high-quality accessory is designed for maximum compatibility, providing a reliable and efficient charging solution for your permanent handset. Whether you're traveling, working remotely, or exploring the great outdoors, this battery dummy ensures that your Thuraya XT remains powered up and connected, no matter where you are. Stay connected and prepared with the Thuraya Battery Dummy XT!
Thuraya Battery Dummy XT-PRO (for Permanent Handset Charging)
72 $
Keep your handset constantly powered with the Thuraya Battery Dummy XT-PRO, an optimum charging solution designed for remote locations. With its rugged build, longer-lasting power capacity, and up to two weeks of operation on a single charge, this compact and lightweight device is essential for maintaining convenience and accessibility. Guarantee your electronic devices are always charged and ready for use, no matter where you are, with the dependable Thuraya Battery Dummy XT-PRO.
Thuraya Battery Dummy XT-PRO DUAL (for Permanent Handset Charging)
72 $
Keep your handset always charged and ready to use with the Thuraya Battery dummy XT-PRO DUAL! This innovative product offers a permanent charging solution, ideal for individuals who require continuous power supply for their devices. Featuring dual voltage outputs and a LED indicator light, this dummy battery ensures your handset stays fully charged whether you're on the move or at home. Trust the Thuraya Battery dummy XT-PRO DUAL for a reliable and convenient power solution!
Thuraya Earphone XT, XT-LITE
25 $
Elevate your listening experience with the Thuraya Earphone XT and XT-LITE, designed for exceptional comfort and remarkable sound quality. The ergonomic earbuds ensure a secure and cozy fit, while the enhanced bass response delivers rich and powerful audio. Make crystal clear calls and enjoy seamless audio streaming, thanks to the improved microphone sensitivity. Discover the difference in audio quality and comfort with the Thuraya Earphone XT and XT-LITE, perfect for both communication and entertainment purposes.
Thuraya External Antenna for XT, XT-LITE, XT-PRO, XT-PRO DUAL, SatSleeve
230 $
Enhance your Thuraya device's performance with our easy-to-use, plug-and-play external antenna, designed specifically for XT, XT-LITE, XT-PRO, XT-PRO DUAL, and SatSleeve models. This antenna ensures faster internet access, crystal-clear voice calls, and a more secure connection, making it an essential accessory for frequent travelers or those in remote locations. Experience seamless communication and stay connected with the world, even when you're off the grid, thanks to Thuraya's external antenna.
Thuraya FDU-XT Fixed Docking Unit
1050 $
Experience seamless and dependable connectivity worldwide with the Thuraya FDU-XT Fixed Docking Unit. Boasting a sleek, lightweight design, this Satellite solution is ideal for all your mobile communication requirements. Equipped with GPS navigation and built to withstand tough conditions, the FDU-XT allows you to venture off-grid with assurance. Benefit from consistent coverage and swift installation with this robust and trustworthy fixed docking unit.
Thuraya Fixed Docking Unit FDU-XT PLUS
1236 $
The Thuraya Fixed Docking Unit FDU-XT PLUS is a robust and reliable solution for seamless satellite connectivity, designed specifically for fixed terminal installations. Offering high-speed data, voice, and fax services, this unit ensures you stay connected, even in remote locations. The durable aluminum chassis is built to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for providing reliable communications in outdoor settings. Stay connected, no matter where you are, with the Thuraya FDU-XT PLUS.
Thuraya Indoor Repeater Multi-Channel
3048 $
The Thuraya Indoor Repeater Multi Channel provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for extending Thuraya satellite network coverage to indoor environments where satellite signals may be weak or unavailable. These compact devices are perfect for use inside buildings, tunnels, or outdoor shadow zones that experience limited signal reception. By utilizing an Indoor Repeater, users can seamlessly maintain communication via Thuraya's network without worrying about losing connection in areas with poor satellite coverage. Experience unparalleled convenience and enhanced connectivity with the Thuraya Indoor Repeater Multi Channel.