Iridium TS2 Prepaid Airtime 300 000 units Voucher 5000 minutes - Validity 730 days
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Iridium TS2 Prepaid Airtime: 300,000 Units Voucher (5000 Minutes) - Validity: 730 Days

The Iridium TS2 Prepaid Airtime voucher offers 300,000 units of airtime, equivalent to 5,000 minutes of talk time, ensuring you stay connected during your travels or remote work. This voucher is ideal for Iridium satellite phone users and offers an extended validity of 730 days, so you can use your minutes over the course of two years. Iridium's extensive satellite network guarantees reliable coverage worldwide, including ocean regions and polar areas. With no activation fees or roaming charges, this prepaid airtime voucher provides efficient and cost-effective communication, giving you the confidence to stay in touch when it matters most.

4068 $ net price (non-EU countries)

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