Iridium Pre-Paid E-Voucher - 3000 mins ISU-PSTN - (Two Year Validity)
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Iridium Prepaid - 4000 Minutes - Two Year Validity

Discover the convenience and value of the Iridium PrePaid E-Voucher, featuring 4000 minutes of ISU-PSTN talk time with a two-year validity. This prepaid package offers you unparalleled access to Iridium's expansive global satellite network, ensuring reliable connectivity wherever your adventures take you. With no monthly fees or hidden charges, this e-voucher is a cost-effective solution for your communication needs, perfect for remote projects, extended travels, or simply staying connected with loved ones. Don't let connectivity concerns limit your ventures – indulge in the freedom and flexibility offered by this exceptional Iridium PrePaid package. Easy to use, this e-voucher will take your communication capabilities to new heights. So, gear up and stay connected with the impressive Iridium PrePaid E-Voucher – 4000 minutes with a two-year validity.
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3300 $ net price (non-EU countries)

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Product Manager
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Product Manager
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Iridium Pre-Paid E-Voucher - 4000 mins ISU-PSTN - (Two Year Validity)

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