Antenna Cable 50m for 407390A
954 $
Upgrade your communication setup with our high-quality 50m Antenna Cable designed specifically for use with the 407390A system. With this extended cable length, enjoy greater flexibility in positioning your antenna for optimal signal and performance. This premium cable package comes complete with N connectors (not mounted) for secure and reliable connections – both connectors are male/male, ensuring an exceptional fit with compatible devices. Made with durability and efficiency in mind, this antenna cable is a valuable addition to your wireless communication system, offering seamless integration with the 407390A model. Invest in superior signal transmission and expand your connectivity potential with this 50m Antenna Cable.
Pigtail Cable 1.25m, N-Conn, Female/Male
72 $
Upgrade your connectivity with the high-quality Pigtail Cable, measuring 1.25 meters in length and featuring the superior N-Connector, female/male configuration. This versatile cable plays an essential role in various applications, such as connecting antennas, wireless access points, and routers. Constructed with utmost precision, the cable ensures low signal loss and remarkable signal clarity, offering optimum performance and reliability. Its robust design makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, providing long-lasting efficiency and durability. Expand your wireless network or upgrade your existing cables with this Pigtail Cable to enhance signal strength, reduce interference, and enjoy seamless connectivity!