SAILOR PSA 350 Headend & Line Amplifier

SAILOR PSA 350EQ/ALC Headend AM-FM-TV Compact Amplifier
2154 $
Upgrade your entertainment system with the SAILOR PSA 350EQ/ALC Headend Compact Amplifier. This versatile device supports AM, FM, and TV signals with a broad frequency range of 0.1 - 890 MHz, ensuring clear and powerful audio and video experiences. Equipped with an integrated equalizer and Ch38 input, this high-quality amplifier allows you to seamlessly adjust audio levels and frequencies for optimal performance. Compact and easy to install, the SAILOR PSA 350EQ/ALC Headend Amplifier is the perfect solution to enhance your home entertainment, public spaces, or commercial settings. Don't settle for less when it comes to your audio-visual needs; choose the SAILOR PSA 350EQ/ALC Headend Compact Amplifier for a premium and reliable entertainment experience.
SAILOR PSA-350S/ALC Headend AM-FM-TV Compact Amplifier
2154 $
Discover the power of the SAILOR PSA 350S/ALC Headend AM-FM-TV Compact Amplifier, designed to strengthen and distribute broadcast signals throughout your network. With an impressive frequency range of 0.1–890 MHz, this versatile amplifier includes S-Band and Ch38 input for optimal connectivity. Its cutting-edge technology guarantees exceptional performance and reliability, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications. The compact design of this device ensures easy installation and manageable maintenance, leaving you free to focus on enjoying crystal-clear audio and visual content. Enhance your entertainment experience with the SAILOR PSA 350S/ALC Headend AM-FM-TV Compact Amplifier.
SAILOR PSA 350-2 FM-TV Distribution Line Amplifier
2274 $
The SAILOR PSA 350-2 Distribution Line Amplifier is designed to enhance the signal performance of your FM-TV systems. With a frequency range of 40 to 890 MHz, this powerful amplifier ensures top-quality audio and video for your entertainment needs. The addition of a return amplifier makes it perfect for bidirectional transmission setups or applications where the amplifier is used in reverse. Whether you're expanding the reach of your radio stations or improving television signal reception, the SAILOR PSA 350-2 provides a reliable solution for clear, amplified signals. Upgrade your distribution network today with this durable and efficient line amplifier.