LRIT Conformance Test in Relation to IMO Circ. 1307
330 $
The LRIT Conformance Test, as per IMO Circ. 1307 guidelines, is a critical requirement for maintaining compliance with international standards and maritime regulations. This test ensures the seamless communication and tracking of ships, enhancing safety and security at sea. To access detailed information and submit your test, simply follow the instructions provided on the Thrane & Thrane extranet under the LRIT section. Stay compliant and ensure the smooth functioning of your vessel's communication systems with this essential testing service.
Single Configuration for SAILOR Mini-C
168 $
Experience the convenience and reliability of the SAILOR mini-C, designed as a single configuration solution for all your maritime communication needs. This compact and robust device offers seamless integration with shipboard systems and ensures optimal performance on the Inmarsat-C satellite network. The SAILOR mini-C system provides a range of features, including safety, distress, and messaging services, as well as data reporting and vessel tracking. With its easy-to-use interface, durable construction, and compliance with international maritime standards, the SAILOR mini-C is the perfect choice for enhancing communication capabilities on board your vessel.
Multiple Message Configuration for SAILOR Mini-C
336 $
Experience seamless communication with the SAILOR mini-C, designed for multiple message configurations. This compact and robust device offers unparalleled convenience to maritime professionals or outdoor enthusiasts alike. It supports Inmarsat-C LES, enabling users to send and receive messages, data, and distress alerts in various formats. Not only does it provide global coverage and reliable connections, but also ensures safety through its distress calling feature. Meeting maritime compliance standards, this advanced yet user-friendly device is a must-have for all maritime communication needs. Invest in the SAILOR mini-C and stay connected no matter where your journey takes you.
Configuration or Firmware Query
90 $
Upgrade and streamline your device with the Query on Configuration or Firmware product. This powerful tool can help in optimizing and managing your device's firmware, ensuring a seamless user experience. By providing access to essential information such as device model, firmware version, and supported protocols, this product becomes a convenient and indispensable asset for IT professionals and network administrators. As technology constantly evolves, it is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest firmware and configuration options to maximize the performance and compatibility of your devices. Choose Query on Configuration or Firmware for an efficient and reliable solution to maintaining your devices' configurations and firmware.