Globalstar GSP-1600
Experience seamless communication with the Globalstar GSP-1600 Tri-Mode Satellite Handset. This versatile mobile device offers unparalleled connectivity, enabling users to make calls and send messages in satellite mode when terrestrial networks are unavailable. Designed for reliable performance in the harshest environments, the GSP-1600 offers an extended battery life, crystal clear voice quality, and a user-friendly interface. Its tri-mode functionality allows for dual operation on Globalstar's satellite network and GSM networks, ensuring constant communication whether you're in remote areas, at sea or off the grid. With the Globalstar GSP-1600, staying connected has never been easier!
Globalstar GSP-1700 Satellite Phone
The Globalstar GSP-1700 Handheld Satellite Phone is an essential communication tool for those who require reliable connectivity in remote areas. This compact device comes in Copper, Red, and Silver colors, allowing users to enjoy a sleek design while staying in touch with their loved ones, no matter where they are. This satellite phone provides crystal-clear voice quality, with minimal call drops or delays, ensuring seamless communication even in the most challenging environments. With a lightweight design, long battery life, and an illuminated, user-friendly keypad, the GSP-1700 is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, remote workers, and emergency response teams alike.
Beam Aero Patch Antenna
900 $
Experience enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity with the Beam Aero Patch Antenna by Prestashop. This high-gain antenna is meticulously crafted to provide maximum signal strength and superior wireless coverage for all your network requirements. Its user-friendly design allows for a hassle-free installation without the need for any external components or tools. Upgrade to the Beam Aero Patch Antenna and enjoy faster internet speeds, smoother connections, and an overall better network experience.
9555SDGHB - SatDOCK Cradle for 9555 Bundle
1505 $
Elevate your 9555 smartphone experience with the SatDOCK Cradle for 9555 Bundle! Designed to securely hold and charge your device, this cradle ensures easy access to both charging and data ports. The modern design not only offers optimum protection for your phone, but also adds a touch of sophistication to any desk or tabletop. Enhance your 9555 use by investing in this stylish and practical accessory – get your SatDOCK Cradle today!
9555SDGTB - SatDOCK Cradle for 9555 Tracking Bundle
1445 $
The SatDOCK Cradle for 9555 Tracking Bundle offers a secure and convenient docking solution for your 9555 Tracking Bundle. Designed to withstand daily use, this lightweight and robust cradle ensures your tracking bundle remains securely connected and charged. Its compatibility with the 9555 Tracking Bundle ensures seamless communication and data transfer. This modern and sleek cradle makes it easy to access and manage your tracking data without worry, providing you with consistent performance and reliability when you need it most. Experience the unmatched convenience and functionality that the SatDOCK Cradle has to offer and elevate your tracking experience.
9555SDGIHB - SatDock Cradle for Iridium 9555 Intelligent Handset Bundle
1651.28 $
Enhance your 9555 Intelligent Handset experience with the SatDock Cradle Bundle, designed to securely mount and protect your device from drops and damage. This high-quality cradle boasts a robust design and integrated charging capabilities, ensuring maximum functionality and convenience for your daily use. Invest in the SatDock Cradle Bundle and enjoy unparalleled performance, safety, and longevity for your 9555 Intelligent Handset.
9555SDHB - SatDOCK Cradle for 9555 Bundle - WHILE STOCKS LAST
1218.47 $
Get your hands on the 9555SDHB SatDOCK Cradle, a tailor-made docking solution for your 9555 Bundle. This sturdy cradle boasts a perfect fit for your device, offering optimal protection and secure positioning. Ideal for extended usage, the SatDOCK Cradle ensures your 9555 device remains functional and accessible throughout your satellite communication experience. Hurry and grab this fantastic offer as stocks are limited and won't last long! Don't miss your chance to snag this essential accessory for your 9555 Bundle.
RapidSAT 9555
1695 $
Discover the unparalleled functionality of the RapidSAT 9555, a superior professional satellite installation product designed to provide top-notch performance for both home and business use. Equipped with impressive features like one-touch and dual-tuner auto-sensing, blind search and auto-scan, power control and lock/unlock capabilities, as well as support for both analog and digital signals, this powerhouse tool makes satellite installation a breeze. The RapidSAT 9555 even comes with pre-configured settings for up to 1000 satellites and boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies the entire process. Trust the RapidSAT 9555 for a fast, efficient, and reliable satellite installation experience.
RapidSAT 9555 Bundle incl. Battery Backup
1858.28 $
The RapidSAT 9555 Bundle is a versatile solution for your connectivity needs, whether you're at home, in the office, or on the move. This package features a rechargeable battery backup, ensuring you always have power for your device, especially during power outages or when you're off the grid. Experience rapid and stable signal connections, allowing you to efficiently stream and download your preferred content without interruptions. Upgrade your HDTV experience with the reliable and high-quality performance of the RapidSAT 9555 Bundle. Don't let connectivity issues hold you back – invest in this adaptable and dependable solution.
RapidSAT 9522B
3055 $
Experience top-notch satellite television access with the RapidSAT 9522B. This fantastic device features an easy-to-install design with a built-in amplifier and low noise block converter, ensuring exceptional performance. Its compact form factor makes it an ideal choice for satellite TV users seeking to enhance their viewing experience without breaking the bank. Upgrade your satellite service now with the impressive RapidSAT 9522B.
RST970 - Intelligent Handset
385 $
Discover the seamless connectivity and convenience of the RST970 Intelligent Handset, designed to cater to all your communication needs. Boasting a long-lasting battery, this device ensures you stay connected without constant recharging. The swift and user-friendly interface on its large, high-quality display enables easy access to messages and notifications. Dual SIM slots and compatibility with the latest software updates make it a versatile choice for the busy modern lifestyle. Enhance your mobile experience with a range of available accessories, keeping you connected and efficient while on the move.
Portable Backup Battery for 9555RS and Other USB Devices Like iPhone
465.75 $
Ensure your 9555RS and other USB devices, such as iPhones, always have power with this compact and portable backup battery. Boasting a high-capacity 10000mAh energy reserve, this slim, pocket-sized power bank provides fast and dependable charging for all your essential devices. Ideal for keeping your electronics juiced up while on the go, this versatile battery backup means you'll never have to worry about running out of power again. Stay connected, secure your data, and experience the freedom of wireless charging with this must-have portable power bank.
PotsDOCK Tracking & Voice Bundle - Includes PotsDOCK / Privacy Handset
1806.53 $
Stay in control of your communications with the PotsDOCK Tracking & Voice Bundle! This comprehensive package features a PotsDOCK, designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing phone system, and a sleek privacy handset to ensure secure and confidential conversations. Ideal for both residential and professional settings, this bundle enables you to monitor your calls in real-time and guarantees enhanced call quality with the easy-to-use handset. Stay connected and protect your privacy with the essential PotsDOCK Tracking & Voice Bundle!
Privacy Handset with Left/Right Side Facing Mounting Bracket
175.95 $
Enhance your digital privacy with the versatile Left/Right Side Facing Mounting Bracket Privacy Handset. Designed to provide impeccable acoustic clarity while ensuring secure and private phone calls, this hands-free accessory prevents any interference during conversations. The adjustable angles allow for personalized mounting, whether your preference is the left or right side of the phone for optimal viewing. Invest in this privacy handset to protect your communication and safeguard sensitive discussions from potential eavesdroppers.
RST470 - LeoTRACK GPS & SBD Tracking Device
1961.78 $
Discover the ultimate tracking solution with the RST470 LeoTRACK Tracking Device, specifically designed for both GPS and SBD (Short Burst Data) tracking requirements. Combining advanced GPS and SBD technologies, this device offers accurate and real-time location tracking of your valuable assets. Boasting a simple installation process, exceptional battery life, and a comprehensive set of features, the RST470 LeoTRACK is the top choice for effective asset monitoring and precise location tracking. Equip your home or business with this reliable and cutting-edge tracking device today!
RST480 - LeoTRACK Tracking Device - GPS/SBD & GSM
2272.27 $
Experience the ultimate in tracking solutions with the RST480 LeoTRACK Tracing Device, a versatile and affordable device designed to provide unparalleled accuracy and extended range coverage. Harnessing both GPS and GSM technologies, this powerful tracking tool allows you to receive data from any part of the world and accurately monitor the location of your vehicle or asset. Ideal for various tracking applications, the RST480 LeoTRACK Tracing Device is the ultimate choice for those seeking reliable and precise location monitoring.
RST825UP/VP - SatRADIO Case - Satellite Voice Calls Over Standard Radio
16465.74 $
Upgrade your communication capabilities with the RST825UP/VP SatRADIO Case, an innovative solution that seamlessly integrates satellite voice calls into a standard radio. Experience expansive coverage of up to 1000km, ensuring constant connectivity with your team regardless of location. The SatRADIO Case boasts ultra-low latency, allowing for real-time conversations even in remote areas. Plus, reap the benefits of free voice calls, eliminating the need for costly roaming charges. Don't let distance or spotty coverage hinder your communications – stay connected with the RST825UP/VP SatRADIO Case.
RST820 - Beam SatRADIO Integratable Base Unit
6863.86 $
Upgrade your home entertainment system with the RST820 Beam SatRADIO Integratable Base Unit. This innovative device offers seamless SatRadio integration, providing access to an extensive library of your preferred content. The user-friendly design ensures effortless installation and compatibility with all major audio and video playback systems. Experience unparalleled streaming capabilities and enjoy your favorite tunes with advanced Radish technology by incorporating this versatile base unit into your setup today!
RST600 - DataModem Fixed Data Modem - Includes RST997 DC-DC Converter
1444.28 $
Upgrade your home or business connectivity with the RST600 DataMODEM, a high-performance fixed data modem designed for seamless streaming, file sharing, and more. With the inclusion of the RST997 DC-DC converter, enjoy lightning-fast speeds of up to 150 Mbps for an unparalleled browsing and entertainment experience. This user-friendly modem ensures a hassle-free installation, requiring no additional setup or configurations, and guarantees robust, dependable internet access. Choose the RST600 DataMODEM for a superior connection that keeps up with your fast-moving lifestyle.
Beam SBD 9602 Data Modem
491.84 $
Discover the power and reliability of the Beam SBD 9602 Data Modem, designed to meet your long-distance remote monitoring and control requirements. This exceptional data transmission device boasts a durable, waterproof design, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity even in the harshest conditions. Experience advanced transmission capabilities and reduced latency, while enjoying the added security of integrated data encryption. With an impressive battery life, the Beam SBD 9602 Data Modem is the ultimate choice for all your communication needs.
RST100 - Remote Satellite Terminal RJ11/POTS Data & Voice (Using 9522B)
2159.36 $
The RST100 Remote Satellite Terminal RJ11/POTS Data & Voice (Using 9522B) is an ideal solution for home and business users seeking reliable communication from remote locations. This versatile terminal is compatible with 9522B satellite communication systems, allowing seamless connectivity to satellite phones and data terminals. With its simple design and user-friendly setup, the RST100 ensures hassle-free voice and data communication from even the most remote locations. Stay connected and maintain efficient communication with this advanced satellite terminal solution.
RST100 Remote Satellite Terminal Starter Bundle
2723.9 $
Discover the convenience and reliability of the RST100 Remote Satellite Terminal Starter Bundle, a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for maintaining communication in remote areas. This all-in-one package contains a versatile terminal device, a solar power system, and a custom mounting arm, simplifying the deployment and upkeep of your remote satellite terminal. The RST100 ensures secure access to vital information, making it an ideal choice for addressing your remote satellite communication requirements. Experience seamless connectivity even in the most challenging environments with the RST100 Starter Bundle.
RST100SC - SeaCaptain RST 100 Kit - Bundled Pack (Using 9522B)
3215 $
Discover the ultimate maritime experience with the RST100SC SeaCAPTAIN RST 100 Kit - Bundled Pack (Using 9522B). This all-in-one package provides everything needed for the ultimate journey into the depths. The kit comes complete with a 9522B fish finder, SeaCAPTAIN Advanced Navigation Software, SSI-29 Advantage RTS antenna receiver, and more! Elevate your oceanic adventures by investing in this comprehensive and efficient bundle today – there's never been a better time to turn dream expeditions into unforgettable memories.
RST100FS - FixedSITE RST 100 Kit - Bundled Pack (Using 9522B)
2775 $
The RST100FS FixedSITE RST 100 Kit - Bundled Pack (Using 9522B) offers an all-inclusive solution for job site communication needs. This comprehensive kit contains a universal fixed antenna, a flexible antenna, mounting hardware, a 9522B radio, an IP67-rated radio enclosure, and essential cables. Designed for easy installation, the kit ensures efficient operation and consistently reliable performance in even the most challenging environments. Optimize your work site experience with this convenient and durable communication package.