List of products by brand iDirect

iDirect Evolution X3 Remote Satellite Modem Router
1557.6 $
Experience exceptional satellite communication with the iDirect Evolution X3 Remote Satellite Modem Router. As one of the most advanced satellite routers, the iDirect X3 incorporates cutting-edge technology and implements the highly efficient DVB-S2 standard for improved performance. Designed to support a wide range of applications, it is the perfect solution for broadband access, Voice over IP (VoIP), and secure communications. The X3 satellite router ensures fast and reliable network connectivity even in the most remote locations, seamlessly integrating with terrestrial networks. Equip your home or office with this versatile and reliable modem router for the ultimate satellite communication experience.
IDirect Evolution X7 Satellite Remote Router Modem
4794 $
Experience exceptional performance with the iDirect Evolution X7 Satellite Remote Router Modem, a powerful device designed to provide up to 100 Mbps of combined inbound and outbound throughput. This compact 1 RU high remote chassis seamlessly fits in standard telecom racks, and features an optional 2nd demodulator, licensable for multicast traffic. The X7 comes with versatile power supply module configurations, ensuring adaptability to various requirements. Enjoy added convenience with its dual image support and user-friendly Web iSite, making the setup and maintenance processes a breeze. The iDirect X7 has everything you need for reliable and impressive satellite communication.