List of products by brand Tait

Tait TM-8105
250.69 $
Discover the exceptional versatility of the Tait TM-8105, a highly adaptable data radio designed to meet a wide range of communication needs. With its software flexibility and spacious options board, this mobile radio offers an impressive level of customization to suit various applications and industries. As one of the top radios available, the TM-8105 ensures reliable and efficient communication, making it a valuable addition to any communication system. Upgrade your communication experience with the Tait TM-8105 and experience the difference in customizable functionality and performance.
Tait TM-8110 VHF
300 $
Discover the widely acclaimed Tait TM-8110 VHF radio, a top-notch choice for data-ready communication. This versatile device is perfectly compatible with both Auriga and Autocab data systems, making it a go-to choice for seamless connectivity. Boasting a robust design and reliable performance, the TM-8110 ensures clear communication while maintaining its durability for long-lasting use. Equip your team with this efficient and user-friendly VHF radio for unparalleled communication solutions.
Tait TP3300 TP3350 Digital Handheld Radio
319.28 $
Discover the versatility and advanced features of the Tait TP3300 TP3350 Digital Handheld Radio, a cutting-edge addition to the Tait DMR product range. This innovative and highly customizable two-way radio offers both analog and digital capabilities, ensuring seamless communication for any needs. With its robust design, superior audio quality, and exceptional battery life, the TP3 series is built to withstand even the toughest environments. Additional features such as GPS and Bluetooth® connectivity allow for easy integration with various devices, enhancing its usability in various applications. Choose the Tait TP3300 TP3350 Digital Handheld Radio for reliable and efficient communication in any situation.