List of products by brand Rusan

Rusan Adapter Lever (Left Thread)
12.12 $
The "Code ARLL" is synonymous with the Rusan Adapter Lever that features a left thread configuration. This high-quality product from Rusan boasts of impeccable craftsmanship and robust build quality, ensuring unrivaled reliability and long-lasting service. The left thread design enhances applicability, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of uses. It's perfectly tailored for those who require advanced, durable, and dependable tools. The Rusan Adapter Lever provides a seamless installation experience, closing the gap between efficiency and convenience. It is an integral accessory for professionals looking for a blend of innovation and practicality. Make the Rusan Adapter Lever with left thread your first choice for a hassle-free operation. Upgrade your toolbox today with this robust adapter lever that conforms to Rusan's high standards of quality.
Rusan Adapter Lever (Right Thread - Standard)
12.12 $
The "Code ARLR" in our online store refers to the Rusan Adapter Lever designed with a right thread - standard. Meticulously crafted, this premium product provides seamless compatibility and effortless operation. With its right-hand thread orientation, it caters to the standard configuration needs of diverse devices and applications. Easy to install and durable, it ensures longevity and robust performance. Its sleek and sophisticated design harmonises with your system’s functionalities, making it an ideal addition to any setup. Leverage the convenience and exceptional usability of the Rusan Adapter Lever and enhance your everyday device handling experience. This lever will indeed prove to be an invaluable component of your system.
Rusan Adapter Locking Screw (M4x10 - Standard)
1.2 $
Offering the Rusan Adapter Locking Screw (M4x10 - standard), this product promises stable and secure connections for your needs. Its product code is ARSLS4X10. Smartly designed with M4x10 standard threads, this high-quality Rusan Adapter locking screw is an essential hardware component intended to maintain the integrity and durability of your adapter fixtures. As a renowned hardware brand, Rusan offers standardized yet flexible solutions and this product is no exception. It features a robust construction, ensuring that your adapters remain firmly in place, optimizing their performance and enhancing their lifespan. Great for a range of applications, it's a versatile piece that will definitely add value to your toolkit.
Rusan Adapter Locking Screw (M4x5)
1.2 $
Our online store offers the Rusan Adapter Locking Screw (M4x5), identified as Code ARSLS4X5. This highly precise and durable locking screw is ideal for ensuring a secure fit in various applications. Manufactured by Rusan, a renowned tool-making industry name, it guarantees reliable performance and longevity. The screw is characterized by M4x5 size that fits perfectly in many machinery assemblies without any hassle, ensuring the safety and efficacy of your setup. This robust locking screw is designed to endure even the most demanding conditions, maintaining its functionality over time. Quality and precision you can trust, the Rusan Adapter Locking Screw should be your first choice for any mechanical assembly needs. Please check compatibility before purchasing.
Rusan Adapter Locking Screw (M4x6)
1.2 $
Experience the strength and convenience of the Rusan Adapter locking screw (M4x6), also identified by its code ARSLS4X6. This versatile and reliable piece of equipment is keenly engineered to secure various adapters firmly. With its standard M4x6 size, it offers a precise fit for a wide range of applications, making it an indispensable part of your tool kit. The Rusan Adapter locking screw boasts superior durability, promising long-lasting performance even under extensive usage. Designed by Rusan, a leading name in hardware products, this locking screw is a result of expert manufacturing that ensures it meets the highest standards of efficiency and quality. Ensure your adaptors retain their stability and functionality with this premium locking screw.
Rusan Adapter Main Screw (M5x22 Left Thread)
2.42 $
The Rusan Adapter Main Screw, identified by our product code ARMSL, is an essential accessory for every tactical or outdoor enthusiast. This uniquely designed product features an M5x22 left thread, making it compatible with various applications. Its high-quality construction ensures the utmost reliability and longevity, providing a tight, secure fit for all your outdoor equipment or gear. The Rusan Adapter Main Screw can withstand even the most rugged environments, making it an integral part of any outdoor adventure. Without the hassle of complicated installation, it provides seamless attachment, thus offering convenience for any user. Upgrade your gear today with the Rusan Adapter Main Screw.
Rusan Adapter Main Screw (M5x22 Right Thread - Standard)
2.42 $
The "Rusan Adapter Main Screw (Code ARMSR)" with its M5x22 threading is ideal for those in need of a standard, right-threaded design. Expertly fashioned to ensure longevity and robustness, this adaptable main screw is versatile and well-suited for various applications. An essential piece of hardware to have in your repertoire, it is distinguishable by its standard right threading which provides ease of use and universal appeal. Make your next maintenance or project simpler with the trusted, reliable performance this Rusan Adapter Main Screw brings. Employing this durable, high-quality screw will help ensure a secure joining of parts, important in various fields, especially in engineering and construction.
Rusan Clamp Cover for Rifle Scope
24.25 $
Product Code: MS-CLA. Our offering is the premium quality Rusan Cover for rifle scope clamp. This indispensable accessory is designed to protect your scope clamp from dust, scratches, and possible damage when not in use. Fabricated with high-grade materials, it guarantees prolonged durability and superior protection to your equipment. The Rusan Cover's design ensures a snug fit for your clamp, reducing the likelihood of slippage or accidental removal. Ideal for shooting enthusiasts and professional hunters, this cover is a small investment in servicing the longevity of your rifle scope setup. Take advantage of this must-have accessory and ensure your scope clamp is always ready for action.
Rusan Connector Cover MCR-M35 (For Clip-On Pulsar Krypton, Proton)
24.25 $
The Rusan Cover for connector MCR-M35 is a high-quality accessory designed specifically for Pulsar Krypton and Proton clip-on devices. Its main function is to provide reliable, durable protection for your equipment's connectors, reducing the risk of damage from environmental factors or rough handling. This cover is manufactured with precision and attention to detail, ensuring a perfect fit for your clip-on devices. Its sturdy textures provide a solid grip, making it easy to handle in all sorts of conditions. By choosing this cover, you are opting for an additional layer of security for your valuable devices. The product can be identified using the code MS-CON-M35. Order now to prolong the life and maintain the performance of your equipment.
Rusan Connector Cover MCR-PF for Pulsar F455 (4 Pins)
24.25 $
The Rusan Cover for MCR-PF (Pulsar F455, 4 pins) is a highly essential product offering supreme protection for your device connectors. Identified by its specific code, MS-CON-PF, this cover is explicitly designed for the Pulsar F455 model. It features a convenient 4 pin system that ensures tight and secure fixation. This highly durable, quality connector cover by Rusan plays a critical role in shielding your connectors from dust, dirt, and potential damages, thereby extending their longevity. It is of high importance for users seeking to maintain the efficiency and performance of their devices in various conditions. With this product, you will certainly preserve the optimal functionality of your device connections.
Rusan Conversion Kit for Modular Adapter Without Quick-Release Lever (Includes Screw and Bushing) - Right Thread
5.79 $
The "Rusan Conversion Kit" (Code MAR-S-KIT-R) is a crucial component designed specifically for Rusan modular adapters. Please note, this version does not include a quick-release lever. The kit provides a sturdy, reliable solution for modifications requiring a right-threaded fitting. The package contains a robust screw and bushing ensuring the secure attachment of your needed devices. This Rusan kit offers the flexibility and convenience of an easy installation process, enhancing your setup's effectiveness and functionality. For better performance, longevity, and optimal results, this adaptation kit is made from high-quality materials. It adds great value to your equipment, stimulating efficiency and professionals' quality of work.
Rusan Conversion Kit for Modular Adapter Without Quick-Release Lever - Left Thread (Including Screw and Bushing)
5.79 $
The "Rusan Conversion Kit" (Code MAR-S-KIT-L) is a vital accessory for your Rusan Modular Adapter. This conversion kit allows the adjustment of your spigot without the quick-release lever, ensuring a tight and secure fit for your equipment. The package comes complete with a left-threaded screw and bushing, aiding in straightforward assembly. This kit provides maximum flexibility and is an essential item for users prioritizing a permanent or semi-permanent secure connection over fast attachment/detachment. Built with Rusan's renowned high-quality standards, this conversion kit promises optimal performance and durability. Please note, it's essential to confirm that this kit is compatible with your equipment model before purchase.
Rusan Counter nut for TA435 (M33.5x0.75) with set screw
7.64 $
The product code ACNTA435 represents the Rusan Counter Nut specifically designed for TA435 (M33.5x0.75). It comes inclusive with a convenient set screw. This product is an essential piece when it comes to the efficient and reliable operation of your equipment. Its production with high-grade materials ensures durability and longevity. Moreover, its meticulous construction guarantees optimal performance. Manufactured to fit perfectly, this Rusan Counter nut is simple for installation and disassembly, making maintenance tasks considerably easier. This accessory is a must-have for any individual looking to enhance the functionality and lifespan of their equipment. Make sure to secure your operation by investing in this top-quality Rusan Counter nut.
Rusan Counter Nut M52x0.75
5.14 $
The "Rusan Counter nut M52x0.75" is a high-quality item, easily identifiable by its unique code MM52X075. Especially designed for a threaded connection, this versatile counter nut boasts a robust M52x0.75 threading. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting durability, even under rigorous usage. It stands out for its precision engineering, offering secure and tight connections in all types of machinery. The product is known for its reliability and effectiveness in a wide variety of applications, making it an essential component for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Please confirm the compatibility of this counter nut with your equipment before purchase, to ensure optimal performance.
Rusan Counter-Nut M33.5x0.75
5.08 $
The "Rusan Counter-nut M33,5x0,75" (Code: MM335X075) is an integral accessory for your installation setup. Crafted meticulously to enhance durability, this counter-nut distinctly provides easy assembly and removal. Ensuring top standards of quality, its precise M33,5x0,75 threading makes it easy to suit various applications. Being adaptable to different types of equipment or machinery, it is renowned for its longevity and reliability. As part of our exclusive range, this high-grade product offers stress-free maintenance, promising stable performance even in challenging scenarios. If you're looking for an unmatched combination of durability combined with optimum performance, the Rusan Counter-nut M33,5x0,75 is your best choice. All the information related to dimensions and compatibility is available on our online store, offering convenience to select exactly what your equipment requires.
Rusan Counter-Nut M49x0.75
5.08 $
Our online store now offers the Rusan Counter-nut M49x0,75, also recognized by its code MM49X075. This meticulously constructed synchronization device presents a world of solutions for your professional needs. The resilient M49x0,75 thread size is engineered to offer superior strength and durability, ensuring a secure, reliable connection in your assembly. Whether you're going through routine maintenance or tackling a complex project, this Rusan counter-nut delivers the sturdiness and performance you require. Suitable for a variety of applications and industries, it guarantees precision and functionality that promote seamless operation. Trust in the reliability of Rusan to provide top-quality counter-nuts crucial to your threaded assembly requirements.
Rusan Counter-Nut M52x0.75
5.08 $
The "Rusan Counter-nut M52x0,75" features unmatched quality and precision. With a code MM52X075, the product showcases premium craftsmanship using high-grade materials ensuring durability and longevity. Ideal for various applications, this counter-nut serves as a crucial component in countless assemblies and mechanical operations. Its precise M52x0.75 sizing guarantees a perfect fit, providing excellent hold and superior performance. Choose our Rusan Counter-nut M52x0,75 for a secure, reliable solution that delivers exceptional results every time. Please consult your assembly guide or contact our team for suitability and installation advice.
Rusan Counter-Nut M52x0.75 with Screw for Self-Positioning
24.25 $
The "Rusan Counter-nut M52x0.75 with Screw for Self Positioning" is a remarkable product coded as 'MCN-M52' available in our online store. This high-quality counter-nut is meticulously designed with an M52x0.75 thread size. The standout feature is the inclusion of a screw for self-positioning, presenting users with effortless installation for any application. Manufactured by the reliable brand Rusan, it guarantees durability and precise performance. This heavy-duty counter-nut is perfect for those seeking a reliable, easy-to-install, and durable solution for their nut-replacement needs. So, add 'MCN-M52' to your cart and experience the ease and precision it offers.
Rusan Counter-Nut M52x0.75 with Set Screw
14 $
The Rusan Counter-nut M52x0.75 with set screw (product code: MM52X075SS) is a precision-engineered product designed for high-performance tasks. This counter-nut features M52x0.75 threading, offering complete compatibility with other similarly sized components. It comes furnished with a set screw to further enhance connection strength and reliability. Manufactured with high-quality materials, this counter-nut ensures durability and optimal performance, resisting wear and tear even in the most challenging conditions. Ideal for both professional and DIY projects, this product offers a combination of function and convenience. Please note that compatibility with specific systems might vary and it's essential to check your device's specifications before buying.
Rusan Cover for Connector (For Clip-On)
24.25 $
The "Rusan Cover for Connector (for Clip-on)" with code MS-CON is a must-have accessory for your device's connector. This product is specifically designed to provide superior protection for your clip-on connectors against dust, dirt, and damage. With its sturdy and long-lasting construction, the Rusan cover ensures the longevity and reliability of your connectors. It guarantees a perfectly secure fit, preventing any unwanted slips or disconnections and ensuring uninterrupted performance of your devices. This unassuming accessory maximizes the functionality and efficiency of your equipment, making it an indispensable addition for device owners. Shop now and give your device's connector the protection it deserves.
Rusan Extension Ring M52x0.75 / M52x0.75 with Counter Nut
33.18 $
Code ERD552PLUS features the Rusan Extension Ring M52x0.75 / M52x0.75. This high-quality extension ring comes with a counter nut. It is designed to fit M52 size lenses, and allows you to adjust the focal length and final image size of your camera, helping to achieve immense precision. By bridging the gap between your camera and lens, it enhances the overall functionality. This product, made with durable material, is a fantastic addition for professionals seeking excellent adaptability and stabilization for their lenses. Reliable and efficient, this extension ring offers seamless operation and adds to your collection of photography essentials.
Rusan Extension Ring M52x0.75/M52x0.75
28.03 $
The "Rusan Extension ring M52x0.75 / M52x0.75", also known as "Code ERD552", is an integral accessory for optics enthusiasts. This meticulously crafted ring is designed to be screwed between your camera and the lens for increased focal length, enhancing your shooting capabilities in a remarkable manner. The extension ring boasts a dual threading of M52x0.75 on both ends, ensuring a snug fit onto your equipment. Made from high-quality materials, it guarantees endurance and long-lasting performance. Whether you're into professional photography or just a hobbyist, this Rusan Extension ring is a must-have for you. It exponentially enhances your device's texture, depth, and detailing, producing rich and high-precision images.
Rusan Modular Adapter - Clamp
160.17 $
The Rusan Modular Adapter-Clamp is a perfect addition to your toolkit. Suited for serious hobbyists and professional workers alike, this durable and robust modular adapter is designed to increase the functionality and versatility of various tools. The product highlights the ease of assembly, allowing you to attach different modules in no time. A key attribute is its sturdy clamp mechanism, ensuring secure connections and optimal performance. The Rusan Modular Adapter-Clamp is a reliable piece of equipment that promises to offer a seamless experience, whether it's for jobs around the house or on professional sites. It represents a blend of innovation, efficiency, and superior craftsmanship that Rusan is known for. Upgrade your toolkit with this high-quality, long-lasting, and reliable modular adapter-clamp.
Rusan Modular Adapter - Clamp with Screw (No Quick-Release)
160.17 $
The Rusan Modular Adapter is an essential accessory for serious optics enthusiasts. It features a secure, sturdy clamp with a screw attachment system that assures a tight fit and steady performance. Unfortunately, this model doesn't feature a quick-release mechanism. The adapter is designed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity even with heavy usage. It is suitable for a range of equipment, making it highly versatile for different tools and tasks. Ideal for precision work, this modular adapter is a blend of smart design and reliability. Please note, with no quick-release, setup and removal may take a little longer but will ensure a more secure hold.