Iridium Prepaid SIM

Iridium PrePaid - 100-min Add-On (0 Days Validity)
120 $
Upgrade your Iridium PrePaid E-Voucher with our 100-minute add-on, offering instant talk time with zero days of validity. Enjoy clear and uninterrupted satellite phone communication with the reliability of the Iridium network, no matter your location. Ideal for emergencies or crucial business calls, this add-on allows seamless connection without any validity constraints. Simply apply this voucher to an existing Iridium PrePaid account and unlock 100 minutes of additional calling time. Stay connected while exploring remote areas, traveling to distant destinations, or working on-the-go with our Iridium PrePaid E-Voucher - 100 mins add-on.
Iridium PrePaid - 500 Mins MENA & Africa ISU-PSTN - (One Year Validity)
450 $
Stay connected in the Middle East, North Africa, and Africa with the Iridium PrePaid 500-minute plan, specifically designed for these regions. This plan offers a full year of validity, ensuring seamless communication through Iridium's reliable satellite phone network. With a generous 500 minutes of talk time for ISU-PSTN calls, you can stay in touch with your family, friends, and colleagues while on the go. Don't let geographical limitations prevent you from staying connected; invest in the Iridium PrePaid 500-minute plan and experience uninterrupted communication in some of the most remote parts of the world.
Iridium PrePaid - 500 mins Latin America ISU-PSTN - (Six-Month Validity)**
530 $
Discover the convenience of the Iridium Pre-Paid E-Voucher, specifically tailored for Latin America with a generous offering of 500 minutes of ISU-PSTN talk time. This voucher is a fantastic solution for staying connected while traveling or working in the region, and it comes with a validity period of six months, ensuring you have ample time to use your purchased minutes. The Iridium network provides global satellite coverage, ensuring reliable communication wherever your journey takes you. Don't miss out on this remarkable option for staying in touch with friends, family, and colleagues in Latin America. Please note that this voucher is intended for use within Latin America only.
Iridium Prepaid - 4000 Minutes - Two Year Validity
3300 $
Discover the convenience and value of the Iridium PrePaid E-Voucher, featuring 4000 minutes of ISU-PSTN talk time with a two-year validity. This prepaid package offers you unparalleled access to Iridium's expansive global satellite network, ensuring reliable connectivity wherever your adventures take you. With no monthly fees or hidden charges, this e-voucher is a cost-effective solution for your communication needs, perfect for remote projects, extended travels, or simply staying connected with loved ones. Don't let connectivity concerns limit your ventures – indulge in the freedom and flexibility offered by this exceptional Iridium PrePaid package. Easy to use, this e-voucher will take your communication capabilities to new heights. So, gear up and stay connected with the impressive Iridium PrePaid E-Voucher – 4000 minutes with a two-year validity.
Iridium PrePaid - 300 mins ISU-PSTN (One-Year Validity)
750 $
Stay connected with the Iridium Pre-Paid E-Voucher, offering 300 minutes of ISU-PSTN communication with a one-year validity period. Enjoy seamless communication through the trusted Iridium satellite network, even in the most remote locations. This single, no-recharge electronic voucher ensures hassle-free communication without worrying about running out of minutes or purchasing additional airtime. Ideal for travelers, adventurers, and professionals who require reliable communication access, the Iridium Pre-Paid E-Voucher is the perfect solution for your satellite communication needs. Purchase today and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity throughout the year.
Iridium Prepaid - 200 Minutes - Six-Month Validity
630 $
Stay connected anywhere in the world with our reliable and user-friendly Iridium Pre-Paid service, now offering a 200-minute top-up plan with a six-month validity period. This convenient package allows you to communicate effectively while enjoying great savings on your Iridium satellite phone. Ideal for travelers, adventurers, and professionals on the go, our top-up plan ensures that you will have essential satellite communication access when you need it the most. Avoid the hassle of long-term contracts and roaming charges, and experience seamless global coverage with Iridium's dependable satellite network. With this 200-minute pre-paid top-up plan, staying in touch has never been easier.
Iridium Prepaid Airtime 30-Day Validity Extension
70 $
Keep your Iridium satellite phone service uninterrupted with the Iridium TS2 Prepaid Airtime 30-Day Validity Extension. Ideal for travelers, adventurers, or remote workers, this extension ensures your Iridium airtime balance remains active for an additional 30 days without losing your existing minutes. Simply load it onto your current Iridium prepaid SIM card before your current validity expires, and stay connected to friends, family, or colleagues anywhere in the world. Don't let your satellite phone service lapse - extend your validity with Iridium TS2 Prepaid Airtime today!
Iridium Prepaid Airtime Voucher 100 Minutes - Validity 30 Days
200 $
Stay connected on your travels with the Iridium Prepaid Airtime Voucher, offering 100 voice minutes with a validity period of 30 days. Ideal for emergency use or short-term adventures, this voucher ensures you have reliable communication when you need it the most. Iridium's global coverage ensures you can make and receive calls even in remote locations or while at sea. Easy to use, simply activate the voucher upon receiving it, and your calling minutes will be instantly credited to your account. Ensure peace of mind and constant communication with the Iridium Prepaid Airtime Voucher for a seamless and worry-free experience.
Iridium Prepaid Airtime Voucher - 100 Minutes Validity 60 Days
250 $
Stay connected globally with the Iridium Prepaid Airtime Voucher, offering 100 minutes of talk time, valid for 60 days! Designed for use with Iridium satellite phones, these vouchers provide uninterrupted communication in remote locations, during emergencies, or when no cellular coverage is available. With Iridium's extensive satellite network, enjoy reliable and clear call quality anywhere on the planet. Easily manage your account, top-up, and balances using the Iridium online portal. No activation fees or roaming charges. It's the perfect solution for travelers, adventurers, or anyone needing a dependable and affordable communication option while staying off the grid.
Phone Card - Iridium SIM
10 $
Stay connected anywhere on Earth with the Iridium SIM phone card, designed to provide reliable global coverage with the renowned Iridium satellite network. This high-quality SIM card ensures seamless voice and data communication, making it perfect for travelers, adventurers, and professionals who require a dependable connection in remote locations. Activate your Iridium SIM phone card with a variety of prepaid and postpaid plans, tailored to meet your usage requirements. Experience unparalleled communication capabilities from the world's only truly global satellite network with the Iridium SIM phone card – an essential tool for staying connected whenever and wherever you need it.
Iridium Top Up Prepaid - 600 Minutes - One Year Validity
950 $
Stay connected with the Iridium Top Up PrePaid plan, offering 600 minutes of talk time and a one-year validity period. This convenient option ensures uninterrupted communication, making it perfect for travelers, adventurers, and businesses that rely on satellite phones. The easy top-up feature allows for hassle-free recharging anytime, anywhere. Designed exclusively for Iridium satellite phone users, this flexible plan provides global coverage and reliable connectivity even in the most remote areas. Experience the unmatched voice quality and dependability of Iridium's satellite network with this cost-effective yet comprehensive prepaid solution.
Iridium Pre-Paid E-Voucher - 100 Minutes - One Month Validity
200 $
Stay connected anywhere in the world with the Iridium Pre-Paid E-Voucher, providing you with 100 ISU-PSTN minutes for a one-month validity period. Ideal for travelers, adventurers, or professionals working in remote locations, this convenient e-voucher offers unparalleled global communication coverage, utilizing the Iridium satellite network. Upon purchase, the e-voucher will be promptly delivered to your inbox, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. Never worry about losing signal or missing important calls while traveling off the grid with this reliable communication solution. Get peace of mind and stay in touch wherever you go with the Iridium Pre-Paid E-Voucher - 100 Minutes - One Month Validity.
Iridium TS2 Prepaid Airtime 180,000 Units Voucher 3,000 Minutes - Validity 730 Days
2790 $
Stay connected anywhere in the world with the Iridium TS2 Prepaid Airtime Voucher, offering 180,000 units or 3,000 minutes of talk time to keep you in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. With a validity period of 730 days (approximately 2 years), this voucher allows you to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and access critical data services, all without worrying about surprise charges on your monthly bill. Perfect for travelers and remote workers, rely on the Iridium satellite network for reliable global communication. Invest in your peace of mind with our Iridium TS2 Prepaid Airtime Voucher today.
Iridium TS2 Prepaid Airtime: 300,000 Units Voucher (5000 Minutes) - Validity: 730 Days
4068 $
The Iridium TS2 Prepaid Airtime voucher offers 300,000 units of airtime, equivalent to 5,000 minutes of talk time, ensuring you stay connected during your travels or remote work. This voucher is ideal for Iridium satellite phone users and offers an extended validity of 730 days, so you can use your minutes over the course of two years. Iridium's extensive satellite network guarantees reliable coverage worldwide, including ocean regions and polar areas. With no activation fees or roaming charges, this prepaid airtime voucher provides efficient and cost-effective communication, giving you the confidence to stay in touch when it matters most.
Iridium TS2 Prepaid Airtime 18,000 Units Voucher - 300 Minutes Global Validity for 365 Days
750 $
Stay connected wherever you are in the world with the Iridium TS2 Prepaid Airtime Voucher. This package provides you with 18,000 units or 300 minutes of global calling time that's valid for 365 days. Ideal for travelers, remote workers, or anyone who needs reliable communication without contract commitments, this prepaid voucher ensures you have access to Iridium's extensive satellite network. Make phone calls, send text messages, and stay in touch with loved ones or business contacts no matter your location. Take advantage of the peace of mind provided by Iridium's global coverage and enjoy a hassle-free communication experience with the Iridium TS2 Prepaid Airtime Voucher.
Iridium TS2 Prepaid Airtime 30,000 Units Voucher 500 Minutes MENA - Validity 365 Days
388.8 $
Stay connected with the Iridium TS2 Prepaid Airtime Voucher, offering 30,000 units (equivalent to 500 minutes) of talk time. Ideal for travelers and professionals across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, this voucher is essential for maintaining communication in remote or off-grid locations. The prepaid airtime is compatible with Iridium satellite phones and services. With a validity of 365 days from the activation date, enjoy the flexibility of using your minutes throughout the year, so you can stay in touch without worrying about expiration. Keep your adventures stress-free with seamless and reliable satellite coverage from Iridium.
Iridium GO! 400 Minutes - Validity 180 Days
600 $
Stay connected wherever you go with the Iridium GO! satellite communication system, offering 400 minutes of talk time and a 180-day validity period. This reliable, portable device provides coverage in even the most remote locations on Earth, so you never have to worry about losing touch. Simply connect your smartphone or tablet to the Iridium GO! and enjoy seamless voice calling, email, and messaging capabilities. Ideal for adventurers, travelers, and remote workers alike, this package ensures you have access to global communication whenever and wherever you need it. Don't risk being out of touch – choose Iridium GO! and stay connected with confidence.
1000 Minutes for Iridium GO! - Validity 365 Days
900 $
Stay connected with the Iridium GO! 1000 minutes package, offering a full year of uninterrupted communication with a validity of 365 days. Designed for the Iridium GO! Satellite Wi-Fi hotspot, this plan allows you to seamlessly make voice calls, send text messages, access the internet, and track your location from any corner of the globe. Perfect for travelers, adventure-seekers, and remote professionals, the Iridium GO! 1000 minutes package keeps you connected when it matters most. Experience unparalleled communication and peace of mind even in the most challenging environments with this comprehensive, reliable plan.