List of products by brand Motorola

DLN6705A Motorola Field Replaceable Unit - UHF Receiver
214.67 $
Introducing the Motorola DLN6705A Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) – a UHF 403-470 MHz Receiver, specifically designed to enhance your communication systems effortlessly. This reliable unit provides the perfect solution for continuous, high-quality communication in various environments, ensuring optimal performance and durability. Compatible with a wide range of Motorola devices, the DLN6705A FRU UHF Receiver offers easy installation and replacement, extending the life of your two-way radios. Invest in crystal-clear, uninterrupted communication with the trusted Motorola DLN6705A Field Replaceable UHF Receiver for your team's essential communication needs.
DLN6710A Motorola Field Replaceable Unit - VHF 100W PA
881.78 $
Introducing the DLN6710A Motorola Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) - VHF 100W Power Amplifier (PA) designed for efficient and reliable operation. This high-performance unit is compatible with a frequency range of 136-174 MHz, making it perfectly suited for VHF radio systems. Engineered to deliver maximum power output of 100 watts, this robust FRU ensures seamless communication in the most demanding environments. Featuring user-friendly installation and replacement, the Motorola DLN6710A is the ideal choice for maintaining your radio system performance at its peak. Trust in the exceptional quality and durability of Motorola to keep your communications running smoothly.
DM4400e Motorola MOTOTRBO UHF Mobile Radio
850 $
Experience enhanced connectivity, safety, and productivity with the DM4400e Motorola MOTOTRBO Mobile Radio UHF. This digital mobile two-way radio is a powerful upgrade in the world of communications, delivering crystal-clear audio and advanced features for efficient communication. Operating on UHF frequency bands, the DM4400e promises exceptional coverage and reception, ensuring seamless interactions in various work environments. Its user-friendly design and intelligent audio technology provide a comfortable communication experience, while the integrated GPS tracking, text messaging services, and emergency alerts enhance the safety measures. Get ready to revolutionize the way you connect with your team with the DM4400e Motorola MOTOTRBO Mobile Radio UHF.
DM4401e Motorola MOTOTRBO VHF Mobile Radio
900 $
Upgrade your communication capabilities with the DM4401e Motorola MOTOTRBO Mobile Radio VHF, designed to enhance the evolution of digital two-way radios. This innovative device ensures you stay better connected, enjoy increased safety measures, and boost productivity in your workplace. Boasting exceptional voice quality, the DM4401e Motorola mobile radio offers extended battery life, increased capacity, and integrated data communication. It also comes with features like GPS and text messaging, so you can navigate and communicate with ease. Don't compromise on your communication tools - choose the DM4401e Motorola MOTOTRBO Mobile Radio VHF for all your mobile radio needs.
DM4401e Motorola UHF MOTOTRBO Mobile Radio
900 $
Experience enhanced communication, safety, and productivity with the DM4401e Motorola MOTOTRBO Mobile Radio UHF. This state-of-the-art digital two-way radio ensures improved connectivity and seamless collaboration across teams. Its rugged design is perfect for use in various industries, as it can withstand harsh conditions and deliver reliable performance. Key features include a large, clear display, GPS tracking, and advanced audio capabilities for crystal-clear communication. Additionally, enjoy hands-free functionality with integrated Bluetooth technology, ensuring uninterrupted conversations even while multitasking. Upgrade your communication tools with this durable and versatile MOTOTRBO mobile radio.
DMR4400e Motorola MOTOTRBO VHF Mobile Radio
850 $
Experience enhanced connectivity, safety, and productivity with the DM4400e Motorola MOTOTRBO Mobile Radio. This innovative VHF digital mobile two-way radio delivers superior audio quality, extensive coverage, and longer battery life. It features advanced digital functionalities such as Intelligent Audio, integrated Wi-Fi, and text messaging. Equipped with Bluetooth, GPS, and the ability to connect to multiple sites through IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, or Linked Capacity Plus systems, the DM4400e ensures you stay connected with your team efficiently and seamlessly. Designed for the most demanding environments, the DM4400e ensures clear and reliable communication, making it an ideal choice for various industries and applications.
Motorola CLK446 Plus Portable Two-Way Radio
243.92 $
The Motorola CLK446 Plus Portable Two-way Radio is a compact and durable device designed for professional use and seamless communication across multiple floors. This powerful, yet discreet radio features an extended talk range, providing clear and reliable communication for various industries and settings. With its sleek design, robust build, and enhanced audio quality, the CLK446 Plus ensures efficient and effective communication for businesses and teams. Experience superior performance and improved communication with this advanced two-way radio from Motorola.
Motorola DM1400 Analog
Discover the versatility and functionality of Motorola DM1400 Analogue mobile radio - the lone analogue device in Motorola's portfolio! Whether it's for personal use or professional purposes, the DM1400 provides crystal-clear audio, reliable communication and a user-friendly experience. As a vital part of Motorola's commercial tier radio lineup, it is designed for robust performance even in challenging environments. This analogue mobile radio offers a range of features like wide and narrow band channels, advanced voice-operated transmit, and noise-cancelling capabilities, ensuring seamless connectivity and enhanced user satisfaction. Experience superior communication with the Motorola DM1400 Analogue mobile radio - your ideal choice for everyday communication needs.
Motorola DM4600e MotoTRBO Mobile UHF
930 $
Upgrade your communication experience with the Motorola DM4600e Mototrbo Mobile UHF radio. Designed with compliance to ETSI DMR Standards, this advanced digital radio ensures optimum audio clarity and compatibility for seamless data communications. The DM4600e is designed to enhance safety and productivity, delivering reliable performance in demanding environments. Equipped with user-friendly features like Bluetooth connectivity, enhanced audio quality, text messaging capability, and a full-color display, it simplifies communication and enables efficient operations. Choose the Motorola DM4600e for a versatile and powerful digital communication solution tailored to meet your business needs.
Motorola DM4600e MotoTRBO Mobile VHF
930 $
Upgrade your communication experience with the Motorola DM4600e Mototrbo Mobile VHF, a state-of-the-art digital radio designed to comply with ETSI DMR Standards. This advanced device brings remarkable clarity to your audio conversations while facilitating data-compatible communications. Its crystal-clear digital sound ensures you stay connected and informed, while its reliable performance promotes increased productivity and efficiency in various professional settings. With the Motorola DM4600e, staying in touch with your team has never been easier or more enjoyable. Don't miss out on this powerful tool that will revolutionize the way you communicate.
Motorola DM4601E MotoTRBO UHF
950 $
Discover exceptional communication quality with the Motorola DM4601e Mototrbo UHF mobile digital radio. This feature-packed device is fully compliant with ETSI DMR Standards, ensuring reliability and top-notch performance. Experience crystal-clear digital audio for seamless conversations on-the-go. With built-in WIFI compatibility, software updates and wireless connectivity are a breeze. Additionally, the DM4601e offers seamless Bluetooth integration for enhanced connectivity with audio accessories and data devices. Upgrade your communication experience with the Motorola DM4601e — the perfect solution for professionals who demand the best.
Motorola DM4601E MotoTRBO VHF
950 $
Upgrade your communication experience with Motorola DM4601e Mototrbo VHF, a cutting-edge mobile digital radio. This device complies with ETSI DMR Standards, ensuring exceptional digital audio clarity and impressive performance. With WIFI compatibility and Bluetooth integration, you can easily connect wirelessly to other devices and networks. Additionally, the DM4601e offers advanced features like GPS, enhanced privacy, and voice announcement capabilities, making it a versatile and reliable choice for any communication need. Choose Motorola DM4601e for seamless, high-quality communication on the go.
Motorola DP1400 MOTOTRBO Portable VHF Radio
250 $
Experience clear communication and enhanced performance with the Motorola Solutions DP1400 MOTOTRBO Portable Radio VHF. As an entry-level radio, it boasts features typically found in more advanced equipment, bringing efficiency and reliability to your operations. The sleek design ensures easy handling, while its robust construction ensures durability and longevity. With superior audio quality for clear communication, compatibility with MOTOTRBO systems, customizable voice announcement, and wide range of accessories, this radio is tailored for a variety of industries. Choose the Motorola DP1400 to optimize your communication experience without compromising on quality or affordability.
Motorola DP1400 MOTOTRBO UHF Portable Radio
250 $
Discover the power of clear communication with the Motorola Solutions DP1400 MOTOTRBO Portable Radio UHF. As an entry-level device, this radio effortlessly combines simplicity with advanced features typically found on high-end equipment. Whether for professional use or personal enjoyment, the DP1400 offers an intuitive interface and exceptional audio quality, making it suitable for a wide range of environments and applications. With its customizable options and reliable performance, this portable radio promises seamless man-machine interaction that perfectly meets your communication needs.
Motorola DP2400e MotoTRBO Handheld Two-Way Radio UHF DMR
500 $
The Motorola DP2400e Mototrbo Handheld Two-Way Radio is a versatile and affordable communication solution, designed with UHF DMR technology to deliver top-notch audio performance. Perfect for professional use, this lightweight and compact device offers advanced features, such as superior audio quality, improved range, and extended battery life. Its durable design and intuitive operation make it an ideal choice for staying connected in a variety of challenging environments and work conditions. Add efficiency and safety to your communication experience with the Motorola DP2400e two-way radio.
Motorola DP2400e MotoTRBO Handheld Two-Way Radio VHF
500 $
Discover the robust capabilities of the Motorola DP2400e Mototrbo Handheld Two-Way Radio VHF, designed for efficient communication on the go. Experience crystal-clear digital audio quality with enhanced features such as improved range, better battery life, and more customizable options. This compact and lightweight device is perfect for various professional applications where communication is crucial. With its advanced technology and competitive pricing, the DP2400e is an excellent choice for those seeking reliable and cost-effective two-way radio solutions. Boost your team's efficiency and stay connected with the Motorola DP2400e.
Motorola DP2600e MOTOTRBO Digital Two-Way Radio UHF
550 $
Experience enhanced connectivity, safety, and efficiency with the Motorola DP2600e MOTOTRBO DIGITAL TWO-WAY RADIO UHF. This advanced digital two-way radio delivers crystal-clear communication for your team, with extended range capabilities and a durable design. Thanks to its advanced digital technology, the DP2600e offers top-of-the-line features such as intelligent audio, emergency button, and a crisp OLED display. Its UHF frequency ensures reliable and long-range communication, making it an ideal choice for professionals across various industries. Discover seamless communication with the Motorola DP2600e, designed to keep your team always connected and equipped for success.
Motorola DP2600e MOTOTRBO Digital Two-Way Radio VHF
550 $
The Motorola DP2600e MOTOTRBO™ Digital Two-Way Radio delivers enhanced connectivity, increased safety, and exceptional efficiency in a VHF communication device. Its digital capabilities provide crystal-clear audio, advanced features, and robust system capacity, keeping your team connected with utmost clarity. The device offers a range of customizable features, such as integrated voice and data communication, GPS tracking, emergency call buttons, and varied battery capacities to ensure optimal power throughout your workday. As a result, the DP2600e keeps you in touch with colleagues, allowing for improved safety and collaboration in demanding environments. Experience the next level of two-way radio communication with the Motorola DP2600e.
Motorola DP3441e Portable Two-Way Radio UHF
850 $
Introducing the Motorola DP3441e, a cutting-edge MOTOTRBO™ portable two-way UHF radio that empowers you with increased agility, enhanced connectivity, and optimal safety. This compact and rugged device offers crystal-clear communication and advanced features, ensuring you stay connected with your team at all times. With its extended battery life, intelligent audio, and integrated GPS, the DP3441e delivers an exceptional communication experience. Its durability guarantees that the device functions reliably even in harsh environments, making it perfect for various industries such as construction, event management, and emergency services. Equip yourself with the Motorola DP3441e and experience the ultimate communication solution for your business.
Motorola DP3441e Portable Two-Way Radio VHF
850 $
Introducing the Motorola DP3441e Portable Two-Way Radio VHF - an advanced evolution of MOTOTRBO™ digital technology that enhances your agility, connectivity, and safety. This innovative VHF portable radio offers seamless communication, making it an invaluable tool for various industries with strict requirements. Its compact and robust design is perfect for use in challenging environments, ensuring reliable communication in any situation. The DP3441e is equipped with advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity, integrated GPS, Intelligent Audio, and emergency features for maximum safety and productivity. Upgrade your communication experience with the incredibly durable and versatile Motorola DP3441e PORTABLE TWO-WAY RADIO VHF.
Motorola DP3661e MOTOTRBO Portable VHF Radio
699 $
Introducing the Motorola DP3661e MOTOTRBO Portable Radio VHF, the ultimate device in digital two-way communication. This cutting-edge evolution of MOTOTRBO technology provides unparalleled agility, superior connectivity, and enhanced safety features. Designed for ultimate convenience and dependability, the Motorola DP3661e boasts exceptional audio performance, extended range, and impressive battery life. Its user-friendly interface enables seamless communication while on the go, ensuring that you stay better connected, informed, and protected at all times. Upgrade your communication experience with the remarkable Motorola DP3661e MOTOTRBO Portable Radio VHF and empower your team with a reliable, high-performance communication tool.
Motorola DP3661e MOTOTRBO UHF Portable Radio
699 $
Upgrade your communication experience with the Motorola DP3661e MOTOTRBO Portable Radio UHF - a powerful and versatile solution for optimal connectivity while on-the-go. This advanced digital two-way radio offers superior audio quality, extended battery life, and enhanced safety features to keep you agile and better connected in any environment. Built to be extremely rugged and designed for professional applications, the DP3661e ensures reliable communication even in harsh working conditions. With its intuitive user interface, advanced safety features, and seamless integration with other systems, the Motorola DP3661e MOTOTRBO Portable Radio is an ideal choice to stay connected, focused, and protected. Experience the difference today!
Motorola DP4400e MotoTRBO Radio UHF
750 $
Upgrade to the Motorola DP4400e Mototrbo Radio UHF for enhanced communication and performance. This next-generation handheld digital radio replaces the older Motorola DP4400 and boasts improved features, gaining immense popularity among users. Operating on UHF frequency bands, the DP4400e ensures clear and reliable communication in various environments. Its rugged design, extended battery life, and advanced functionalities make it a perfect choice for professionals in industries like construction, public safety, and event management. Experience seamless connectivity and top-notch performance with the Motorola DP4400e Mototrbo Radio UHF.
Motorola DP4400e MotoTRBO VHF Radio
699 $
Upgrade to the advanced Motorola DP4400e Mototrbo Radio VHF - a cutting-edge handheld digital radio that has effectively replaced the older generation Motorola DP4400. Highly popular among users, this device offers exceptional performance, extended range, and enhanced features. Its robust design ensures durability and functionality even in rugged environments. Ideal for businesses requiring reliable communication, the DP4400e seamlessly combines voice and data capabilities for efficient collaboration and increased productivity across teams. Experience the future of smooth connectivity and clear communication with the game-changing Motorola DP4400e Mototrbo Radio VHF.