List of products by brand Conotech

Conotech Thermal imaging camera Artemis 25
1587.27 $
ARTEMIS emerges as a high-precision thermal clip-on, boasting a compact and ultra-light design that seamlessly integrates with your daytime scopes. Utilizing an advanced 12um thermal imaging sensor with 384x288 pixel resolution, it delivers a relatively smaller field of view (FOV) but ensures unique, sharp, and high-contrast images, enhancing the identification of even the minutest details.
Conotech Thermal imaging camera Tracer LRF 35 Pro
1146.12 $
The Tracer LRF series of thermal cameras boasts an integrated laser rangefinder, capable of reaching distances of up to 1000 meters with a remarkable measurement accuracy of ± 1 meter. Featuring a highly sensitive thermal image Vox sensor with NETD 30mK, these cameras excel at detecting targets amidst challenging environmental conditions such as snow, dust, smoke, fog, haze, and other atmospheric obscurants.