List of products by brand TS Optics

TS 150 mm F/2,8 hypergraph (HYPERGRAPH6, OTA)
2074.15 $
The TS Hyperbolic Astrograph boasts a robust 150mm diameter and super-fast f/2.8 optics. Enhanced with a dedicated corrector, it renders a broad, flat field of view, perfectly suited for full-format matrices. This premium optical tube assembly (OTA) is tagged as HYPERGRAPH6 and is designed for detailed and vibrant astronomical imaging. It is a top-notch option for those passionate about celestial photography. Take advantage of its superb quality and capture the beauty of the cosmos with this astrograph.
TS 200 mm F/3,2 hypergraph (HYPERGRAPH8, OTA)
2778.65 $
Offering unmatched optical prowess, the TS 200 mm F/3.2 Hypergraph is a sophisticated telescope crafted for professional astrophotography and insightful celestial viewing. This innovative device comes with a HYPERGRAPH8 optical tube assembly (OTA), enabling you to enjoy a seamless observing or photography session. With the F/3.2 aperture that captures high-resolution images, you can delve into the universe's wonders and experience firsthand the spectacular visuals of the night sky. This cutting-edge telescope also boasts an array of advanced features, making it the perfect tool for astronomers and astrophotographers alike seeking to explore the cosmos in depth. The TS 200 mm F/3.2 Hypergraph provides a next-level stargazing and navigation experience, transporting the marvels of the universe right to your eyepiece.
TS 20x80 IF Binoculars with UHC Filters (SKU: TS2080Astro)
391.19 $
The TS Optics 20x80 Triplet Semi-APO binoculars redefine stargazing with their outstanding aperture power. These binoculars impress with their high resolution and tremendous light-collecting prowess, making them an ideal companion for both space and nature viewings. What sets them apart is the integrated UHC filters within the binocular frame, specifically designed to dramatically improve astronomical observations. Perceived impressions of the night sky are noticeably intensified thanks to these unique filters. Trust that SKU: TS2080Astro will deliver a viewing experience that's both immersive and breathtaking.
TS 25x100 LX / LE IF binocular
340 $
The TS 25x100 LE IF elevates your stargazing experience with its remarkable astronomical binoculars. It provides a high-end magnification power of 25x, matched with 100mm objective lenses, promising to deliver a clear, crisp and zoomed-in view of celestial bodies. What makes it stand out among other binoculars is its premium metal build and mechanical design, promising long-lasting durability and resilience during travels. These binoculars feature individual focus regulation for each eyepiece and a significant depth of focus, offering unmatched image clarity. Enjoy a comfortable and pleasant observing session with these binoculars that are made to ensure an extraordinary viewing experience.
TS Optics 10,5x70 MX Marine ED (SKU: TS1070MX)
352.05 $
The TS Optics 10.5x70 MX Marine ED binoculars are your ultimate solution to challenging lighting conditions. Ideal for astronomers observing the night sky, these binoculars deliver unparalleled performance whether used hand-held or mounted on a tripod, particularly in rural and dark suburban regions. With a specific SKU: TS1070MX, they are also an exceptional tool for night hunters and bird watchers seeking to enrich their experience. The TS Marine MX binoculars are finely-crafted for crystal-clear vision, giving users an edge in their professional or recreational pursuits.
TS Optics 10x50 MX Marine ED (SKU: TS1050MX)
324.65 $
The TS Optics 10x50 MX Marine ED binoculars are exemplary for bird watching, observing wildlife, and immersing oneself in star-studded night skies. Designed with superb visibility, these binoculars are optimal for stargazing in suburban areas as well as hunting in low-light, twilight conditions. Its 10x magnification power assures broad and precise imaging. These binoculars are also tailored to suit individuals aged 35-40, with a considerate design of a 5mm exit pupil. Depend on the TS Optics 10x50 MX Marine ED binoculars for a remarkable viewing experience in diverse environments. SKU: TS1050MX.
TS Optics 15x70 MX Marine ED (SKU: TS1570MX)
390 $
Exceed your viewing expectations with the TS Marine MX 15x70 binoculars. Its design is tailored specifically to perform outstandingly in challenging lighting environments. Ideal for astronomers, nocturnal hunters, and birdwatchers, these binoculars deliver fantastic results, whether used handheld or on a tripod. They assure premium viewing quality in both urban and rural settings, ensuring a viewing experience that is sure to captivate you. The TS1570MX is your trusted companion for any observational adventure.
TS Optics 15x85 MX Marine (SKU: TS1585MX)
493.5 $
Perfect for advanced bird watchers, astronomy enthusiasts, and night-time hunters, the TS Optics 15x85 MX Marine delivers an exceptional viewing experience. With their optimized performance in challenging lighting conditions, these binoculars allow for detailed observation even in poor lighting environments. Particularly effective in both urban and rural locations, these binoculars produce unparalleled clarity and sharpness when observing the night sky. Enjoy the wonders of the cosmos or the beauty of nature with the TS Optics 15x85 MX Marine binoculars, your ideal viewing companion. The product SKU is TS1585MX.
TS Optics 20x110 MX Marine (SKU: TS20110MX)
631.74 $
The TS Optics 20x110 MX Marine binoculars are an exceptional optical tool designed to provide stellar images of celestial bodies such as nebulae, galaxies, and the moon. The image brightness and clarity offered is unlike traditional telescopes, making them excellent for both astronomic and natural viewing. These binoculars provide the viewer with a true-to-life, three-dimensional effect thanks to their magnification power, comparable to that of small to medium-sized telescopes. Their plasticity and depth of image enhances your viewing experience, making it immersive and memorable. A must-add to your observation equipment collection, the TS 20x110 MX Marine binoculars do not disappoint.
TS Optics 25x100 Giant Astro Binoculars with Swing-In UHC Filters (SKU: TS25100Astro)
513 $
The TS 25x100 UHC LE IF Astro Binoculars rank amongst the exceptional offerings from TS Optics for superior stargazing experiences. Their outstanding features include a powerful 25x magnification and wide 100mm objective lenses, that bring the mysteries of the cosmos closer than ever. The built-in swing-in UHC filters further enhance the viewing quality by reducing light pollution. Uncover the awe-inspiring depths of the night sky with these giant astronomic binoculars, perfect for both amateur and seasoned astronomers. (SKU: TS25100Astro).
TS Optics 28x110 MX Marine Binoculars (SKU: TS28110MX)
700 $
The TS 28x110 MX Marine binoculars offer an unparalleled viewing experience that is highly impressive. Comprised of one of the largest scopes available, these binoculars are exceptional at capturing stunning images of galaxies, nebulae, and the moon with extraordinary clarity. Beyond their celestial capabilities, these binoculars are also highly versatile, ideal for field and natural observations. They boast superior image brightness that exceeds those of standard telescopes and have the same level of magnification as most telescopes. A standout feature of the TS 28x110 MX Marine is the vivid plasticity and depth of image, coupled with an engrossing 3D effect from binocular observation – these factors collectively set this product apart from others in the market.
TS Optics 7x50 MX Marine ED (SKU: TS750MX)
234.63 $
The TS750MX Optics 7x50 MX Marine ED binoculars are an extraordinary tool for sailing enthusiasts, bird watchers, nature explorers and stargazers. Designed with 7x magnification, they are also perfectly suitable for young hunters. These binoculars have an exit pupil of 7mm, which means they are particularly adapted for users above 40 years old. The TS750MX's exceptional large surface brightness makes them an excellent choice for viewing in dim lighting conditions. Experience the world with clarity with the TS Optics 7x50 MX Marine ED binoculars.
TS Optics Binoculars 20x80 Triplett
227.73 $
Setting a new benchmark in its category, the 20x80 Triplet APO is robust, catering to discerning nature enthusiasts and serving as an exceptional binocular telescope for astronomical exploration. Unlike typical doublet objectives, its triplet objective delivers noticeably superior image quality, minimizing false color and enhancing off-axis sharpness.
TS Optics Coma corrector 0.95x 2''
193.74 $
A coma corrector is a vital optical accessory designed specifically for Newtonian telescopes. These telescopes often exhibit a form of distortion known as "coma," which causes stars at the edge of the field of view to appear comet-like. To address this issue, the coma corrector, also known as a field flattener, is employed.
TS Optics Flattener 1x 2"/M48
140.15 $
The flattener is a vital component that ensures uniformity in astrophotography by addressing the slight curvature introduced by primary optics. This curvature often results in stars appearing less sharp at the edges of the field of view. Enter the flattener, also known as a field flattener, which effectively corrects this phenomenon, allowing astrophotographers to capture images where stars remain consistently sharp from edge to edge.
TS Optics Flattener/Reducer 0.8x
228.78 $
The flattener is a crucial optical component designed to rectify field curvature induced by primary optics. This curvature often results in diminished sharpness of stars at the periphery of the field of view. By evening out the field, the flattener—also known as a field flattener—ensures that astrophotographers can capture images with consistently sharp stars right to the edges of their exposures.
TS Optics Flattener/Reducer 0.8x M54/M48
185.5 $
The flattener, also known as a field flattener, is a vital lens that rectifies the slight curvature in the field caused by primary optics. This curvature often leads to reduced sharpness of stars at the periphery of the field of view. By evening out this field curvature, the flattener ensures that stars remain consistently sharp throughout the entire exposure.