List of products by brand DayStar

DayStar QUARK H-alpha filter Gemini
3059.03 $
Introducing the Daystar Quark Gemini, a revolutionary tool that combines both Prominence and Chromosphere bandpass filters, allowing instant switching between the two views. With this innovative device, observers can seamlessly transition between broad-stroked prominences and high-contrast narrow bandpass views without the need for equipment swapping or refocusing.
DayStar QUARK Magnesium I (b2) Line
1831.18 $
Magnesium is a notably magnetized element present on the sun, known for its high temperatures during energetic activity. Spectroscopically, the Zeeman effect manifests as a "splitting" of the line, where dark absorption occurs slightly above and below the typical wavelength of non-magnetized activity, notably at 5172Å.