List of products by brand em-trak

Em-Trak A200 Class A AIS Transceiver
2168 $
Introducing the em-trak A200 Class A AIS transceiver, specially designed for commercial vessels in need of exceptional performance and dependable AIS capabilities. This high-quality device offers enhanced functionality to ensure the safety and seamless communication of your vessel at all times. Its superior features make it an essential piece of equipment for a wide range of maritime operations. Equip your vessel with the em-trak A200 and experience unmatched reliability and performance. (Part Number 425-0012)
Em-trak B200 AIS Class B 5W Transceiver
1403 $
Introducing the em-trak B200 AIS Class B 5W Transceiver - a highly reliable and efficient communication device, perfect for dedicated ocean sailors seeking top-notch safety features. This advanced transceiver comes with a 5W high transmit power output and prioritized AIS Class B, ensuring maximum range and transmission priority for exceptional clarity in communication. Its Part Number is 429-0007. Choose the em-trak B200 for enhanced safety and unbeatable performance on your sailing adventures.
Em-Trak B400 Class B 5W AIS Transceiver
1595 $
The em-trak B400 Class B 5W AIS Transceiver is a powerful, self-contained plug-and-play device designed to provide optimal communication and safety at sea. With a part number 427-0003, this all-in-one unit seamlessly integrates into your existing marine electronics system. Its 5-watt power output ensures reliable and efficient information exchange with other vessels and coastal stations. The B400 transceiver is fully compliant with international regulations, making it suitable for various boating applications. Easy to install and use, the em-trak B400 is an excellent choice for enhancing your on-board communication and navigation capabilities while ensuring safety and compliance.
Em-Trak B921 Class B 2W AIS Transceiver
637 $
Introducing the em-trak B921 Class B 2W AIS Transceiver, a reliable and high-performance solution for enhancing your vessel's safety and communication capabilities. As a part of the B92x series, this standard power AIS transceiver offers 2W transmission power and seamless compatibility with both NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 systems. With its easy-to-install design, the B921 simplifies your navigation experience while providing crucial information about surrounding vessels, improving situational awareness and overall safety on the water. Choose the em-trak B921 (Part Number 430-0001) for dependable, cutting-edge maritime communication technology.
Em-Trak B922 (Wi-Fi and BT) Class B 2W AIS Transceiver
934 $
Introducing the em-trak B922 Class B 2W AIS transceiver, a high-quality and reliable marine communication device with advanced features. This compact, powerful device is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for seamless integration with your onboard smart devices. Its Part Number is 430-0003. The em-trak B922 ensures exceptional performance in terms of range and message reception in congested areas. It's an essential piece of equipment for any boater looking to improve their situational awareness and safety on the water by staying informed about the movements of other vessels in the vicinity. Upgrade your marine communication capabilities with the superior em-trak B922 transceiver.
Em-trak B923 (with VHF splitter) Class B 2W AIS Transceiver
829 $
Introducing the em-trak B923 Class B 2W AIS Transceiver with an integrated VHF splitter, providing unparalleled safety and communication capabilities for your marine adventures. This advanced device (Part Number 430-0005) ensures reliable and efficient vessel tracking and information exchange, while the built-in VHF antenna splitter allows for seamless integration with your existing VHF radio system. Designed for performance and reliability, the em-trak B923 enhances situational awareness, collision avoidance, and communication with other vessels and marine traffic monitoring stations. Choose the em-trak B923 for a worry-free sailing experience.
Em-Trak B924 Class B 2W AIS Transceiver with Wi-Fi, BT, and VHF Splitter
1189 $
Introducing the em-trak B924 Class B 2W AIS Transceiver, a high-performance device designed for optimal communication at sea. This powerful unit features built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for seamless integration with your existing marine electronics. With its integrated VHF antenna and splitter, the B924 ensures exceptional reception and transmission of AIS data. Part Number 430-0007, this compact and robust transceiver is an essential addition to any vessel's communication system, providing increased safety, convenience, and performance on the water. Don't compromise on your communication needs - upgrade to the em-trak B924 today.
Em-trak B951 Class B 5W AIS Transceiver
765 $
Introducing the em-trak B951 Class B 5W AIS transceiver, a reliable and high-performance solution designed for enhanced marine navigation and safety. This standard power transceiver boasts a 5W output and is compatible with both NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 interfaces. As part of the B95x series, the B951 (Part Number 430-0009) seamlessly integrates with your vessel's existing systems, ensuring real-time tracking, communication, and collision avoidance with other ships. Experience peace of mind knowing you have a trusted and technologically advanced transceiver supporting you on your maritime adventures.
Em-Trak B952 (Wi-Fi and BT) Class B 5W AIS Transceiver
1063 $
Introducing the em-trak B952 Class B 5W AIS transceiver - a state-of-the-art communication device designed for unrivaled safety and convenience on the water. Boasting an integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, this transceiver ensures seamless connectivity for an enhanced marine experience. The durable and reliable em-trak B952 operates on a power-efficient 5W platform and is the perfect addition to your vessel. Stay connected and gain outstanding situational awareness with this top-of-the-line AIS transceiver. Order now using Part Number 430-0011 and elevate your boating experience with the em-trak B952.
Em-trak B953 (with VHF Splitter) Class B 5W AIS Transceiver
956 $
Introducing the em-trak B953 Class B 5W AIS Transceiver with VHF Splitter (Part Number 430-0013) - a high-performance, reliable, and user-friendly device designed to improve your boating experience and safety. This advanced Class B AIS transceiver features a 5W power output and a built-in VHF antenna splitter, allowing you to share a single VHF antenna with both your AIS system and VHF radio for easy installation and seamless communication. With its excellent range, accuracy, and rapid target update rate, you'll be able to navigate with confidence and stay aware of nearby vessels, making your journeys on the water safer and more enjoyable. Don't miss out on this exceptional piece of marine technology and upgrade your vessel's capabilities today!
Em-Trak B954 Class B 5W AIS Transceiver (Wi-Fi, BT, and VHF Splitter)
1318 $
Introducing the em-trak B954 Class B 5W AIS transceiver, a high-performance device designed to enhance your marine communication and navigation experience. Featuring built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities for seamless connectivity, this transceiver ensures real-time information updates that can be easily monitored on your preferred devices. The integrated VHF antenna splitter allows you to use your existing VHF radio antenna, reducing the need for additional installations. With a 5W power output, the em-trak B954 is perfect for boats and mariners who demand reliable and accurate AIS data. Order today under Part Number 430-0015 and enhance your on-the-water safety and awareness.
Em-Trak I100-X Identifier - Class B Small Vessel Tracker
743 $
Introducing the em-trak I100-X Identifier - a Class B small vessel tracker designed to ensure optimum safety, reliability, and performance for your vessel. Our product, with part number 417-0077, offers state-of-the-art technology for tracking and monitoring small boats and yachts with ease and precision. Equipped with advanced features like automatic identification system (AIS), this powerful tracking device delivers accurate and real-time data for enhanced navigation and situational awareness. Don't miss the chance to keep your small vessel monitored and protected with the em-trak I100-X Identifier.
Em-Trak I100-X LED Indicator Box Kit
93 $
The em-trak I100-X is a high-performance LED Indicator Box Kit, designed to enhance the functionality of your small vessel tracker unit. This kit maximizes visibility with its bright LED indicators, ensuring you have an easy time viewing your tracking data no matter the lighting conditions. This easy-to-install kit comes with part number 417-0068. With the em-trak I100-X LED Indicator Box, you will enjoy more convenience and control over your navigation experience. It's a must-have addition for any modern seafarer aiming for enhanced tracking and navigation.
Em-Trak I100-X Power Cable
74 $
The em-trak I100-X Power Cable, with the part number 301-0130, is a vital accessory for your I100-X device. It provides a reliable, secure connection between your em-trak I100-X transceiver and a battery or solar-powered system. This robust power cable ensures optimal performance of your device, reducing energy consumption while maximizing system uptime and efficiency. With its easy installation process, it's designed to satisfy your tech needs while offering you the convenience of a greener, more sustainable energy solution. If you're looking to get the best performance out of your em-trak I100-X device, this power cable is an essential addition.
Em-Trak Programming Kit for BT100 Buoy-Tracker and I100 Small Vessel Tracker
254 $
The em-trak Programming Kit is a crucial accessory for the BT100 BUOY-Tracker and the I100 Small Vessel Tracker. This kit allows you to program multiple BUOY-Trackers, critical for tracking and locating your buoy or small vessel. With part number 417-0047, this kit is designed to improve your safety and monitoring capabilities at sea. Users will appreciate its straightforward operation and robust performance. Keep track of your marine assets with ease using the em-trak Programming Kit. Don't miss your chance to enhance your tracking system with this reliable and user-friendly tool.
Em-Trak R300 AIS Receiver
303 $
Introducing the em-trak R300 AIS Receiver, a compact and robust dual-channel AIS device specifically designed for commercial vessels of all types. This feature-rich gadget ensures efficient, dependable, and high-performance real-time AIS data reception. With its easy installation and compatibility with various navigation systems, the em-trak R300 AIS Receiver (Part Number 413-0058) offers enhanced safety and seamless navigation for your maritime operations. Invest in reliable technology to secure your vessel and crew's safety as they traverse the seas.
Em-Trak S300 AIS Antenna Splitter VHF
364 $
Introducing the em-trak S300 AIS Antenna Splitter for VHF Radio - an ideal solution to optimize your marine communication needs. This high-performance device (Part Number 413-0060) allows you to connect both your AIS transceiver and VHF radio to a single antenna, eliminating the need for multiple antennas and reducing clutter on your vessel. Its advanced technology ensures minimal signal loss and maximum reception quality for both systems, providing you with clear and reliable communication while out at sea. Enhance your safety and communication capabilities by upgrading to the em-trak S300 AIS Antenna Splitter today!
Em-trak SART100 IMO/SOLAS Certified AIS Transponder
637 $
Introducing the em-trak SART100, an IMO-SOLAS certified AIS search and rescue transponder designed to provide a reliable and efficient solution for maritime safety and emergency situations. Part Number 409-0018, this advanced transponder utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure prompt detection and response during critical moments at sea. Equipped with superior performance features, em-trak SART100 is built to conform with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) specifications, enhancing your vessel's safety and communication capabilities. Invest in peace of mind and maritime security with the em-trak SART100 AIS transponder.