List of products by brand PegasusAstro

PegasusAstro DewMaster
203.54 $
DewMaster is tailored for visual astronomers, offering the capability to connect up to five dew heaters, each controllable individually via PWM duty cycle. Its fully digital operation and high-resolution red film display ensure quick and effortless device control. With a glance, you can monitor the consumed amperage and input voltage.
PegasusAstro Focusing Motor FocusCube v2 for SC Telescopes (C6, C8, C9.25)
328.16 $
As astronomical technology advances, the need for highly accurate telescope focusing becomes increasingly apparent. With the rapid evolution of optics and camera devices, automatic focusing at regular intervals is essential to maintain optimal image quality, particularly in response to temperature fluctuations affecting focal length. Developed to meet these demands, the Pegasus FocusCube stands out as an ideal solution.
PegasusAstro Motor Focus Kit v2 (Universal)
116.31 $
Achieve precise and rapid focusing for your telescope with our robust Motor Focus Kit. Featuring a high-resolution geared motor, this kit ensures accuracy with a 0.06-degree step size and the ability to effortlessly lift over 6 kg per cm. Its high torque capability makes it ideal for handling heavy imaging equipment, while the low backlash gearbox can be finely tuned using imaging software's backlash compensation feature.
PegasusAstro Uranus Meteo Sensor
394.62 $
Meet the Uranus Meteo Station – your ultimate companion for astronomers and astrophotographers. This compact device, smaller than a cigarette box, packs a punch with its array of digital sensors. It accurately reports ambient temperature, humidity, pressure, cloud height, cloud coverage, astronomical dawn, twilight time, and night sky brightness.
PegasusAstro USB Control Hub
211.85 $
Introducing the Pegasus Astro USB Control Hub, or UCH for short. This powerhouse of connectivity is a SuperSpeed (SS), low-power, switchable USB3.1 Gen1 hub, fully compliant with USB-IF's USB 3.1 Gen1 specification. It supports Hi-Speed (HS), Full Speed (FS), and Low Speed (LS) data transfers, ensuring seamless connectivity for your astronomical gear.