List of products by brand GSO

GSO 10" F/12 M-LRC Classical Cassegrain Truss Carbon OTA
2543.81 $
The GSO 10" F/12 M-LRC Classical Cassegrain Truss Carbon OTA is breathing new life into the once-forgotten Cassegrain telescope in the world of astronomy. Produced by the highly-regarded Taiwanese GSO factory, this telescope combines vintage design with innovative technology. Its exceptional performance is sure to impress both beginners and seasoned observers. Boasting unique features such as detailed sharpness and contrast for planet viewing, this telescope reveals spectacular deep sky objects with ease. As part of the touted truss-tube line, it's crafted with quality carbon fiber for lightweight durability. This evident resurgence in popularity is likely to cement the Cassegrain's place within modern astronomy.
GSO 150/600mm 6" F/4 OTA M-LRN (SKU: 550) optical tube
348.53 $
The GSO 150/600mm 6" F/4 OTA M-LRN (SKU: 550) optical tube is a high-end telescope designed especially for astrophotography. This setup features a high quality 150 mm F/4 mirror (6 inches) and a focal length of 600mm, ensuring crisp, clear images of far away galaxies and nebulae. The telescope includes a monorail 2"/1.25" focuser with a 10:1 microscope for precision focusing. A 6x30 finder aids in locating your celestial subject with ease. The telescope's parabolic mirror is ideal for capturing bright, detailed images, while its compact size and light weight (just 5.5 kg including clamps) make it portable and convenient to use. Whether you're an amateur astronomer or a seasoned astrophographer, this OTA M-LRN is a premier choice for capturing the wonders of the night sky.
GSO 8" F/12 M-LRS Classical Cassegrain Metal OTA (Black)
764.9 $
The GSO 8" F/12 M-LRS Classical Cassegrain Metal OTA is a testimony to the resurgent popularity of the Cassegrain telescope in the realm of astronomy. Expertly crafted by the acclaimed Taiwanese manufacturer, GSO, this model redefines quality with its durable, black metal body. The Cassegrain design is lauded for its distinct features and superior functionality, and with this model, you can be sure of an unparalleled stargazing experience. This product signifies not just a telescope, but a timeless piece of optical engineering that truly stands out in its category. Its comeback in the market is anticipated to endure, marking the Classical Cassegrain's permanent place in the world of astronomy.
GSO Cassegrain 6" F/12 150 mm classic Cassegrain OTA
402.78 $
Experience the revived beauty of the Cassegrain telescope, expertly crafted by the renowned Taiwanese manufacturer, GSO. The GSO Cassegrain 6" F/12 150 mm Classic Cassegrain OTA unveils a wealth of singular attributes that sets it apart. This scope enhances your stargazing experience, producing clear and sharp images owing to its superior F/12 focal ratio. With a 150mm aperture, it ensures ample light gathering capabilities to spot distant celestial bodies. The compact and portable design of this classic OTA makes it perfect for both amateur and experienced astronomers seeking superior image quality without compromising portability. Dive deeper into the cosmos with the classic Cassegrain OTA, a true trailblazer in modern astronomy.
GSO Dobson 12" DeLuxe 305/1500 M-CRF (model 980)
780 $
In the world of star-gazing, the GSO Dobson 12 "DeLuxe 305/1500 M-CRF telescope sets the standard for extraordinary celestial viewing. Its primary mirror, with innovative rotary paraboloid shape, is 305 mm in diameter, presenting a focal length of 1500 mm for striking light intensity of f/4.9. This high-powered telescope is a proud creation of the well-respected Taiwanese GSO factory, celebrated for crafting optics that push the boundaries of light to offer optimal image clarity. The GSO Dobson 12" DeLuxe is a powerful tool for observing solar system phenomena, stargazing at nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters, and always delivers top-tier performances.
GSO Dobson 16" TRUSS Deluxe 406/1800 M-CRF
2054.58 $
The GSO Dobson 16" TRUSS DeLuxe 406/1800 M-CRF is a top-of-the-line telescope with a main mirror featuring a 406 mm rotating parabolic shape and a 1800 mm focal length, creating a light f/4.45. GSO, a respected manufacturer, ensures this telescope offers top quality optics known for their outstanding diffraction. The GSO Dobson is such a high-performing telescope that the quality of the images depends purely on the inherent properties of light. It has an open, skeletal design, ensuring impressive imaging capabilities across a multitude of astronomical entities. With this telescope, you will be able to study in detail solar system objects, star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies, among others.
GSO Dobson 8" Deluxe 203/1200 M-CRF (SKU: 680)
410.26 $
The GSO Dobson 8 "DeLuxe 203/1200 M-CRF is a high-performing telescope engineered for comprehensive visual observations of not only celestial bodies within our Solar System but also star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies. Crafted by the esteemed GSO factory in Taiwan, it boasts a top-tier main mirror with a unique rotary paraboloid shape, spanning 203 mm in diameter and fitted with a focal length of 1200 mm (light f/6). The GSO name attests to a devotion towards producing supreme-grade optics, guaranteeing reduced diffraction and superior image quality. Offering stellar performance, this cutting-edge telescope opens up the universe for in-depth exploration. Product Code: SKU 680.
GSO Dobson Deluxe 10" 254/1250 M-CRF
585 $
The GSO Dobson 10 "DeLuxe 254/1250 M-CRF telescope is a powerful piece of optical equipment, showcasing a high-quality main mirror with a rotary paraboloidal shape. Sporting a 254mm diameter and a 1250mm focal length (light f/4.9), this telescope promises superior optics. Constructed by the highly esteemed Taiwanese GSO factory, it is recognized for producing optics with minimal diffraction, thus ensuring the image quality remains primarily constrained by the properties of light itself. Experience breathtaking views of diverse astronomical entities such as solar system bodies, star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies with this exceptional telescope.
GSO N-203/1000 M-CRF OTA Optical Tube (Model 630)
330 $
For astronomy enthusiasts, the GSO N-203/1000 M-CRF OTA optical tube is an outstanding tool engineered for the Newtonian system. It boasts a main mirror diameter of 203mm and a 1000mm focal length, enabling detailed visual observations and astrophotography. This model, 630, is versatile and can accommodate varying eyepiece standards due to its 2-inch focuser with a 1.25 inch microfitter 10:1 reduction. You can trust this optical tube for precision focusing and unparalleled astronomical viewing experience.
GSO N-203/800 M-CRF OTA (model 600)
420.61 $
Are you ready to embark on a celestial journey like never before? The GSO N-203/800 M-CRF OTA is here to open up the universe for you. This complete optical tube, designed in the Newtonian system, boasts a 203mm main mirror and a focal length of 800mm (with a fast F/4 light ratio). It's more than just a telescope; it's a versatile astronomical instrument that enables advanced visual observations and astrophotography, making it an essential tool for stargazers and astrophotography enthusiasts.
GSO N-254/1250 F/5 M-CRF OTA (model 830)
485.04 $
The GSO N-254/1250 F/5 M-CRF OTA (model 830) is a top-tier optical tube specifically designed for astrophotography and advanced visual observations. Perfect for capturing Solar System objects, star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies, this optical tube is outfitted with a 254 mm F/5 mirror (10 inches) and a focal length of 1250 mm. The combination of impressive specifications, remarkable optical quality, and robust craftsmanship make GSO N-254/1250 F/5 M-CRF OTA the preferred choice for astronomers. This model delivers an unparalleled viewing experience, pushing the boundaries of celestial exploration.
GSO RC 12" 304/2432 f/8 Ritchey-Chretien M-LRC OTA (White)
2935.2 $
The GSO RC Ritchey-Chretien 12" 304/2432 f/8 OTA M-LRC (white) is an optical tube tailor-made for astrophotography enthusiasts. This telescope stands out by utilizing the renowned Ritchey-Chretien system, known for its effective correction of coma and astigmatism. This winning feature sets it apart as one of the most admired optical designs in the astronomic telescope sector. Unique to the RC series, the use of two hyperbolic mirrors eliminates coma and astigmatism to provide crisp and clear images. A standout characteristic of this model is its design which omits the use of correctors and lenses, thus removing any risk of chromatic aberration. All these features make this the ideal choice for those demanding top-quality astrophotographic outputs.
873.23 $
The GSO RC OTA 8" f/8 M-LRS is a premium-quality optical tube designed specifically for high-precision astrophotography. It uses a genuine Ritchey-Chretien (RC) system, widely lauded for its superior ability to correct coma and astigmatism, leading to clearer and more vibrant images. This specific system employs two hyperbolic mirrors, delivering enhanced light bending to fully eliminate coma and astigmatism. The distinctive advantage of the RC design is the absence of lenses and correctors, thereby negating any potential chromatic aberration. Hence, this optical tube offers a unique capacity to capture superb detailed and clear photos of celestial bodies, making it an invaluable equipment piece for hobbyist and professional astrophotographers.
GSO RC Ritchey-Chretien 12" 304/2432 f/8 Carbon Truss OTA
3130.89 $
The GSO RC 12" f / 8 Telescope is a top-tier optical instrument specialized for the needs of compact observatories. It boasts a sturdy construction of carbon fibers and is built with a 3-inch monorail, valued for its remarkable stability and longevity. The telescope's lattice design, paired with its carbon truss optical tube assembly (OTA), further enhances its robustness. Additionally, with its 304/2432 focal length, it serves as an excellent astrograph for celestial photography. Embrace the cosmos like never before with this cutting-edge, reliable telescope.
GSO RC Ritchey-Chretien 6" f/9 M-CRF OTA
406.65 $
The GSO RC OTA is a premium optical tube perfect for advanced astrophotography. Its unique design includes a genuine Ritchey-Chretien (RC) system that stands out among other astronomical telescopes for its superior correction of coma and astigmatism. This system's effectiveness is primarily credited to the two hyperbolic mirrors incorporated into its design. These mirrors not only effectively minimize coma and astigmatism, but also bypass chromatic aberration issues by completely avoiding the use of correctors and lenses commonly found in other telescopes. With a 6" f/9 M-CRF size, the GSO RC Ritchey-Chretien OTA provides the ultimate option for serious sky enthusiasts. Enjoy a stargazing experience like never before.