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Askar 0,76x full frame reducer for Askar 80 PHQ
279.35 $
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The Askar f/5.7 (80PHQ) Reducer is a specialised accessory, explicitly designed to use with the Askar 80PHQ astrograph. This exemplary tool provides excellent field correction, ensuring ultra-clear and high-quality celestial images. It's compatible with professional cameras and camcorders equipped with a full-frame matrix. This allows for an exceptional range of photographic possibilities, making it a fantastic addition for both professional astrophotographers and astronomy enthusiasts. With its 0.76x reducing capability, it significantly expands the field of view, ensuring that every breathtaking celestial event is perfectly framed and captured in stunning detail. Experience the cosmos like never before with the Askar 80PHQ Reducer.
Askar 0,7x full frame reducer for Askar 107 PHQ / 130 PHQ
399.16 $
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The Askar 107PHQ / 130PHQ Universal Reducer is a specially designed attachment to significantly enhance the performance of your Askar 107PHQ and 130PHQ astrographs. This innovative device is key to achieving superb field correction, making it a perfect companion for professional cameras and camcorders possessing a full-frame sensor. With its ability to reduce the photography field to 0.7x, it brings a world of difference in your astro-photographic quality, providing clear, sharp, and wide-field images. Use the Askar Universal Reducer for a viewing experience like no other.
Askar 1,25" LRGB filter set
206.46 $
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The Askar LRGB 1.25" filter set is specifically designed to work in tandem with monochrome cameras equipped with CMOS and CCD sensors for astrophotography. These filters are crafted from high-quality glass substrates, each with a thickness of 1.85 mm, ensuring exceptional performance. Notably, they boast an impressive transmittance rate, exceeding ± 90% within their specified spectral ranges.
Askar 103 APO f/6,8 103/700
1010 $
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The Askar 103 APO is a versatile modular astrograph designed to cater to both seasoned astrophotographers and passionate visual observers. With its exceptional optical characteristics, this telescope offers a superior stargazing experience.
Askar 130PHQ APO 130/1000 f/7,7 OTA
3280 $
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The Askar 130PHQ APO 130/1000 f/7.7 OTA is a top-tier astrograph that accommodates everyone, from novices dipping their toes into astrophotography to seasoned professionals honing their craft. Its impressive optical properties make it a fantastic choice for enthusiasts who are venturing into professional astrophotography. Moreover, its sturdy, reliable design suits experienced users seeking a high-performance optical tube. Using advanced technology and a 130mm aperture, it guarantees superior astro-imaging performance in capturing celestial objects. This array of features makes the Askar 130PHQ APO an esteemed instrument in the field of astrophotography.
Askar 2" LRGB filter set
311.3 $
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The Askar 2" LRGB filter set features filters constructed from top-tier glass substrate, each measuring 1.85mm in thickness. A highlight of these filters is their superior transmittance, exceeding ± 90% within their designated spectral range. Impressively, they also demonstrate proficient light-blocking abilities for wavelengths outside the filter window. These features contribute to the sharp, high-contrast images that astrophotographers desire. The filters are specially designed to enhance and improve color balance and saturation in the images captured and are inherently resistant to any potential damage from extended exposure to direct sunlight.
ASKAR 200 mm F/4 APO lens Gen. 2 (SKU: ACL200-G2)
750 $
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The Askar ACL200 G2 is a sophisticated lens crafted for astronomy photography enthusiasts who use full-frame matrix cameras. The improved version of this highly-acclaimed lens maintains the optical excellence of its predecessor but includes enhancements based on customer suggestions. A key upgrade to this product is the reshaped mount, which now comes with an inclusive Vixen foot. This feature simplifies the attachment of a guider or an ASIAIR computer, further demonstrating the Askar ACL200 G2's elevated compatibility and user convenience. Showcasing impeccable design and functionality, this lens is perfect for capturing the magnificent wonders of the night sky.
Askar 65PHQ 65/416 f/6,4 Flatfield APO Astrograph
1086.74 $
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The Askar 65PHQ 65/416 f/6,4 Flatfield APO Astrograph is a versatile instrument designed to meet the needs of both beginner and seasoned astrophotographers. Its superior optical characteristics make it an excellent starter tool for those embarking on their professional astrophotography journey. At the same time, its reliable functionality makes it a preferred choice for advanced users in need of a robust optical tube. The Askar 65PHQ stands out among its larger counterparts in the PHQ series for those favouring a compact, lightweight setup, optimising mobile observation and photography experiences.
Askar 80PHQ 80/600 f/7,5 APO quadruplet
1750 $
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The Askar 80PHQ 80/600 f/7,5 APO quadruplet is an outstanding astrograph tailored to meet the needs of both neophyte astrographers seeking to venture into the field and experienced professionals looking for a dependable optical tube. This model, serving as a reliable alternative to the 107PHQ telescope, is particularly known for its ease of assembly and user-friendly nature. The 80PHQ is ideal for mobile observation and astrophotography setups, eliminating the typical hassles associated with complex equipment arrangements. Offering precision optics and superior quality, the Askar 80PHQ enhances your celestial viewing experience.
Askar f / 3.9 Full Frame Reducer for FRA600 / 5.6 Flatfield Astrograph (SKU: ASKAR65RD or AS108RED / ASRED108)
419.13 $
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The Askar FRA600 f/3.9 Full Frame Reducer is specifically engineered to pair with the Askar FRA600/5.6 Flatfield Astrograph. This precision-made accessory boasts exceptional field correction capabilities, a significant feature for photography and filming professionals. It has been designed to enhance and simplify its interaction with full-frame sensor equipment, including top-tier cameras and camcorders. This product provides the opportunity to capture extraordinary celestial images in high resolution. Please note its SKU identifiers are ASKAR65RD, AS108RED and ASRED108. This custom-made accessory is a versatile and essential addition to your astrophotography toolkit.
Askar f / 3.9 Full-Frame Reducer for FRA400 / FRA500 Flatfield Astrograph (SKU: ASRED72)
279.35 $
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Upgrade your astrophotography with the Askar f / 3.9 Full-Frame Reducer, designed especially for the FRA400/FRA500 Flatfield Astrograph. Specifically tailored to amplify the performance of the FRA400, this reducer guarantees an exceptional field correction. Another key feature includes its broad compatibility with professional grade cameras and camcorders equipped with a full-frame sensor. The reducer enhances the astrograph performance, allowing it to capture more detailed and stunning images of celestial objects. Increase the reach of your astrograph without compromising the image quality with the Askar f / 3.9 Full-Frame Reducer. Make sure to include SKU: ASRED72 when you order.
Askar F/7 107/749 mm PHQ 107 Quadruplet Flatfield Super APO Astrograph
2543.81 $
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The Askar 107PHQ 107/749 mm F/7 Quadruplet Flatfield Super APO Astrograph is an impeccable choice for novice and seasoned astrophotographers alike. This highly dependable optical tube delivers impressive optical features beneficial for expert astrophotography. It uses a four-element lens system to provide flat, distortion-free images without chromatic aberration. Its 749 mm focal length and F/7 aperture offer an exceptional balance between brightness and sharpness, perfect for capturing vivid and detailed images of celestial objects. With its robust build and unparalleled performance, the Askar 107PHQ represents a remarkable asset for professional astrophotography.
ASKAR FMA135 fi 30 mm / 135 mm f/4,5 APO astrograph / telephoto lens / guider / travel scope (SKU: FMA135)
294.29 $
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The Askar FMA 135 astrograph/telephoto lens is a multi-faceted instrument comparable in quality to the esteemed Askar FMA180 model. It offers a 135mm focal length and incorporates an apochromatic triplet with a single element made from reduced dispersion (ED) glass. This innovative optical system, coupled with a three-element flattener, ensures superior light transmission and a flat field. The FMA 135 is meticulously designed to meet the demands of both regular and full-frame cameras, making it an ideal choice for astrophotographers. In addition to astrophotography, it can also be used as a telephoto lens or as a guide scope for your travel adventures. With its SKU FMA135, it’s a high-performing addition to any toolkit.
ASKAR FMA180 180 mm f/4,5 APO tele-lens / guider / travel scope (SKU: FMA180)
367 $
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The versatile Askar FMA 180 performs multiple tasks - serving as an astrophotographic lens, guide scope, and portable travel telescope. The standout feature is its apochromatic (APO) triplet optical design, boasting two high-quality glass elements engineered to effectively reduce chromatic aberration. Furthermore, the Askar FMA 180 can be paired with a three-element focal length reducer to transform into a high-power, flat-field refractor. This makes it an exceptional tool for astrophotography, especially when used with APS-C cameras - enhancing your stargazing experience or capturing the vast expanse of celestial bodies and the cosmos with crisp precision. Order product SKU: FMA180 now to witness the cosmos like never before!
Askar FMA180Pro
420.61 $
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The Askar FMA180 Pro takes the baton from its widely acclaimed predecessor, the FMA180 model, and effortlessly surpasses it with enhanced features. Known for its breathtaking optical performance, the FMA180 Pro carries forward this legacy, only to amplify it for the discerning users. And yes, it's specifically developed with astrophotographers, professional guiders, and visual observers in mind. This indicates that its unmatched capabilities are suited for those who set high standards in their pursuits. In essence, it's more than just an upgrade; it's a remarkable tool in the field of astronomy and astrophotography.
ASKAR FMA230 50 mm f230 mm f/4,6
698.54 $
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The Askar FMA230 50mm astronomical optics system is a top-tier instrument specifically designed to cater to visual observation and astrophotography needs. Boasting a practical modular design, this device easily transitions between different applications, positioning itself as an extremely versatile astrograph. The telescope offers an aperture of 50mm and a focal length of 230mm with an f-stop of f/4.6. Ideal for professional astronomers and hobbyists alike, it ensures excellent observational quality, sharp imaging and embodies high-performance optics to make your space exploration experience unforgettable.
Askar FRA300 300/5 APO fi 60 mm
1050 $
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New to our online store is the latest addition to the renowned Askar FRA series - the FRA 300 PRO model. As one of the industry's premier refractor providers, Askar is revered for its matchless optical and mechanical quality. It is designed specifically to cater to the needs of astrophotography enthusiasts. Despite its compact design, there is no compromise when it comes to light output, making it perfect for capturing high-quality celestial images. Unveiled in 2022, this refined model uses 300/5 APO, complete with a focal length of 60mm, ensuring superior performance. It's indeed an ideal choice for both amateur and experienced astrophotographers. Invest in the FRA 300 PRO model today for an unmatched stargazing experience.
Askar FRA400 400/5,6 APO fi 72 mm
1220 $
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The Askar FRA400 400/5.6 APO telescope is a member of the highly regarded Askar FRA series, known for their exceptional optical and mechanical benchmarks. Specifically crafted for astrophotography, these tools come equipped with a built-in field corrector for outstanding image quality. The FRA400 400/5.6 APO model, in particular, is considered a premium astrograph. Its superior optic system is a composite of two sets of five lenses, resulting in exquisite precision and detail for your astrological observations. With a lens diameter of 72mm, this device captures a larger amount of light for enhanced clarity. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the stars with the Askar FRA400 400/5.6 APO telescope.
Askar FRA500 500/5,6 APO fi 90 mm
2070 $
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The Askar FRA500 500/5.6 APO is an impressively designed astrograph, a notable feature from this series. It boasts a complex optical system composed of two lens groups and a total of five lenses. To combat chromatic aberration effectively, two lenses made from low-dispersion glass have been included. Furthermore, the surfaces of the lens are layered with high-performance multilayer anti-reflective coatings. This helps in ensuring the best contrast, giving way to absolutely stunning astrophotography results. Don't miss the opportunity to discover the wonders of the night sky with the Askar FRA500 500/5.6 APO.
Askar FRA600 600/5,6 APO fi108 mm quintuplet (AS108APO)
2500 $
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The Askar FRA600 600/5.6 APO is an astoundingly superior astrograph, succeeding the highly regarded FRA400 model. Its state-of-the-art optical system incorporates two lens groups with a total of five lenses. In a bid to eradicate chromatic aberration, the build includes two lenses ingeniously crafted from low-dispersion glass. This instrument further sets itself apart from its counterparts with multilayer anti-reflective coatings applied on the lens surfaces, thereby promising exceptional contrast. The unique design elements of the Askar FRA600 ensure you get the best out of your stargazing experiences. With a sizeable 108mm aperture, this quintuplet (AS108APO) model stands as an idyllic piece of equipment for both amateur astronomers and profession-grade astrophotography.
Askar H-Alpha 7 nm 2" Narrowband Filter
279.35 $
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The Askar H-Alpha 7 nm 2" narrowband filter is an exceptional quality accessory that's designed to specifically capture the radiant red light that is emitted by ionized hydrogen atoms, which is at a wavelength of 656.3 nm. Unique to its design is its utility in the photography of emission nebulae. This attribute allows an accurate recording of this significant spectral line. This filter ensures that your nebulae photographs are not just distinctive, but also full of brilliant details that truly reflect the wonders of the cosmos. Make your astrophotography experience special with the Askar H-Alpha filter.
Askar V Modular Astrograph
1940 $
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Presenting the Askar V telescope, a revolutionary astrograph that is globally recognized as the pioneer in modular optics design. It is ingeniously architected to allow quick modifications to cater to diverse requirements, including astrophotography or visual observations. Known for its superior performance and versatility, this astrograph provides observers with an exceptional stargazing experience. Its agility in adapting to various needs without compromising on its functions makes it standout in the world of astronomy. The Askar V is truly a game-changer, offering enthusiasts and professionals an unparalleled tool for space exploration and astrophotography.
Askar Z4 100 F/5,5 APO ED OTA
2050 $
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Experience celestial photography like never before with the Askar Z4 100 F/5,5 APO ED OTA. This state-of-the-art professional astrograph stands unrivaled in its field with exceptional optical parameters and unmatched artisan design. Created with the astrophotographer in mind, this bright refractor comes with the specific purpose of remarkably detailed wide field imagery of deep sky objects. If you're aspiring to capture the cosmos in its most breathtaking detail, the Askar Z4 is the ultimate tool for you. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this gem of a telescope for outstanding astrophotography.