Icom IC-F3400D / IC-F4400D Digital dPMR Handheld Radio
472.81 $
Discover the cutting-edge Icom IC-F3400D / IC-F4400D dPMR digital handheld radio, designed to enhance your communication experience. With advanced features including crystal-clear digital audio, reliable communication range, and enhanced battery life, this product ensures peak performance in demanding environments. This compact and rugged device is perfect for professionals in various industries, such as security, construction, and public safety. The user-friendly interface and programmable buttons make it easy to customize and access essential functions. Stay connected and efficient with the Icom IC-F3400D / IC-F4400D two-way radio—the ultimate choice in digital communication technology.
Kenwood NX-1200DE2 VHF Handheld Radio
226.89 $
Experience ultimate business efficiency with Kenwood's NX-1200DE2 VHF handheld radio, equipped with cutting-edge digital protocols - DMR or NXDN. This two-way radio solution is perfect for businesses looking to enhance communication, coordination, and safety within their teams. The NX-1200DE2 offers improved audio quality, extended battery life, and increased range - ensuring seamless connectivity for your team. Its durable design allows for reliable use even in harsh environments, making it suitable for diverse industries. Upgrade your business communication with Kenwood's NX-1200DE2 VHF handheld radio and experience the benefits of advanced technology.
Kenwood NX-1300DE2 UHF Handheld Two-Way Radio Including Standard Keypad
310 $
Discover the convenience and efficiency of the Kenwood NX-1300DE2 UHF Handheld Two Way Radio, designed with a standard keypad for easy operation. Benefit from its high-contrast backlit LCD display and front panel programming mode, allowing for seamless customization and navigation. The selective power-on LED and 7-color LED indicator provide enhanced user experience, while Kenwood's popular 2-pin audio accessory connector ensures compatibility and convenience. Enjoy clear communication with the compact and reliable NX-1300DE2, perfect for various professional and recreational applications.
Kenwood NX-1300DE3 DMR UHF Handheld Two-Way Radio
300 $
Upgrade your communication system with the Kenwood NX-1300DE3 DMR UHF Handheld Two-Way Radio. This advanced device comes equipped with automatic analogue or digital mixed-mode operation, allowing for effortless integration with existing radios and a smooth transition to a fully digital system. With its clear audio quality and robust construction, the NX-1300DE3 is an ideal choice for a wide range of professional applications. Plus, it is packed with enhanced features such as a powerful output, customizable voice prompt, emergency functions and more, making it a reliable and versatile communication tool for any industry. Step up your communication game with the Kenwood NX-1300DE3 DMR UHF Handheld Two-Way Radio!
Kenwood NX-3220E VHF Digital Handheld
580.14 $
Experience exceptional communication with the Kenwood NX-3220E VHF Digital Handheld. This versatile radio offers both analog and digital modes, enabling seamless integration with your existing system while providing enhanced performance for clear voice and data transmission. Its rugged and compact design makes it perfect for use in challenging environments, ensuring reliable communication even in harsh conditions. Loaded with essential features such as an emergency call button, encryption capabilities, and a powerful 5W output, the NX-3220E is designed to keep you connected in any situation. Moreover, its large, backlit LCD screen and customizable function keys make it incredibly user-friendly. Equip your team with the advanced technology of Kenwood NX-3220E VHF Digital Handheld Radio and experience a new level of dependable communication.
Kenwood NX-3220E2 VHF Digital Handheld
513.57 $
The Kenwood NX-3220E2 VHF Digital Handheld is a versatile and advanced communication device, designed for a variety of professional applications. Featuring both analog and digital modes, this radio ensures seamless integration and smooth transition between systems. Boasting a compact and robust design, it is perfect for use in challenging outdoor environments. Its impressive 260-channel capacity enables efficient communication management, while the 5W RF output power guarantees clear and reliable transmissions. Additional highlights include built-in GPS and Bluetooth capabilities, ensuring this radio meets all your communication needs. With Kenwood's renowned reputation for quality and reliability, you can trust the NX-3220E2 to enhance your communication operations.
Kenwood NX-3220E3 VHF Digital Handheld
600 $
Discover enhanced communication capabilities with the Kenwood NX-3220E3 VHF Digital Handheld radio. Boasting advanced digital and analog features, this versatile device is perfect for both professional and personal use. The NX-3220E3 ensures crystal-clear audio quality, increased range, and improved battery life, making it the ideal choice for those who require reliable communication on the go. Its robust design and IP54/55 dust and water resistance rating ensure durability, even in challenging environments. Additional features include GPS tracking, Bluetooth capabilities, and multiple scanning options to cater to a wide range of user needs. Experience the perfect balance of performance, ease of use, and outstanding audio quality with the Kenwood NX-3220E3 VHF Digital Handheld radio.
Kenwood NX-3320E UHF Digital Handheld
580.14 $
Experience the outstanding performance of the Kenwood NX-3320E UHF Digital Handheld, designed for seamless communication in various professional environments. This versatile device offers both digital and analog capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly switch between NXDN and FM analog, ensuring optimum signal clarity in any situation. With its rugged and compact design, the NX-3320E is built to withstand tough conditions, making it the perfect companion for those working in demanding industries. Equipped with an emergency function and GPS capability, this handheld radio prioritizes safety and efficient communication. Enjoy the user-friendly interface, customizable settings, and exceptional audio quality that the Kenwood NX-3320E UHF Digital Handheld has to offer.
Kenwood NX-3320E2 UHF Digital Handheld
585 $
The Kenwood NX-3320E2 UHF Digital Handheld is a versatile two-way radio designed for seamless communication in various professional settings. This high-performance device operates in both analog and digital modes, offering excellent compatibility with other existing systems. Additionally, the NX-3320E2 features a built-in GPS receiver and Bluetooth capability, allowing for easy integration with additional devices and tools. Offering clear audio quality, multi-zone capabilities, and a robust build quality, this handheld radio is perfect for industries such as emergency services, construction, and security. Equip your team with the reliable Kenwood NX-3320E2 UHF Digital Handheld for efficient and dependable communication.
Kenwood NX-3320E3 UHF Digital Handheld
447 $
Experience unparalleled communication capabilities with the Kenwood NX-3320E3 UHF Digital Handheld. This powerful two-way radio ensures crystal clear digital audio and reliable connectivity for professionals in various industries, including construction, event management, security, and more. The NX-3320E3 offers both analog and digital mode compatibility, allowing seamless integration into existing radio systems. Additionally, its features include GPS, emergency call function, and text messaging, enhancing user safety and productivity. Built to withstand harsh conditions, this rugged and durable portable radio device is compliant with IP54/55 standards for water and dust resistance. Upgrade your communication experience with the versatile and dependable Kenwood NX-3320E3 UHF Digital Handheld.
Motorola DP4400e MotoTRBO VHF Radio
750 $
Upgrade to the advanced Motorola DP4400e Mototrbo Radio VHF - a cutting-edge handheld digital radio that has effectively replaced the older generation Motorola DP4400. Highly popular among users, this device offers exceptional performance, extended range, and enhanced features. Its robust design ensures durability and functionality even in rugged environments. Ideal for businesses requiring reliable communication, the DP4400e seamlessly combines voice and data capabilities for efficient collaboration and increased productivity across teams. Experience the future of smooth connectivity and clear communication with the game-changing Motorola DP4400e Mototrbo Radio VHF.
Motorola DP4601e MotoTRBO Digital Radio VHF
830 $
Upgrade your communication experience with the Motorola DP4601e Mototrbo Digital Radio VHF, designed for enhanced connectivity and user safety. This powerful device boasts a clear audio quality, thanks to its Intelligent Audio and Acoustic Feedback Suppressor technology. Equipped with an array of essential safety features, such as a dedicated emergency button and Lone Worker capability, it ensures a secure experience for users working in challenging environments. The DP4601e also supports advanced features, including text messaging and GPS location tracking, to keep you connected and informed at all times. With its rugged design and long-lasting battery life, this digital radio is the ultimate choice for staying connected in demanding conditions.
Motorola DP4800e MotoTRBO Digital Radio VHF
700 $
Discover the power of seamless communication with the Motorola DP4800e Mototrbo Digital Radio VHF, a highly advanced handheld two-way radio in the Mototrbo product lineup. This device is built for exceptional connectivity, featuring both digital and analog capabilities and offering impressive range and voice clarity. The DP4800e is designed to withstand the toughest work environments, boasting a durable and waterproof construction. It also offers a full suite of safety features, such as Lone Worker and emergency alert functions, ensuring reliable communication in any scenario. Enhance your team's efficiency and productivity with the Motorola DP4800e Mototrbo Digital Radio VHF.
Motorola EVX-S24 Digital Handheld Two-Way Radio
Discover the power and convenience of the Motorola EVX-S24 Digital Handheld Two-Way Radio, now part of the renowned Mototrbo range. This compact and lightweight device boasts an impressive array of features to enhance communication in various environments. With its water-submersible and dust-proof design, the EVX-S24 is built to withstand both indoor and outdoor challenges. The device also allows for seamless analog-to-digital migration, making it compatible with your current communication systems. Stay connected and in control with the versatile and reliable Motorola EVX-S24 Digital Handheld Two-Way Radio.
Motorola SL4010E Mototrbo Handheld Two-Way Radio
466.7 $
Discover the power of communication with the Motorola SL4010e Mototrbo Handheld Two-Way Radio, a vital component of Motorola's innovative E range series. Boasting a slim, lightweight design, the SL4010e provides seamless, smart connectivity to meet the diverse needs of your expanding business. Its exceptional features, such as clear audio quality, extended battery life, and enhanced coverage, enable users to experience efficient and reliable communication throughout various work environments. Empower your team with this advanced, easy-to-use communication tool and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.
Tait TP3300 TP3350 Digital Handheld Radio
319.28 $
Discover the versatility and advanced features of the Tait TP3300 TP3350 Digital Handheld Radio, a cutting-edge addition to the Tait DMR product range. This innovative and highly customizable two-way radio offers both analog and digital capabilities, ensuring seamless communication for any needs. With its robust design, superior audio quality, and exceptional battery life, the TP3 series is built to withstand even the toughest environments. Additional features such as GPS and Bluetooth® connectivity allow for easy integration with various devices, enhancing its usability in various applications. Choose the Tait TP3300 TP3350 Digital Handheld Radio for reliable and efficient communication in any situation.
Hytera HYT TC-610 Handheld Radio
162.77 $
Discover the HYT TC-610, a durable and lightweight analogue handheld radio designed for optimal communication and versatility. This reliable device showcases a water-resistant, dust-resistant structure, ensuring durability in various challenging environments. With its powerful audio and wide communication range, the HYT TC-610 significantly improves communication efficiency in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and hospitality. Additionally, its compact design and adjustable speaker volume make it comfortable and convenient for users to carry around. Choose the HYT TC-610 handheld radio for a high-quality communication solution that is both practical and reliable.
Hytera HYT TC-620 Handheld UHF Radio
170 $
Experience seamless and reliable communication with the Hytera HYT TC-620 Handheld Radio UHF. This rugged and cost-effective two-way radio is designed to provide users with dependable communication in demanding environments. Featuring a robust build with advanced UHF technology, the TC-620 promises clear audio and reliable connections. Its user-friendly interface and ergonomic design make it easy to operate, while its high-quality battery enables extended usage in the field. Known for its durability, the HYT TC-620 is perfect for various industries, such as construction, manufacturing, and warehousing. Choose the Hytera HYT TC-620 for efficient communication that you can trust.
Hytera HYT TC-780 Handheld Radio
268.57 $
Experience unparalleled communication quality with the Hytera HYT TC-780 Handheld Radio. This robust and high-performance device is designed to facilitate seamless communication in demanding environments, making it a perfect choice for professionals in various industries, including construction, emergency services, and events management. The TC-780 boasts advanced features such as a full-dot matrix LCD, durable housing, IP54 dust and water protection, powerful audio output, and versatile scanning options. With its user-friendly interface, programmable function keys, and secure encryption, this reliable radio will keep you connected and protected on any job. Invest in the Hytera HYT TC-780 Handheld Radio for clear, reliable, and uninterrupted communication.
Motorola CLK446 Plus Portable Two-Way Radio
243.92 $
The Motorola CLK446 Plus Portable Two-way Radio is a compact and durable device designed for professional use and seamless communication across multiple floors. This powerful, yet discreet radio features an extended talk range, providing clear and reliable communication for various industries and settings. With its sleek design, robust build, and enhanced audio quality, the CLK446 Plus ensures efficient and effective communication for businesses and teams. Experience superior performance and improved communication with this advanced two-way radio from Motorola.
Motorola VX-261 Two-way Radio
157.19 $
Experience seamless communication with the compact and durable Motorola VX-261 handheld two-way radio. Designed for top-notch audio performance, this reliable device enhances communication efficiency and ensures a crystal-clear sound experience in various settings. The user-friendly interface and programmable keys provide quick access to essential features, while the tough outer casing ensures long-lasting durability. With its extended battery life, the VX-261 guarantees uninterrupted communication for businesses, outdoor enthusiasts, and emergency responders. Trust Motorola's expertise to keep you connected with this reliable and efficient two-way radio.
TP9000 EX Solas IEC ATEX Intrinsically Safe Radio
772.4 $
Discover the TP9000 EX, an intrinsically safe radio designed to meet the communication needs of high-risk industries such as chemical processing, firefighting, emergency and rescue services, aviation, off-shore oil and gas, and more. This SOLAS and IEC ATEX certified device offers unmatched performance with an IP67 rating for protection against dust and watertight integrity. The TP9000 EX is purpose-built for your safety and seamless communication in even the harshest environments. Equip your team with this reliable and innovative communication tool to ensure operational efficiency and effective response during critical situations.
Icom IC-F5012 / IC-F6012
264.24 $
Upgrade to the Icom IC-F5012 / IC-F6012 mobile transceiver series, which has enhanced capabilities as the successor of the popular IC-F110S / IC-F210S models. This advanced communication device is perfect for businesses that need reliable and powerful communication solutions. It features a built-in speaker with an impressive 4W output, ensuring loud and clear audio quality. Additionally, multiple signaling and flexible selective calling options make it easy to manage and customize communications with advanced technology. With a sleek design and durable construction, the IC-F5012 / IC-F6012 is designed for longevity and ease of use in demanding environments. Choose the Icom IC-F5012 / IC-F6012 series for superior mobile communication performance.
Kenwood TK-7302
237.14 $
Experience dependable communication with Kenwood's TK-7302 VHF mobile radio, designed to provide exceptional audio quality and enduring performance for enhanced connectivity. This compact and versatile radio boasts an easy-to-read display, programmable function keys, and a built-in voice inversion scrambler for added security. Whether for professional or personal use, the TK-7302 offers an impressive range, multiple signaling options, and rugged durability to ensure you stay connected when it matters most. Trust in Kenwood's legacy of excellence and enjoy seamless mobile communication with the TK-7302.