List of products by brand InfiRay Outdoor

Infiray 16650 Battery for Saim I Clip Series
Upgrade your Saim I Clip series devices with the powerful and reliable Infiray 16650 Battery. Specifically designed to provide optimum performance and extended run-time, this high-capacity battery ensures that your equipment stays powered for longer periods. The 16650 size offers a perfect fit for Saim I Clip series devices, while the quality construction ensures safe and efficient energy storage. Don't miss out on important moments with your gear – invest in the Infiray 16650 Battery for ultimate reliability and convenience. Experience the superior power and longevity that this exceptional battery brings to your Saim I Clip series devices.
InfiRay Affo AP09 thermal monocular
585 $
Experience enhanced clarity and detail with the InfiRay Affo AP09 thermal monocular, the latest model in the successor Affo series to the X-Eye series. This state-of-the-art thermal camera delivers an upgraded image quality and an enhanced field of view over its predecessors. The AP09 is designed for unmatched hot spot tracking, making it a top-notch choice for sprinkler systems. A key feature includes a low initial magnification that offers an exceptional field of view due to the device's short focal length. This is further driven by its impressive 256x192 pixel sensor, providing superior resolution for better viewing. Take your viewing experience to the next level with the AP09 thermal monocular.
Infiray AFFO Series AL19 - Thermal Imaging Monocular
950 $
The Infiray AFFO Series AL19 is a sleek and compact thermal imaging monocular, purpose-built for hunting aficionados. With its state-of-the-art 12μm self-developed detector, it produces high-definition, crystal clear thermal images. Outfitted with a high-speed 32GB internal storage, it supports both photo taking and video recording capabilities. Despite being an entry-level device, the AL19 brings together top-notch technology and style, making it a great choice for both newcomers and seasoned hunters alike. Its stylish design and compact size make it easy to carry and use, enhancing the overall hunting experience.
Infiray AFFO Series AL25 - Thermal Imaging Monocular
1150 $
The AFFO Series AL25 from Infiray is a handheld thermal imaging monocular designed especially for hunting enthusiasts. Beyond its stylish design and compact size, it's engineered with a 12μm detector manufactured in-house, providing you with remarkably detailed images. With the ability to capture photos and record videos, it comes equipped with a high-speed 32GB built-in storage capacity to ensure you never miss capturing those crucial moments. Ideal for novice hunters, this entry-level thermal monocular promises functionality, convenience, and excellent performance.
Infiray AP13 R+ AFFO Series Thermal Monocular
747 $
Introducing the AFFO Series handheld thermal imaging monocular, designed with hunting enthusiasts in mind, offering a blend of style and practicality in a compact form. Utilizing our proprietary 12μm detector, this entry-level device delivers clear imaging capabilities while boasting convenient features like photo capture and video recording, all stored effortlessly with its 8GB built-in storage.
InfiRay AT01 kit (TD50L + AP13)
1608.36 $
For those seeking top-notch night observation equipment, the perfect combination comes in the form of the InfiRay Tube TD50L night vision sight and the InfiRay AFFO AP13 thermal imaging monocular. This set offers unparalleled capabilities, providing wide observation of fishing grounds and the ability to capture shots in complete darkness. 
Infiray C Series CH50W - Thermal Imaging Clip-On
3912.28 $
Introducing the Infiray C Series CH50W - a high-performance Thermal Imaging Clip-On that offers exceptional image quality and precision. Equipped with a 12µm 640x512 resolution and an impressive NETD of ≤40mK, this device ensures crisp and accurate thermal imaging, making it ideal for various applications such as hunting, wildlife observation, and security. The compact and portable design of the CH50W allows it to be easily mounted onto your existing scope, providing enhanced capabilities without the need for additional equipment. Experience the superior performance and convenience of the Infiray C Series CH50W today!
Infiray C Series CL42 Thermal Imaging Clip-On
2750 $
Introducing the Infiray C Series CL42 - a versatile Thermal Imaging Clip-On device that offers both clip-on and monocular modes. With its impressive 384x288 resolution and 17µm VOx sensor, the CL42 delivers high-quality thermal images at a 50Hz refresh rate. The 42mm lens and 1024x768 OLED display ensure vivid visuals, while the magnification ranges from 1X in clip-on mode (with eye relief of 30mm) to 2.9-11.6X in monocular mode (with eye relief of 20mm). Additionally, the IP67 rating ensures protection against dust and water, making this device ideal for various outdoor applications. Enhance your viewing experience with the Infiray C Series CL42 Thermal Imaging Clip-On! (Please note that the monocular mode requires an additional eyepiece.)
Infiray Cabin Series CBL19 Thermal Imaging Monocular
1608.36 $
Introducing the InfiRay Cabin Series CBL19 - a cutting-edge Thermal Imaging Monocular designed for versatile utility and performance. The device features a high-resolution 384x288 sensor with a 12µm pixel pitch to capture strikingly clear images, even in low-light conditions. Operating at 50Hz refresh rate, it ensures smooth viewing and the ability to detect subtle temperature changes in the environment. The CBL19 is equipped with a 19mm lens, providing optimal magnification and field of view for detailed observation. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors, conducting search and rescue operations, or simply observing wildlife, the InfiRay Cabin CBL19 Monocular is the perfect companion for all your thermal imaging needs.
Infiray Cabin Series CBL25 Thermal Imaging Monocular
1807.62 $
Introducing the Infiray Cabin Series CBL25 - an advanced Thermal Imaging Monocular designed for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike. This compact yet powerful tool offers exceptional optical performance with its one-handed operation, making it perfect for various applications such as wildlife observation, surveillance, or search and rescue missions. The Infiray Cabin Series delivers brilliant thermal imaging, excellent detection capabilities, and ease-of-use, ensuring that you never miss a moment in the great outdoors. Enhance your outdoor experience with the Infiray Cabin Series CBL25 - the ultimate fusion of convenience, functionality, and sophistication in thermal imaging technology.
InfiRay Clip CD35 940 nm - Night Vision Clip-On
990 $
The InfiRay Clip CD35 is part of the CLIP NV series, a digital front attachment that seamlessly transitions between day and night use. Boasting an impressive 35mm professional night vision lens, this device ensures exceptional visuals in ultra-low light conditions, delivering a full 1080p HD quality display. Integrated with an OLED display, the InfiRay Clip CD35 showcases superior image clarity. Designed with convenience in mind, it comes with removable external batteries and a generous 32G built-in memory. Additional high-tech features include WiFi connectivity, record and capture functions, and Bluetooth remote control capabilities. This high-end, professional device is perfect for outdoor hunting enthusiasts and takes your night hunting experiences to the next level.
InfiRay Clip CH50 v2 thermal imaging cap
3730 $
Experience unmatched versatility and exceptional performance with the InfiRay Clip CH50 V2 thermal imaging cap, the ultimate accessory that eliminates the need for a separate night observation device. Designed with precision and innovation, this lightweight and lens-mounted thermal imaging cap empower your day scope to operate effortlessly in low visibility conditions.
InfiRay DUAL DP19/6x24WRG - Thermal+ Monocular
2150.87 $
The Dual DP19/6×24WRG from InfiRay is the pioneering Thermal+ monocular device, combining the functions of a daytime monocular, laser rangefinder, and a thermal monocular. This 3-in-1 device provides versatile, all-weather operation from day to night. Its notable feature is the unique target highlighting mode that effortlessly identifies targets camouflaged within their surrounding environment and captures them with precision, while still preserving authentic visual perceptions. Offering an extraordinary user experience, the Thermal+ Dual is ideal for anyone looking to embark on an all-encompassing outdoor adventure!
Infiray E3 Max V2 Thermal Imaging Monocular
1721.74 $
Introducing the InfiRay EYE II Series E3 Max V2 Thermal Imaging Monocular, an advanced device designed for unparalleled thermal imaging performance. Equipped with a 384x288 resolution and a 17µm ceramic VOx sensor, this monocular delivers crisp and clear images at a stunning 50Hz refresh rate. The 35mm manual lens ensures versatile and precise focus, while the high-resolution 1280x960 display lets you view your surroundings in exceptional detail. Stay connected with built-in WiFi, and never worry about running out of storage with the generous 8GB internal memory. The integrated laser rangefinder adds accuracy and convenience to your outdoor explorations. Experience the difference with the InfiRay E3 Max V2 Thermal Imaging Monocular in your next adventure.
Infiray E3 Max V3 - Thermal Imaging Monocular
1800 $
Introducing the Infiray E3 Max V3 - a high-performance thermal imaging monocular designed for unparalleled vision in various conditions. Featuring an impressive detection range of 1.8 km and a high-resolution 384x288 pixel sensor, this monocular delivers crisp and clear imaging. Equipped with a vibrant OLED screen and 3.5x magnification, you can spot even the finest details. With a 16 GB video recorder, you can save your discoveries and share them later! The 13 m field of view, WiFi compatibility, and 7-hour battery life make it perfect for long field adventures. Encased in a durable weatherproof housing, this monocular is built to withstand the elements. Upgrade your viewing experience with the Infiray E3 Max V3 Thermal Imaging Monocular.
InfiRay E3+ Plus V2 - Thermal Imaging Monocular
The upgraded InfiRay E3+ (PLUS) V2 - Thermal Imaging Monocular comes with a 12µm detector, standing out for its lower power consumption and multifunctional operations. These added features make it the ideal companion for your outdoor activities as it enhances and captures every exceptional moment in high detail. This model is specially designed to be lighter and offer longer usability, thus providing convenience and continuous operation for your outdoor adventures. Make your exploration seamless with this powerful tool that truly complements your rugged lifestyle.
Infiray E6 Pro V3 - Thermal Imaging Monocular
2200 $
Introducing the Infiray E6 Pro V3 - a cutting-edge Thermal Imaging Monocular designed with excellence to provide you with exceptional clarity and performance. Part of the highly-regarded EyeⅡ Series V3 collection, this compact yet cost-effective monocular offers remarkable thermal detection technology, allowing you to view crisp images even in challenging environments. Whether you're using it for outdoor exploration, night-time navigation, or wildlife observation, the E6 Pro V3 is sure to impress with its high resolution, ergonomic design, and user-friendly interface. Experience a new level of thermal imaging convenience and efficiency with the Infiray E6 Pro V3 Monocular.
Infiray E6+ V3 - Thermal Imaging Monocular
2410.83 $
Introducing the Infiray E6+ (Plus) V3 - an advanced and highly-efficient thermal imaging monocular from the Eye Ⅱ Series V3 collection. This cutting-edge device packs immense power into a compact and cost-effective design, making it the perfect companion for various outdoor activities like wildlife observation, hunting, and exploration. Utilizing state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology, the E6+ (Plus) V3 ensures a rich and clear visual experience even in challenging weather conditions or low light. Elevate your outdoor adventure with the impressive performance and user-friendly interface of the Infiray E6+ (Plus) V3 Thermal Imaging Monocular.
InfiRay Eye III EH35
1980 $
The InfiRay EH35, a flagship model of the EYE III series, redefines high-end thermal imaging cameras with its remarkable features and exceptional performance. With a 2x optical basic magnification and a 35mm lens paired with a high-resolution sensor, this device offers unparalleled flexibility in various environments, from open fields to dense forests and mixed terrains.
Infiray EYE III Series Thermal Imaging Monocular
2132.44 $
Discover the advanced power of the Infiray EYE III Series Thermal Imaging Monocular, an innovative addition to the EYE series. Built on the fantastic technology features of the EYE II, the EYE III takes functionality to the next level, specifically designed to enhance your hunting efficiency. This user-centric device delivers ultra-clear thermal imaging to give you the edge in your hunting escapades. Additionally, it offers effortless operation with features like a quick start design and a scroll wheel for easy access to most functions, making hunting experiences more convenient and productive.
Infiray Eye Series V2.0 E3W - Thermal Imaging Monocular
1171.86 $
Introducing the Infiray Eye Series V2.0 E3w - a top-of-the-line Thermal Imaging Monocular designed for exceptional vision enhancement in darkness. With its compact and elegant design, this lightweight monocular is perfect for easy carrying and operation while ensuring maximum user comfort. The Eye Series offers intuitive operational functions, making it the ultimate choice for users who value clear, reliable imaging in low-light conditions. Experience unparalleled thermal imaging capabilities with the Infiray Eye Series V2.0 E3w Monocular, and never be left in the dark again.
Infiray Eyecup for Rico Series
19.9 $
The InfiRay Eyecup is a custom-tailored accessory designed specifically for the Rico Series thermal devices. This crucial eyepiece accessory performs several functions, offering comfort during long periods of usage, and providing optimal eye-relief. It also protects the optical system of your device from damage and prevents ambient light interference. The InfiRay Eyecup is made from high-quality, durable material, ensuring longevity and reliable performance. Enhance your viewing experience with the Rico Series by adding this efficient, user-friendly eyecup.